Monday, August 29, 2022

Sleep in Trees

Princess with this pea displeased
Goldilocks but not these three
Where's a bed that's best for me
How high can I hope to be
How far can this fairy see
How close can I be to free
Can I use the stars as sheets
Yes, for rest to reach my needs 
I shall sleep in redwood trees

Medium Fry

A medium fry
Wave aloha/hi
To souls who've said bye
Storm's center, the eye
I stand still inside
A middle child, try
To mediate my
And everyone's lives
Besiege or belie
I see from all sides
Including who's died

Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Craft

I read rainbows in the showers that drop diamonds in my grass
These are jewels I use as tools that I can spend the same as cash
I spin pendulums in solar winds for questions you may ask
I'm in multiple dimensions and see Days of Future Passed
I'm the selkie in your sink water and buoys in your bath
I'm a riptide in your ocean and I'll drag you back to path
I make magic in each moment and from every mundane task
But won't hesistate to excavate and take away what's trash
I find fire in frustration and will weld with all my wrath
I'll play games with every flame from each relationship that's crashed
I am meant to pen, see into them, and stencil from the ash
I have sent for kin as dreamt by him, through way of this - my craft

Friday, August 26, 2022

In Disguise

A geisha in another life 
Your fantasy and never wife
Two souls enrolled in constant strife
We're back as cats in black and white
What must we trust to make this right?
For me I see with my insight
Green tea, I steep and seek inside
A tree, I reach beyond bonsai
War not with words or kaiken knives
Nor score with spores that siphon lives
Why dwell at doors that won't oblige
A chore which bores just isn't wise
My choice to voice vanilla skies
To read and lead by light in eyes
Agree, you'll see, my samurai 
It's me, the empress, in disguise

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


In amnesia, when unclear
Listen to your heart to hear
Synesthesia, No More Tears
See then what I've known for years
Shakti-Shiva, show no fear
What without your Guinevere?
Aniketa, home is here
I reside inside your mirror

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Crystal Ball

In the tin of my tea leaves
To my mug of mysteries
Sweet in selenite I see
Crystal smiling secretly
Scorpio who knows Hades
Double lioness that leads
Heart of gold which holds her key
Northern node in family -
She was heading home like me
Asks of me to please repeat:
Michael, mother, mon amie
Brothers, others, my cherie 
May I make your minds at ease
I am here at home in peace

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A Beautiful Game

One memory of mine distinct
Our contract cut in moonlight ink
On paper pressed with petals pink
A scroll that's old and soft as mink
The game to change, estrange, and sink
Like Battleship meets Tiddlywinks
The bond we've drawn and signed in sync 
It lists where we will interlink
Constricts as we resist instinct
Insists we rift and then rethink
Antennai touch and glasses clink
We kiss and sip our Martian drinks
Return to learn on balance beams
I'll see you in your dreams, earthling

Other Otter

Other otter, made in two's
I am pink and you are blue
Sent to sea to start anew
Level up and follow through 
Float away from all askew
Do not do as others do
Feet are webbed and feelings true
Take us where we're going to
Rivers mix and meld into
Confluence of me and you