Thursday, December 30, 2021

New Year's Eve

Capricorn astronomy
Winter bird that stays with me
Through the cold and snow and sleet
In the pale and peace we sleep
Come and see us New Year's Eve
All dolled up beneath a wreath 
Mistletoe and millet seed
Robert Burns' melody
Counting backwards: 5 4 3
Welcome a new year will we

Free Birds

Birds are for free
So listen, look, see
At windows, by sea
In your nearest tree
When anxiety
Strikes you/him/her/me
Look up, west, and east
Watch birds and just be

His Sky

Along the trail of toads I kiss
Upon a purple amethyst
By daisy chain around my wrist 
I close my eyes and ask for this
A dandelion will take it with
Into her morning meadow mist
Across my sky and into his
That he'll respond with all I wish

Delete and Die

I sit down and sigh
I lay there and cry
Delete and I die
I know it's low vibe
This I don't deny
I'm human is why

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Star Swinging

Determined, dramatic
Erotic, erratic
Elliptic, ecstatic
Ballistic, combative
Exciting, electric
Angelic, protective
Rebellious, reflective
Eccentric, detective 
She's writing, she's talking
She's speaking, she's shocking
She's rolling, she's rocking
Star swinging, earth walking

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Don't Ask

What's that - where'd we meet?
In Rome, Ancient Greece
In Egypt B.C.
Atlantis: at sea
In space: royalty
Sky dragons of east
In fire, on breeze
Through woodwinds, by reed
Eternal, in deep
Through portals, in dreams
Two powerful beings
Don't ask silly things


Like solar stakes that glow in grass
Angels please light up my path
Send me owls with yellow eyes
Phosphorescent fireflies
Eels of electricity 
Oceans of what's meant to be
Panther to walk by my side
Sword of truth to cut through lies
Northern star atop my night
Help me figure out this life

Friday, December 24, 2021


The fire that burns in everyone 
In how you shine and where you run
In tales you've told and webs you've spun
In what you focus on for fun
In all your lives, how far you've come
Of all your parts, the total sum
In each crusade and war you've won
And everything you've ever done
Like blood in veins and air in lungs
As ammunition from a gun
Like love in songs and lyrics sung
Inside your eyes resides the sun

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Lovely Lawyer

Lovely lawyer, crime destroyer
Capricorn parked in her foyer
Saturn sent a serious warrior
Venus made it pretty for her
Karma, balance, law and order
Trauma, drama, dharma sorter
Dreamer, healer, life transformer
Planet/people/cat supporter
Dancer, runner, artist, lover
Lucky's mother: like no other

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Diver Riser

East of Eden, over there
Of the dust from anywhere
Mythic, magic, mystic, rare
Royal, regal, loyal pair
Forage, scavenge, talons tear
Facial flushing, crown is bare
Diver, riser, seer, sayer
Canyon condor, owner air

Sunday, December 19, 2021


Master builder, master healer
Ultra feeler, higher thinker
Cannot kill her, will not sink her
Cannot hide her or hoodwink her
In your head and heart she'll tinker
Make your world a little pinker
Send you stars where she's a winker
Miss your chance if you're a blinker

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Light Within

My love to Rob Kardashian
His soul has been entrapped again
By wolves in woolen cardigans
Who raised him Luciferian
So sweet once he with Adrienne
Upon him now a Dream depends
She asks he not repeat this sin
But look for his own light within

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Pluto on Venus

A fight in the sky
Of ladies v. guys
But for me and mine
It's all of my life
Pink river runs quiet
Neptune's kept it silent 
Then sudden and violent 
It changes the climate 
Direct on my path
Turns backward and black
Comes raging with wrath
To take down my ass
Past life back around
I'm dragged in and drowned
Stripped clean of my crown
And he holds me down
My wedding cake topper
Black Halloween Whopper
This underworld fucker
On Venus to stop her
But I breathe in water
I am Pluto's daughter
I come back and harder
True phoenix firestarter

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Stolen from the Sky

Night as black as it can be
Pluto took Persephone 
Stolen from the sky of Greece
She became what's underneath 
Girlfriend of a goth gatekeep
Goddess of the dark and deep
Sickle swinging sexy sneak
Sorry, what you sow you reap
Through the soil in Spring: released
Hence her vegetation sheaf
Watch her in the waving wheat
Meet her in your final sleep

Friday, December 10, 2021

Hayley's Comet

Friend of Vero the Aquarius
Has her sun in Sagittarius
Neutralizing what's nefarious
Christmas princess brings the merriness 
Living lovely in Los Angeles
Business, beauty, brains; it's scandelous
Have no fear if you can't handle this
Hayley's comet's come to manage it

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Sign of Rulership

Sign of rulership
Love with iron fist 
Onyx on your wrist
Pluto in your kiss
I'm aware of this
Still I can't resist 
We can coexist 
I'm an occultist 
See your Scorpio
Yeah I know you bro
We go toe to toe
It turns me on though
So long as you know
And get the memo
I come with crossbow 
We're both in control

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Next One

I found you in my reflection
Pulled you through in my direction
Out my mirror, into my bedroom
In my body, resurrection 
Damn, deny, perform deflection  
Call yourself the one exception 
There was never any question 
I was with you from conception 
And I'll see you in the next one

Monday, December 6, 2021

Favorite Human

Air and ocean in his eye
Earth in motion deep inside
Fire that's fixed and paralyzed
Heart that's red and realized
Hair that blows from skull to sky
Smile that's white and open wide
Frame that's lean and dignified
Hands that heal and beautify
Mind that's vast and wonders why
Dreams that seep from other side
Walking west life after life
He's my favorite human guy

