Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lightning Bug

Violet flower, fuchsia flame
Would you like to play a game?
I suspect that we're the same
Indigo and Purple Rain
Many moons and every sign
Venus/Neptune in a trine
Seen you so many lifetimes
Write a rhyme and drop a line
Angel on a burlesque swing
Spinning fire on 7 rings
Speaking spells and sweet nothings
Grecian godesses and kings
Ancient aliens and beings
Magic, mystic, mythic things
Underwater, up above
Good red road and cosmic hug
Human hybrid space sparkplug 
Hello fellow lightning bug

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

1 Moon

Down a waterslide from Neptune
Back to Earth into your bedroom 
Zipped up in your human costume
Sleeping soundly 'neath your 1 moon
I will see you in your coffee
In your sushi and your sake
Via astral walkie-talkie 
By celestial disc-jockey 
Fight against your Jabberwockey
Be Bullwinkle to your Rocky
Your Neptunian nurse nightly
I do not take my work lightly
I've got bandaids, gauze, and glitter
Guide dogs, cats, and other critters
Heart-shaped stethoscope and scissors 
I'm the best, all things considered 
Healing worn and wounded innards
In the nighttime after dinner
Look into the stars and seek this
My antenna will receive it
The elixir's not a secret
It's called love and you can keep it

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Every Sign

Starry Sagittarius so frequently on fire
She cannot concentrate here when she's focused in the higher 
Psycho sexy Scorpio seducing in each hour
She must remember to rise up and not abuse her power
Very busy Virgo overthinking every second
She has to learn to center and be grateful for the present
Always angry Aries waging war and fighting battles
To win is not important here, it's never what will matter
Loud and loving Leo forever telling you what's so
As long as he leads from his heart, there's no reason to row
Supernatural Pisces swimming 'round a goldfish bowl
She must put down the drink and realize she's meant for more
Soft and saddened Cancer sleeping in a crescent moon
She should turn toward the sun to shine a light upon her gloom
Stubborn stamping Taurus in a bullpen thrashing so
He best befriend the matador to graduate and grow
Floaty feather Libra changing colors in the wind
She's got to learn she isn't any more or less than him
Double dagger Gemini is slicing separate ways
He's wise to marry both the moons appearing in his phase
Alien Aquarius adrift above the fray 
He ought to come back down to show the world another way
Ever climbing Capricorn high on a mountainside
We'de all appreciate if he would pause to tell us why
Vibrate low to high and everything that's inbetween
Every sign has karma to express upon this plane

Thursday, September 23, 2021


You ask to see my resumรฉ
The following to you I say
Refer to the last life we shared
Recall what we were doing there
There is no boss for you to call
For I'm the one to rule them all
My education? Hahaha
I'm a direct descent of Ra
Whatever you would like to know
It's located within my soul
If you cannot read energy
Perhaps you'd like to work for me

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Angels Are

Angels, are you in this tree?
Within the webs the spiders weave
Inside the sunlit falling leaves
The ones that spiral down on me
Across the limbs the squirrels leap
With ladybugs upon my feet
Within the caterpillar's creep
In the blue sky I lay beneath
In all the answers that I seek
Within the very air I breathe
Inside the sound of each heartbeat
You're always here and mine to keep

Love in Public

Love in public
That's the subject 
Libra Venus
It's my thesis
Luck and power
Clovers, flowers
Input, output
Surfing switchfoot
Karmic purpose
I can do this
Flirty, artsy
10th house party
Past lives righted
You're invited
Say hi to me

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Horror Hula

Horror hula hoop from Hell
Round an empty wishing well
Boomeranging back around
Throws its subject to the ground
She will rise consistently 
Summon it above her knees
Past her thighs and to her hips
Launch it back into orbit
Water flows up from Earth's core
You are going to hear her roar
Lightning surges through her veins
She will not stay in her lane
Absent years and years and years
Thousands of koi fish appear 
Suddenly a thought turns form
From a place of love and warmth
Into Heaven she's reborn
And to a new mission sworn

Full Moon in Neptune

Full moon in Neptune
Floating a pontoon 
Love beyond measure
In her belly, treasure 
Pisces Iscariot
Riding the chariot 
Move over, make room
I will be home soon
I was on vacay
Five planets away
Visiting earthlings
Watching a few things
Those are some strange beings
Salmon swim upstream
What does it all mean?
I will keep learning 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Way This Eve

