Saturday, February 27, 2021

La Luna in Virgo

La Luna in Virgo
The most psychic moon around
Where your mind wanders, mine follows
Now we're at the Lost and Found 
Standing, waiting, longing, staring
We have been here times before
In the evenings when we're drifting 
Through all realms and portal doors
You have fire at your fingers
I have ivy on my arms
We have water in between us
Angels keeping us from harm
Moving, rising from our south nodes
Spreading wings and taking flight
Speaking frequencies and light codes
I will meet you there tonight

Energy to Assholes

Energy to assholes and
Attention to abuse
I am oh so slowly learning
That there isn't any use
They're unwilling or unable
It is all the same to me
I just make myself unstable
And I sacrifice my peace
Many times do I regress on
My attempts to walk my talk
To give up and to abandon
All these energetic blocks
I wish that I wouldn't bother
Ruminating on it still
That from all these things I'd detox
Like with alcohol or pills
Up and out and over
I will do the best I can
Be my own lucky green clover
Heal from these wounds by man

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Which House

Snakes in the midst 
Sharks with the fish
Demons that cover and
All that's hidden
Targeted thoughts
Souls that are bought
Power, controlling 
For years we have fought
Can't find a friend
Nor seem to win
Backstabbing, vicious 
Malicious intent 
Where do I turn
How to discern
He who's sincere vs.
She that will burn
Where are they from
Which house, how come
Who can I trust and
From whom should I run
Will I survive
Make it, get by
Will they propell me
Or cost me my life

Friday, February 12, 2021

Chaos and Cosmos

Your life and your art
Don't keep them apart
It's chaos and cosmos
Like Sharon with Osbourne 
The vast void and chasm 
Hide behind sarcasm
It's mai ka po mai
Moved into the light
Star apples, hibiscus 
And dandelion wishes
Feel fenced in, feel caged
Like fire contained
I want to release this
Move forward, complete it
Go out there, explore
Achievement, reward
Hawaiian, Egyptian 
Calypso and Grecian 
Employed by myself 
Or with someone else
We travel, we sing
Experience things
We write and we dance
See London, see France 
We save little children
Help animals, women
Do good stuff, be better
Make music together 
I see this, I dream it
I just have to be it

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Be a Better Virgo

I asked Archangel Michael
To help me with my Sun
To be a better Virgo
And not a sickly one
Mutable and beautiful 
A maiden in the sun
Dedicated, dutiful
She marries work with fun
Autumn harvest, plentiful 
Wheat and germ and grain
Fruits and flowers, vegetables 
She benefits from rain
Rock steady, foundational 
Solid, stable, there
Powerful, vibrational
With flowers in her hair

Virgo's Prison

Virgo's prison
Mental schism 
Rules, conditions
Free me from this zodiac sign
Let me graduate this time
I'm so tired, I'm exhausted 
Down, depleted, and disgusted
Using moon in Scorpio
Digging, diving with backhoe 
When can I be my Sag rising?
Love and freedom, fun, excitement 
Please just pause my frantic mind
Stop my moon from trying to find
I just want to live, to be
Of the essence that is me

Friday, February 5, 2021

Dumbass Doofus Jackass Jerk

Come around to cut me down
Turn my smile into a frown
You're in direct opposition
To my purpose and my mission
Dumbass doofus jackass jerk
You do not determine worth
Limiting beliefs and thinking
Medication, drugs, and drinking
Can't see beyond your own nose
It's like stepping on Legos
Hurtful and annoying too
I am so damn done with you
Remove the veil from your third eye
Then give life another try

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Willow Fish

Willow fish
Pisces chick
Pretty lady
She's your baby?
Can't be jealous
Won't compete
We're all lovely
And unique
Different bodies
Styles of dress
Lengths of hair
Goddess girlies


Flamingo in a toxic lake
Buffy with her vampire stake
Lotus flower in the mud
Majestic chicky with some pud
We learn from environment 
It is a requirement 
Bloom despite the circumstance
If you are given the chance
Know you have a fire inside
There to fuel you on this ride
Of and with and do for Source
For better and for worse, of course
In sickness and also health
When poorer and when in wealth
If you're free, you're lucky, son
Not the case with everyone
Duality exists on Earth
Pick a side and do your work
Stand for those who cannot speak
Children, animals, and weak
Kidnapped, trafficked, ravaged, raped
Ritualized for money's sake
Use your voice, your time, your life
For what matters and what's right