Friday, December 3, 2021

3 Lives

Fool looks at the finger that points at the sky
There are bigger pictures and fishes to fry
Complete all the karma you carry inside
The theme that is following you through 3 lives
You failed to do so by each time you died
And now your moon begs you to roll with her tide
The south node you're trying so hard to disguise
The picture you've painted for all those outside
The life you've concocted for them that's contrived
So pretty but they aren't who pays for these lies
Your Saturn suggests you relent and comply
And he sent my Mercury with to imply

Hey Chickadee

Hey chickadee 
Hair black as me
Eyes glass like bead
What do they see?
Hang gliding guy
Sky surfing spy
Know you that I
Do feel likewise

Good Morning

Good morning icicle formed in the freeze
Air that exists in helix as I breathe
Good morning fog falling thick and heavy
Over my river and on my levee 
Good morning snail on my slippery concrete
Silver that sparkles and shines where you creep
Good morning mushrooms that house my fairy
Bending the blades of my grass as they weave
Good bye to panther, my moon, coyote
We will convene once again come this eve

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Astral Amsterdam

I'm Isolde, you're Tristan
Dagda to my Morrigan
Otherworldly, understand 
I spend nights in Amsterdam 
Mystic hypnic madam, am 
In my astral brothel, and
Lay upon your heart my hand
Whisper in your ear my plan
To undo these wounds by man
Counter-clockwise chakra scan
Erase everything I can
Bring you back where you began
At my side and soul you stand

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Snake and Snail

Cat alerts me to a bird
Owl of wise and sacred word
I then turn and say to her
It's my wish from you to learn
Teach me how you know to fly
Take me with you to the sky
She says silly, you and I
Must respect our separate rides
You have chosen in this life
In this moment, at this time
To put your pink wings aside
And onto your limbs rely
Through these humans you were birthed
You have traded air for earth
Place your feet upon the dirt
Show our Source which you prefer
Walk this world with open eyes
Do not judge or criticize 
Make of snake and snail allies 
Take root in the soil and rise


Arrow piercing through a fish
I'm the centaur shooting it
I will catch this Neptune bitch
Then I'll see things clearly quick
He will flap and fall to earth
'Neath this Virgo sun I work
Have no fear, there is rebirth
My moon is a phoenix first
Into Hell and Heaven went
Brought back every element
Now I bottle and sell it
Actually, Jah does pay rent


Practice sensing energy
Cosmic electricity
Visualize a vibe and see
Bring it to the brain and think
Move it to your mouth and speak
Activate your soul and sing
Feel it in your body; Be
Manifest it in 3D

Somewhat Similar

Friend of feather, fin, and fur
Love of heather, pine, and myrrh 
Daughter dahlia, spice and herb
We are somewhat similar
Bride of black hole and blue moon
Wife of water and monsoon
Partner possum and raccoon
Reader palm and ancient rune
See in symbol and in sign
Between worlds and also lines
Well equipped in dark to find
With exalted state of mind
Bringing balance, being kind
Backward, forward, present time
Revolution number 9
In Vallhala now we dine

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Turn or Take

Is it live or Memorex?
Crystal clear or more complex?
Are you happy or depressed?
Are you calm or are you stressed?
Will you flourish or infest?
Are you good or gag reflex?
Heaven-sent or hellish hex?
Curse my name or call me blessed?
Knife in back or to protect?
Are you bad or at your best?
Right for me or wrong like rest?
Friend or an antagonist?
On my side or just contest?
Will you clean or make a mess?
Help me out or be a pest?
Tear it down or build a nest?
Do you hide it or express?
In denial or address?
Steal from me or treasure chest?
Give or constantly request?
Are you low or high interest?
Are you wealth or credit debt?
Do you suck or manifest?
Are you open or repressed?
You encourage or oppress?
Show regard or disrespect?
Dare to dream or in regret?
Aloof or affectionate?
Speak your mind or make me guess?
Stand your ground or acquiesce?
Will you go forth or regress?
Stay behind or make progress?
Turn or take you on my quest?
Leave or let you in my bed?
Use my mind or muscle test?
We will see what my heart says

Monday, November 29, 2021

Gold and Free

Whatever's written in my book
I'm giving it a second look
Remove all ruin of Captain Hook
Replace with recipes I cook
I call upon a destiny
A highest holy piece of me
The best one that could ever be
The one in which I'm most happy
In my most purest energy
My luminesce anatomy
I super sense and clearly see
I'm glowing gold and flying free

Pretty Like

Crystal cluster grows in ground
On the path I'm walking down
Issues an etheric sound
Like my heart its rhythm pounds
In this geode I have found
Brilliant light is weaved and wound
Neatly tied and tightly bound
Pretty like my princess crown
Oval, arrow, rhombus, round
Rural, urban, city, town
Basil green or mustard brown
Different but we turn your frown

His Dynasty

Wooden dragon of the east
Beautiful benefic beast
7 mansions overseas
Winding his way westernly
I can feel him in my tree
In the knothole opening
He's intently watching me
And does not know that I see
At this highest deity 
I look back so curiously 
Touch his bark and blessed be
Suddenly he is set free
Light from stars above release
Coat our souls in calm and peace
We walk new territory
He brought me his dynasty

Sunday, November 28, 2021


Pisces fish between 2 horses
Water moon with fire forces
River winding through a fortress
Out the ocean that is Marcos
No restrictions or embargos
Aiming arrows at the cosmos
Dos Equis and Desperados
Writing rhymes and speaking sorrows
Medic/martial artist combo
Making magic as he mambos
Always Enamorandonos
Plays your heartstrings and the bongos
Puerto Rican poet's party
Left his mark out in Hawaii
Double Sag with much malarkey 
A good friend and guy entirely 