My elemental elfin friends
In Scotland I am one of them
We dance beneath a glowing Oak
Us Celtic flower tree fey folk
With wind and ocean in our hair
And luminescent skin so fair
We dare the men to meet us there
Our magic with a mortal share
He sees us through a portal door
Whilst wandering the forest floor
Into the woods he's come to clear
His mind of women, work, and fear
And lo, he hears a fairy here
She's giggling into his ear
He follows her transfixing light
Into the dark and winding night
At once he can't accept the sight
Three ladies levitating high
We circle him and spin him round
Intoxicating with our sound
Of ancient trees and sacred ground
From angel's wings to Satan's hounds
He understands not what he's found
We close his eyes and lay him down
Into us we will take his seed
And onto humankind release
A mythic mix of man and beast
Our daughters of the Inner Seas
They walk your world; Do you believe?
Look closer on your way this eve

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Colleen Cherie

I am poetry
Down from Mercury
I am what you see
And what's underneath 
I move musically
Like an island breeze
I'm a willow tree
And a honeybee 
I come lovingly
Also knowingly 
I'm Colleen Cherie
How nice to meet me

Monday, September 13, 2021

Chiron in Security

Chiron in security
My unrelenting Achilles
Devoted quite specifically
To arriving at my death safely
In retrograde this time, in fact
This reaches several lifetimes back
My blindspot was the suffering
The daily 6th house bludgeoning
In Taurus - the sign of building
I could not stand it crumbling
Although my foundation was flawed
So difficult to give to God
To trust my Sun in the 9th house
The path of faith and shedding doubt
So that I could then go flesh out
The stellium in my 10th house
Those Libra planets orbiting
Forever calling and pulling
Including karmic purpose there
With Saturn always in my hair
He says go play, but not for long
Sit your ass down and hear this song
For Mars is lurking in your 8th
Conjunct your north node and your fate
So dream him up and think and wait
Create from love and never hate

Into Me

Into me I see
That's intimacy
If I sense you're free
That's how I must be
Of course you're pretty
'Cause duh, you're like me
We speak musically 
It's how we receive
Our hearts on our sleeves
The same frequency 

Roly Poly Bug

A roly poly bug
Just like the Six of Cups
I do remember him
From walking on my skin
With all his little legs
I could not see his face
I do see it now though
Eyes like a woodland doe
Turn crescent when he sings
Like my moon was 9-3
At eleven degrees 
In Scorpio for me
Designed to make me search
Perform my psychic work
Continuously ask
Until I lift his mask
The sun on water shines 
Like Pisces toward a lion
It just needs an earth sign
A homebase for two fires

Saturday, September 11, 2021


I've weaponized my world
As you've done with your girl
Inquire with your best friend
This could pose a problem
Was it to go this way?
Think Nicole and O.J.
Hey they were soul mates too
It matters how we choose
Because we have free will
It cannot happen til
We step off of this wheel
And honor how we feel

Friday, September 10, 2021

Midnight Butterfly

Lightning powered firefly
He's my midnight butterfly
Painted moth to candlelight
Speaking to me as I write
Skip the cordial kiss and hi
We don't work in surface lies
Never color in the lines
Higher octave, outer mind
Thunder clouds and stormy skies
Dark and deadly ocean tides
Black moon Lilith on the rise
Eerie eddies in her eyes
Here it's always Autumn time
Halloween is every night

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Magna Doodle

Drew this on a Magna Doodle
As a child a doll or poodle
Pulled it down through my third eye
Metal to my magnets rise
Using rain from Neptune's sky
Lightning off Ben Franklin's kite
Water, electricity 
All within my Soul to Squeeze
Green and blue and yellow too
Uranian/Plutonic hues
Power planets I possess
Harnessing at my behest
For the wicked, there's no rest
I'm an underworld goddess

Humans Being

Fingers in me
Like he's playing 
His guitar strings 
As I'm coming 
He is singing 
Sexual healing
We are feeling
Humans being

Jupiter and Saturn

We are God and we are grace
An expression on His face
The entire human race 
Looking for a better day
Seeks to know itself and learn
To expand at every turn
Identify and integrate 
Marry sunshine with the shade
Jupiter and Saturn show
What to know and where to go
Take a ride around their rings
We are meant for bigger things

Thursday, September 2, 2021

This September

This September finally
And quite extraordinarly
A near impossibility
When given my astrology
This eve before my birth I see
Life is a game of alchemy
Thank you to angels, ancestry
My mom and dad, Academy
For it is I who holds the key
I am the only lighthouse keep
It is myself who sets me free
I'm made of God and everything
Was true no matter my belief
But now it is my certainty

Neptunian Blue

Neptunian Blue
Been so hard to do
Distinguish my views
From what was embued
To suffer and stew
And do what they do
Had to disconnect
To bring in what's next
My body, my mind
My heart; they're aligned
I did this myself
No one, nothing else
Moreover opposed
Was squared, fought, and hosed
I'm proud of my work
I know my own worth
There's nothing I shirk
It's one more rebirth
This day and this hour
I stand in my power