Friday, November 26, 2021

Demeter's Daughter

Poseidon and Demeter's daughter
Atlantis is my alma mater
Sleeping soundly in sea water
'Til I wake up pissed at father
Swim ashore and make an offer
'Cause I find land-walkers hotter
Although often not much smarter
Here I'm working ten times harder
Lure him off the yacht he charters
Bumps his noggin something awful
Swim him to my secret harbor
Hold his hand just like we're otters
Make him think he's off his rocker
Sure he'd finally gone and caught her
Mermaid princess woman proper
But by morning I'm a goner
Hears my humming and my laughter
Smells me in the seashore aster
Sees me in his dreams like Casper
Haunted by me here on after
I say hi in siren sonar
But I mustn't wander too far
Ever an aquatic loner
It's the ocean that I honor