Friday, November 26, 2021

Demeter's Daughter

Poseidon and Demeter's daughter
Atlantis is my alma mater
Sleeping soundly in sea water
'Til I wake up pissed at father
Swim ashore and make an offer
'Cause I find land-walkers hotter
Although often not much smarter
Here I'm working ten times harder
Lure him off the yacht he charters
Bumps his noggin something awful
Swim him to my secret harbor
Hold his hand just like we're otters
Make him think he's off his rocker
Sure he'd finally gone and caught her
Mermaid princess woman proper
But by morning I'm a goner
Hears my humming and my laughter
Smells me in the seashore aster
Sees me in his dreams like Casper
Haunted by me here on after
I say hi in siren sonar
But I mustn't wander too far
Ever an aquatic loner
It's the ocean that I honor

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Music Maker

From my position on a swing
I count up all the things with wings
And all the medicines they bring
Will they work on behalf of me?
Upon a butterfly I ping
I send her south by whistling 
To follow notes and guitar string
Until the sound becomes a scene
She brings a wind shaman who sings
The music maker of my dreams
A yellow sun canary king
The dragonfly to join my team

Monday, November 22, 2021

Action Art

Fire is a vehicle
Action art in ritual
One part war with whimsical 
All-important, integral
Light a match and let it go
Oxygen unto it blow
Fan the flame and watch her grow
Phoenix from once crawling low
Final stage of Scorpio
Breaking through a given mold
Soaring over status-quo
So Much for the Afterglow

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Flower Water

Flower water, blow it through
Crossing California soon
Off my lips into the blue
From my heart and onto you
Which one is your favorite scent?
What would cause you to relent?
Jasmine, lilac, hyacinth?
Can I catch you with fragrance?
Honeysuckle, says the bee
He thinks it would help you see
When it wafts to you by breeze
You'll know you belong with me

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Many Moods

Apologies if I am flawed
Ever always asking God
Please let me see what you saw
When I came here in this pod
Lend me an archangel's help
Ancestors and ancient Celts
Roman, Grecian, Bible Belt
Any one or thing heartfelt 
Purify the thoughts I choose
Balance out my many moods
Bad karma and attitudes
Without caffeine and/or 'ludes
Steer me from what does disrupt
Give me grace and lots of luck
Send a boy to say what's up
Make it so life doesn't suck

Friday, November 19, 2021

29th Degree

These forces at work
How badly they hurt
The A on my shirt
This poisoned dessert
The pulleys, the strings
Past lives behind scenes
They haunt me in dreams
Sleepwalk me to things
Attempt to rewrite
To run from my plight
Control and I fight
You sentence, indict
29th degree
Can't Shake The Disease
Die on my trapeze
Because you drop me

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Serpent Skirt

Four deaths that stalk mankind
Crawl down a family line
It's time I change my mind
And create by design
Erase these olden tales
Of mangled masts and sails
Of dead-end roads and trails
Of fallen dreams and fails
I am only my breath
Not anything that's said
No need to shave my head
I shed my skin instead
This is my serpent skirt
I give her back to earth
Burn bridges at the hearth
And step into my work
I rewrite life with light
Delete the pain and blight
Forgive all foes and fright
I came to make this right

Sunday, November 14, 2021


I believe I've been a monk
This life's like I'm being punked
Perhaps I'm in purgatory
Dead and buried, mortuaried
Standing still and staring scary
Only felt by fae and fairy
To this earth I'm bound and married
How much karma can I carry?
I hear circus music playing
Endless hall of mirrors displaying
Only me and I am praying
See myself in water laying
Like Ophelia and saying
I'm incapable of staying

Pluto's Direction

Gaining speed and getting traction
Rolling full force into action
Goes direct and takes no prisoners
Damn torpedos, runs with scissors
Cruel to dreamers and to wishers
It's for open eyes and listeners
Out of retrograde reflection
End to idle introspection
May your prayers provide protection
Pluto's changing its direction

At Last

Fairy mushroom, teeny thing
Homebase to a mighty being
Elemental elfin king
Oberon or Lord of Rings
Hiding off a beaten path
Deep in dewy dampened grass
Gathers courage up at last
To approach my moat and ask 
Come twilight, this resident's
Peering through my picket fence
Lo it has been lifetimes since
He a pirate, I his wench
Tiny tinkling ringing bells
He inquires if I'll tell
No, I'm one of you as well
Trust me most with this intel
Finally we merge our worlds
Ethereal and human girl
Oyster reunites with pearl
Into Heaven we unfurl

Friday, November 12, 2021

What it Means

Glitter in the dewdrop
On the clover in the sun
In the music, in the doo-wop
In the rainbow on the run
Sparkle on the spider
On the webbing, in your eye
In the setlist, on the rider
Of the people passing by
Air under the eagle
Of the angel, of the bee
Giving flight to all things regal
Meaning you and also me
Saturn's only silent
In the moment, in the now
When I'm present, when I'm quiet
Never when I'm asking how
Fire in the lightning
In the lava, of the core
In a Leo, Aries fighting
In the red of planet war
Earth to hold it steady
In the meantime, inbetween
Love to get us ready
To remember what it means

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Higher Hertz

I command my frequency
And I'm taking you with me
Into stars and up through trees
To beyond infinity
No more lowering my sound
Turning off or dimming down
I'm a royal ballroom gown
Taking space and painting town
Higher hertz of love and peace
On with life with grace and ease
Sign and date a brand new lease
Legally and pink like Reese

Be Good

Stay grounded, on Earth
Go barefoot, on dirt
Use water, go surf
Get lifted, watch birds
With feather, not sword
Observe, don't absorb
Stay present, inside
Be conscious, alive
Shed demons, ascend
They cannot hook in
Vibe higher, stay up
Replenish your cup
With laugher, with light
With love, and insight
Make peace, don't fight
Be good, and do right

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Psychic Sense

Carry amethyst around
'Cause it amplifies my crown
You may hear insight through sound
See a ghost on a grave mound
Psychic sense of mine's to know
Via moon in Scorpio
Analyzed by my Virgo
Gifted to you with a bow
I won't say I told you so
But it's best if you follow

In Flow

I have soil, I am seed
I have everything I need
I am healed, I am whole
I see clearly now and know
I embrace and I let go
I move on and I'm in flow
Stand in sunlight and I grow
Reap exactly what I sow
I have rain that waters me
I have faith and I believe
I accept and I receive
Do my best and Let it Be

Light Bulb Math

Light bulb math, why - what the fuck?
What jackass did dream this up?
What happened to 100 watt?
It's too dark to read, you twat
In the store and in a pinch
What's a lumen - is that French?
I don't have all day for this
Worse than metric systemness
Oh my God, it's expensive
30 dollars, holy shit!
I'm too old for this, I quit
Beam me back in my spaceship

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Help Wanted

Help is wanted, paper sign
In a bay window of mine
Softly lit by candlelight 
On the longest darkest night
This sign - is it visible?
Can he see it, does he know?
Storm above and waves below
They threaten to overthrow
Peace of mind in my lighthouse 
Flame inside my heart they douse
Rising water, raging winds
Throw me to the sharks again
I never did learn to swim
And it's why I cannot win

Monday, November 8, 2021

For Aurora

Virgo, Scorpi, Cancer chick
Mermaid, princess, fairy witch 
Unicorn confetti kid
Rolling down a hill and shit
Walking through the roses, rich
Ladybug with love wings lit
Packing glitter with no lid
Riding, parking Pegasus
Down on Earth for a visit
She will make the best of it

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Nice Things

Say nice things to me
Because I will believe 
Whatever that you think
However that you see
I know it sounds pussy
But it is crippling
My karmic crown of leaves
The thorns to people please
This Libra Mercury
She's brought me to my knees
And Saturn's with her too
They've made me so damn blue
I'm changing how I think
Without a drug or drink
So help me where you can
Give me a loving hand

Friday, November 5, 2021

Secret Services

Other people's resources 
Sex and secret services
My 8th house is so haunted
Dangerous and most wanted
You're in there, you know you are
Orbiting around as Mars
Lurking in the deep and dark
Hear you like I'm Joan of Arc
Ring around my neck, a scar
In my memory: feathers, tar
Salem witch with Pluto's moon
Touching yours there on Neptune
What you did and did not do
Things undone and deeds you rue
All of this I carry too
I am coming back for you

Love for a Living

Forget power, fame, and wealth
Put me back inside myself
Into what I was before
Counterbalance to this war
Pick me up from off the floor
We were meant for so much more
Nothing ever lost or gone
Never judged as bad or wrong
Not to suffer and feel pain
Everything to give and gain
Love for a living with me 
Be my home and family
To quote Ronnie and Eddie:
Won't you please be my baby?

Friday, October 29, 2021


Arcturian Love
From six skies above
What is and what was
What for and because 
Orion, oppressed
On Earth and depressed 
It's okay, express
Feel more and do less
Be present, receive
Smile wide and with ease
What makes you happy?
Do that 'cause it's key

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Guide to Give

I saw you when I was but 3
A panther inside our beech tree
So honored that you walk with me
From then to now and inbetween
Absorb the moon, come night reflect 
The light upon dark you detect
You stand in power and protect
Guide me to give myself respect
So I can share it with the rest
And know that we are truly blessed
I follow your green piercing eyes
And thank you totem spirit guide
Onto your wisdom I've relied 
To make my way through every night

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ballroom Dress

Her wishes and her dreams
Her life lessons and themes
Her stitches and her seams
A pin cushion supreme
She's been needled to holes
And molded into roles
This has taken its toll
She lost much of her soul
But she sheds this corset
And aces this last test
She unfolds with the best
Into a ballroom dress

Place of Landing

In great sweeping circles
Elliptical hurdles
In vortexes, swirls
In helixes, curls
Up rises caduceus 
Continue if you miss
You know you can do this
It is your sole business
Relentless, demanding 
Keep spinning, expanding 
For your understanding 
Dictates place of landing 

Crystal Candy Scrub

Sugar crystal candy scrub
Laced with lavender and hugs
Rhythmic running river rub
To the ocean that is love
Onto skin, into your soul
Made to mend and make you whole
Blending back the bits you've sold
In with new and out with old
Spread on surface topically 
Apply a lot and generously 
Smile and say goodbye to grief
You are changing your beliefs

Friday, October 22, 2021

Left on Earth

Left on Earth, oh please come back
I have only my backpack
Lit up with my lunar nodes
Days gone by and distant roads
What am I to do down here?
It's so cold and filled with fear
Seems they only see with eyes
Senses limited to 5
With the closet toys I hide
In distress and in disguise
Hunted by their government guys
To disect and scrutinize
I am lost and all alone
Nothing here I have or own
May I borrow your red phone?
I would like to call my home
Empathetic soul I seek
For my mission to complete
Does as I see on TV
Human boy that's just like me
I can write and he can sing
We are feeling the same thing
And we both wish for healing
Using music as a means
Animals and human beings
Aliens and stranger things
Reminding them to stay on course
In their power, with their Source
To stand up and stay in light
To be good and live life right
But I'm looking pale now
Can he hear me saying ouch?
Flowers wilting down and die
Drain of color and of life
It's okay, I'm still alive
I remember love's inside
Though I'd like him by my side
I belong in stars and sky
He can always fly his bike
Or go on an astral hike
No matter the realm or form
Land or bodies we are born
I will always be right here
On his heart and in his ear

6 Horses

6 horses for riding my wishes 
A koi pond for housing my fishes
October for welcoming witches 
His lips for receiving my kisses
The dirt for the grass in my front lawn
A night for the stars I rely on
It is said that it's darkest before dawn
I am gifted a guide in a good faun
A journal recording my musings
A scapegoat for all their excusing
How Neptune has made this confusing 
But these are the methods I'm using

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Sleep Walk

We Sleep Walk beside the sea
Waves play Santo & Johnny
Underneath the night with me
In Hawaii on a beach
Moonlight dripping down on us
We approach a Magic Bus
Pearl and seashell on the clutch
Lay down on a rainbow rug
Angel with an astronaut 
Remember to forget me not
Like Kathleen and King Ad-Rock
Heart-shaped key and love padlock 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Full Moon on Fire

A full moon on fire
In Aries, in ire
Senorita, sire...
Will you take it higher?
The fine art of warring 
Of raging and roaring 
Of searing and scorching 
His spear shakes in warning 
Our legend, our leader 
The ultimate heater
On Venus to see her
Does that make Mars meeker?
And which god will you choose?
Do you think you have to?
Harmonia's resulting
Consider this offering 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Second Side

Lazy Leo, Lion's Gate
Lays upon the plains in wait
For a lover to walk up
Shower him with praise and such
Look with her adoring eyes
Tell him he's her only guy
Every sign, a second side
He's alone and this is why
Just as Virgo is a witch
One half service, one half bitch
We must learn to balance this
Use the Libra we came with
Look at life from every side
Like a Sag, philosophize 
Meld it like a Pisces does
Everything that ever was
Back it up and level up
Then we have the gift of us

This I Then

Thank you for your love today
The compassion you display
Kindness in the words you say
Wisdom in what you convey
Keeps me from going astray
Helps me out along my way
This I then in turn relay
In this game of life we play

Higher Self and Soul

I feed demons on my neck
Every time I disconnect
Love turns into chaos, next:
I descend into their hex
This is my own shadow side
Thrives on misery and lies
It would have me stay and die
Rather than move toward the light
I must tell them thank you, no
I'm to stand up straight and grow
I'm to listen to who knows
To my higher self and soul
As with Edgar Allan Poe:
Raven spoke and it is so

Friday, October 15, 2021

In Dreams

Coral color, salmon pink
Mermaid at my kitchen sink
Doing dishes as I drink
Underwater roller rink
Seaweed tresses tangle men
Siren songs enrapture them
Skin swept by her shiny fin
She asks if he'll join them
He declines, suggests instead 
She come up with him to bed
Shed her scales and go on land?
Leave her grotto for a man?
Should he swim or take a stand?
Will she sink or walk on sand?
Until then, they're inbetween 
Both suspended in their dreams

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Cauldron in the Sky

I stir a cauldron in the sky
Of cumulus clouds drifting by
I give them life and change their form
Convert them to a thunderstorm
I did this with my arms through dance
I raise and turn them in a trance
It isn't luck or happenstance 
Nor serendipity or chance
For from the speaker at my feet
I pull the rhythm, rhyme, and beat 
Combine with passion and with heat
As if a 3-course meal you'd eat
Into my body, out my hands
The very point of being man
Transistor Source and energy
With love and creativity 
And though it smacks of witchery
It is my grace and gift to thee

Saturn Says

In which house is your karma placed?
What sign did it roll through that day?
Was it direct or retrograde?
Spiritual or temporal based?
What planet challenged you to play?
By whom and how are you enslaved?
What is it that you must embrace?
Which old way orbits round your face?
You writhe and scream and thrash your cage
Resist, restrict, reject new ways
You wish to feel relief today
But time again he brings the same
You must relent to graduate
Give in and do as Saturn says

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Lending Love

I insist the world take notice
I'm a flower; I'm a lotus
It was all for you I wrote it
Very center of my opus
Apex planet in my yodses
And yet she is holding roses
I'm left spinning in psychosis
Signing up for self-help courses
Dodging darts and Trojan horses
Constant stream of outside forces
Still a loner out there orphaned
But I do know what my source is
Sugar, stars, and Neptune noises
I will soldier on despite this
Lending love to what seems hopeless 

Working with the Wind

I'm working with the wind today
And acquiesce to all she'll say
That I should move with her and sway
To bend so that I do not break
Renounce but not resist the fray
To pirouette and shift away
For what is life but a ballet?
A Dance of Knights and interplay

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Candy Alien

Catch a candy alien
Send her to the sky again 
Not before she fixes you
With an aura glowing blue
Are you from Pleiades too?
Same intergalactic crew
All aboard if that's the case
Go with her to outer space
They're collecting samples there
Human dreams and eyelash hair
Ornamental clothes they wear
Element that they call air
Making martian/earthling soup
Interstellar hybrid troupe 
Dispatch them through galaxies
To love unconditionally 
But with you there is no need
Come back home with your E.T.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Autumn Ombre

Autumn ombre, shifting sail
As Astraea's ponytail
Last of the immortals here
Lingering in human tears
Leaving Earth for Libra skies
Left us wishing, wondering why
Watching woe and wartime wage
She's gone with her Golden Age
Should we choose to turn a page
She will free us from our cage

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Feather Duster

Feather duster, angel wings
Gently clearing cords and strings
No more knives and guillotines
Cinderelly style sweeping
A new way of measuring
Not by doing but in being
Here there's room for everything 
We release and then redeem 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lightning Bug

Violet flower, fuchsia flame
Would you like to play a game?
I suspect that we're the same
Indigo and Purple Rain
Many moons and every sign
Venus/Neptune in a trine
Seen you so many lifetimes
Write a rhyme and drop a line
Angel on a burlesque swing
Spinning fire on 7 rings
Speaking spells and sweet nothings
Grecian godesses and kings
Ancient aliens and beings
Magic, mystic, mythic things
Underwater, up above
Good red road and cosmic hug
Human hybrid space sparkplug 
Hello fellow lightning bug

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

1 Moon

Down a waterslide from Neptune
Back to Earth into your bedroom 
Zipped up in your human costume
Sleeping soundly 'neath your 1 moon
I will see you in your coffee
In your sushi and your sake
Via astral walkie-talkie 
By celestial disc-jockey 
Fight against your Jabberwockey
Be Bullwinkle to your Rocky
Your Neptunian nurse nightly
I do not take my work lightly
I've got bandaids, gauze, and glitter
Guide dogs, cats, and other critters
Heart-shaped stethoscope and scissors 
I'm the best, all things considered 
Healing worn and wounded innards
In the nighttime after dinner
Look into the stars and seek this
My antenna will receive it
The elixir's not a secret
It's called love and you can keep it

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Every Sign

Starry Sagittarius so frequently on fire
She cannot concentrate here when she's focused in the higher 
Psycho sexy Scorpio seducing in each hour
She must remember to rise up and not abuse her power
Very busy Virgo overthinking every second
She has to learn to center and be grateful for the present
Always angry Aries waging war and fighting battles
To win is not important here, it's never what will matter
Loud and loving Leo forever telling you what's so
As long as he leads from his heart, there's no reason to row
Supernatural Pisces swimming 'round a goldfish bowl
She must put down the drink and realize she's meant for more
Soft and saddened Cancer sleeping in a crescent moon
She should turn toward the sun to shine a light upon her gloom
Stubborn stamping Taurus in a bullpen thrashing so
He best befriend the matador to graduate and grow
Floaty feather Libra changing colors in the wind
She's got to learn she isn't any more or less than him
Double dagger Gemini is slicing separate ways
He's wise to marry both the moons appearing in his phase
Alien Aquarius adrift above the fray 
He ought to come back down to show the world another way
Ever climbing Capricorn high on a mountainside
We'de all appreciate if he would pause to tell us why
Vibrate low to high and everything that's inbetween
Every sign has karma to express upon this plane

Thursday, September 23, 2021


You ask to see my resumรฉ
The following to you I say
Refer to the last life we shared
Recall what we were doing there
There is no boss for you to call
For I'm the one to rule them all
My education? Hahaha
I'm a direct descent of Ra
Whatever you would like to know
It's located within my soul
If you cannot read energy
Perhaps you'd like to work for me

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Angels Are

Angels, are you in this tree?
Within the webs the spiders weave
Inside the sunlit falling leaves
The ones that spiral down on me
Across the limbs the squirrels leap
With ladybugs upon my feet
Within the caterpillar's creep
In the blue sky I lay beneath
In all the answers that I seek
Within the very air I breathe
Inside the sound of each heartbeat
You're always here and mine to keep

Love in Public

Love in public
That's the subject 
Libra Venus
It's my thesis
Luck and power
Clovers, flowers
Input, output
Surfing switchfoot
Karmic purpose
I can do this
Flirty, artsy
10th house party
Past lives righted
You're invited
Say hi to me

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Horror Hula

Horror hula hoop from Hell
Round an empty wishing well
Boomeranging back around
Throws its subject to the ground
She will rise consistently 
Summon it above her knees
Past her thighs and to her hips
Launch it back into orbit
Water flows up from Earth's core
You are going to hear her roar
Lightning surges through her veins
She will not stay in her lane
Absent years and years and years
Thousands of koi fish appear 
Suddenly a thought turns form
From a place of love and warmth
Into Heaven she's reborn
And to a new mission sworn

Full Moon in Neptune

Full moon in Neptune
Floating a pontoon 
Love beyond measure
In her belly, treasure 
Pisces Iscariot
Riding the chariot 
Move over, make room
I will be home soon
I was on vacay
Five planets away
Visiting earthlings
Watching a few things
Those are some strange beings
Salmon swim upstream
What does it all mean?
I will keep learning 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Way This Eve

My elemental elfin friends
In Scotland I am one of them
We dance beneath a glowing Oak
Us Celtic flower tree fey folk
With wind and ocean in our hair
And luminescent skin so fair
We dare the men to meet us there
Our magic with a mortal share
He sees us through a portal door
Whilst wandering the forest floor
Into the woods he's come to clear
His mind of women, work, and fear
And lo, he hears a fairy here
She's giggling into his ear
He follows her transfixing light
Into the dark and winding night
At once he can't accept the sight
Three ladies levitating high
We circle him and spin him round
Intoxicating with our sound
Of ancient trees and sacred ground
From angel's wings to Satan's hounds
He understands not what he's found
We close his eyes and lay him down
Into us we will take his seed
And onto humankind release
A mythic mix of man and beast
Our daughters of the Inner Seas
They walk your world; Do you believe?
Look closer on your way this eve

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Colleen Cherie

I am poetry
Down from Mercury
I am what you see
And what's underneath 
I move musically
Like an island breeze
I'm a willow tree
And a honeybee 
I come lovingly
Also knowingly 
I'm Colleen Cherie
How nice to meet me

Monday, September 13, 2021

Chiron in Security

Chiron in security
My unrelenting Achilles
Devoted quite specifically
To arriving at my death safely
In retrograde this time, in fact
This reaches several lifetimes back
My blindspot was the suffering
The daily 6th house bludgeoning
In Taurus - the sign of building
I could not stand it crumbling
Although my foundation was flawed
So difficult to give to God
To trust my Sun in the 9th house
The path of faith and shedding doubt
So that I could then go flesh out
The stellium in my 10th house
Those Libra planets orbiting
Forever calling and pulling
Including karmic purpose there
With Saturn always in my hair
He says go play, but not for long
Sit your ass down and hear this song
For Mars is lurking in your 8th
Conjunct your north node and your fate
So dream him up and think and wait
Create from love and never hate

Into Me

Into me I see
That's intimacy
If I sense you're free
That's how I must be
Of course you're pretty
'Cause duh, you're like me
We speak musically 
It's how we receive
Our hearts on our sleeves
The same frequency 

Roly Poly Bug

A roly poly bug
Just like the Six of Cups
I do remember him
From walking on my skin
With all his little legs
I could not see his face
I do see it now though
Eyes like a woodland doe
Turn crescent when he sings
Like my moon was 9-3
At eleven degrees 
In Scorpio for me
Designed to make me search
Perform my psychic work
Continuously ask
Until I lift his mask
The sun on water shines 
Like Pisces toward a lion
It just needs an earth sign
A homebase for two fires

Saturday, September 11, 2021


I've weaponized my world
As you've done with your girl
Inquire with your best friend
This could pose a problem
Was it to go this way?
Think Nicole and O.J.
Hey they were soul mates too
It matters how we choose
Because we have free will
It cannot happen til
We step off of this wheel
And honor how we feel

Friday, September 10, 2021

Midnight Butterfly

Lightning powered firefly
He's my midnight butterfly
Painted moth to candlelight
Speaking to me as I write
Skip the cordial kiss and hi
We don't work in surface lies
Never color in the lines
Higher octave, outer mind
Thunder clouds and stormy skies
Dark and deadly ocean tides
Black moon Lilith on the rise
Eerie eddies in her eyes
Here it's always Autumn time
Halloween is every night

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Magna Doodle

Drew this on a Magna Doodle
As a child a doll or poodle
Pulled it down through my third eye
Metal to my magnets rise
Using rain from Neptune's sky
Lightning off Ben Franklin's kite
Water, electricity 
All within my Soul to Squeeze
Green and blue and yellow too
Uranian/Plutonic hues
Power planets I possess
Harnessing at my behest
For the wicked, there's no rest
I'm an underworld goddess

Humans Being

Fingers in me
Like he's playing 
His guitar strings 
As I'm coming 
He is singing 
Sexual healing
We are feeling
Humans being

Jupiter and Saturn

We are God and we are grace
An expression on His face
The entire human race 
Looking for a better day
Seeks to know itself and learn
To expand at every turn
Identify and integrate 
Marry sunshine with the shade
Jupiter and Saturn show
What to know and where to go
Take a ride around their rings
We are meant for bigger things

Thursday, September 2, 2021

This September

This September finally
And quite extraordinarly
A near impossibility
When given my astrology
This eve before my birth I see
Life is a game of alchemy
Thank you to angels, ancestry
My mom and dad, Academy
For it is I who holds the key
I am the only lighthouse keep
It is myself who sets me free
I'm made of God and everything
Was true no matter my belief
But now it is my certainty

Neptunian Blue

Neptunian Blue
Been so hard to do
Distinguish my views
From what was embued
To suffer and stew
And do what they do
Had to disconnect
To bring in what's next
My body, my mind
My heart; they're aligned
I did this myself
No one, nothing else
Moreover opposed
Was squared, fought, and hosed
I'm proud of my work
I know my own worth
There's nothing I shirk
It's one more rebirth
This day and this hour
I stand in my power

Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Moon and Neptune

Two Scorpio moons 
And first house Neptunes
And not that I knew
I waited for you
To drive here at night
And stand by my side
To dance to this show 
My coworker throws
Coincidence, no
Two magnets that glow
Same alien race
It's always the case
So nice to meet you
A Sag rising goof
Or so you present
We know what's within

Job on Earth

All that restricts
Look closely at it
It's your job on Earth
By sky, sea, and turf
To seek to expand 
Love your fellow man
Plant's/animal's views
And mineral too
Through music and art
By brain and with heart
What can you learn here?
With eyes and by ear
What might someone say?
To show you new ways
That opens more doors
Allows to explore
There'll always be more
It's what you're here for

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


What I have learned is factual
That love is not transactional
You do not owe me anything
I don't require rescuing
I lost so many parts of me
The fragments that I now retrieve
I wish to create unity
That can't be done unconsciously
I've taken Windex to my mirror
And I will know if you appear
That I did not manipulate
Where demons in the dregs vibrate
But rather that you saw my light
I moved into your line of sight
By changing my own energy
Releasing all the wrong beliefs
I brought the best of you to me
To give love unconditionally

Gemini Johnny

An earth moon in Taurus was new
A Gemini sun who is kind
He makes music of what he finds
You know him on Earth as Johnny
A lazer that beams cosmically
Pulls down from the stars in the sky
To share them with both you and I
In fact he's Neptunian too
His love is an ocean, it's true
With Scorpio there on the rise
Could possibly come off as shy
No matter though if he is quiet
For he plays guitar like a riot
And that's the Uranian part...
He's made electricity art

Friday, August 13, 2021


Pearl in a clam shell
Angel inside Hell
Lotus unfolding 
From shaping and molding
The invalidating 
Dismissing, degrading 
Corruption, debasement 
Distraction, replacement 
It is fragmentation 
But now integration 
I feel these sensations 
I let my soul say this
I bring them back to me
Be one in my body
No shame or controlling 
Repression, ignoring
I welcome them wholly 
Let's get this thing rolling

Monday, August 9, 2021

Here to Do

Despite all the work I've done
I am still a lonely one
Dancing with my shadow side
In my bedroom by moonlight
I'm a spy on Earth by day
Trying to assimilate 
Watching them control the souls
But that isn't how I roll
I attempt to make them see
They could never lasso me
I am coming from afar
In my little avatar
Human body candy car
Via milky way and stars
I befriend the furry beings
Colored rocks and sparkly things
Anything that's made of love
I will spot it from above
When I'm sleeping I go see
Glowing hearts and pretty chi
Then I know eventually 
I will bring them back with me
A solitary job, so true
It is what I'm here to do

Name the Empress

Tiny corner of this world
Filtered through eyes of a girl
She will show you what she sees
By poems and telepathy
Suddenly your thoughts are hers
Within seconds they occur
Voices drip into your dreams
You wake wondering what it means
Feather on your window sill
Ravens ponder when you will
Feel what you're supposed to feel
Hold up your end of the deal
Sing the words you hear inside
Paint the scenes you visualize
No use knowing how or why
Turn the key and step inside
Do as you've been asked to dare
Name the empress standing there

Saturday, July 31, 2021

2 Elements

We are 2 different elements
And like a planet which transits
It brings our biggest challenges 
Creates unrest, then balances
I was the ground that lay in wait
And you were the tectonic plates 
The end result was an earthquake
Designed by God for Heaven's sake
I thank you for igniting this
And wish to repay in a kiss
Provide you with the circuitry 
For all your electricity
Because of what you saw in me
That I was unable to see
You have my faith and loyalty
I would receive you joyfully

Our Aristocracy

You were a traveling troubadour 
Upon my father's castle door
A princess of nobility 
I'm promised to another king
So privileged we, materially 
But such responsibility
Like Eleanor of Aquitaine
I'm showered in the finer things
And you, my favorite one of these
Compose medieval poetry
On courtly love and chivalry 
Play mandolin and sing for me
Engage in witty repartee 
And when all lords and ladies leave
You lean in close and kiss my cheek 
At night I lay and think of thee
In glee and peace and reverie 
Of how your voice especially 
Does make me feel so heavenly 
Upon the dawn I call for ye
I'm told that you are absentee
So carry on dejectedly
With hope that you I'll someday see
Among our aristocracy 

Friday, July 30, 2021

A Perfect Storm

Hey chico, the world is mine
Fire is a masculine sign
Fact I have each element
I know what is relevant
I am animal as well
Raging Bull to give them hell
Fighting what is Capricorn
Infiltrating since I'm born
Placate me with medicine
Place me in the government
Dim my eyes and fatten me
Poison and bureaucracy
I will turn it inside out
Tell you what they're all about
Got this tension in my jaw
Crunching data that was raw
Writing my report, you see
Good at communicating
I am strength and siren too
Doing what I came to do
Breaking free from all that binds
I have found my way this time
3D do I now adorn
Here I am, a perfect storm

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Blue Alien

With fellow blue alien beings
I have been negotiating
To astral travel in my dreams
And end all of this bullying
They know me on Earth as Colleen
At night I'm eradicating 
I work with quartz and celestine
By fairy dust and pixie wings
On indigo and purple beams
In mermaid scales and shiny things 
Should they reject my remedies
I wear the tears of enemies
They're glamorous and glittery
And make me all the more pretty
No matter what I'm faced with here
I will convert to love all fear

Monday, July 26, 2021

State Fair Balloon

The State Fair balloon
I kept in my room
Clear plastic with pink
A long silver string
Was two hearts combined
Knew not at the time
They were yours and mine
They fit and they rhymed
You were the outside
The half that would shine
And I was the core
Your soul's cellar door
Don't look anymore 
What in the hell for?
I'm still there inside
I am ride or die
I'm part of your life
Just look in my eyes
Abandonment wounds
And mother issues
Love we did not get
Needs that were not met
I promise it's there
I'm here and I care

Friday, July 23, 2021


This full moon is Aquarian
He is humanitarian 
An air sign who is fixed in thought
He won't do what he doesn't want
At least he doesn't think it so
In truth it is his karma though
To stay until the others grow
A water bearer bringing flow
This unbeknownst Uranian
A sacrificial alien
He's good with electricity 
And what he speaks is prophecy 
A stubborn, loving, weirdo that
Will get you where you need to get

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Libra Tree

A Libra tree, she's much like me
She asks that I please keep her green
That way the forest clearly sees
The way in which she's meant to be
She wishes not to do you harm
To disrupt, argue, or alarm
Her job is purely to reflect
Identify and to reject
All that which is not harmonic
In disarray or chaotic
She teaches herself balance when
She sees the world through such a lens
And once she's grown, all in good time
The scales of justice do align

Sunday, July 18, 2021


Falling through an inky sky
Landing in the desert night
Looking back up to the stars
Wondering why I've come so far
Instantly forgetting that
It's to balance karmic debt
16/7, 13/4
This is what we've come here for
Yes there is another half
He might not have it as bad
Least his public doesn't think
Hidden darkness, secret kinks
Watch him rise up in the east 
Possible we never meet
I will still have work to do
Things to feel and journey through
Now a maiden on the ground
Navigate with word and sound
Live my life and speak it loud
I'll make my creator proud