Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Turn or Take

Is it live or Memorex?
Crystal clear or more complex?
Are you happy or depressed?
Are you calm or are you stressed?
Will you flourish or infest?
Are you good or gag reflex?
Heaven-sent or hellish hex?
Curse my name or call me blessed?
Knife in back or to protect?
Are you bad or at your best?
Right for me or wrong like rest?
Friend or an antagonist?
On my side or just contest?
Will you clean or make a mess?
Help me out or be a pest?
Tear it down or build a nest?
Do you hide it or express?
In denial or address?
Steal from me or treasure chest?
Give or constantly request?
Are you low or high interest?
Are you wealth or credit debt?
Do you suck or manifest?
Are you open or repressed?
You encourage or oppress?
Show regard or disrespect?
Dare to dream or in regret?
Aloof or affectionate?
Speak your mind or make me guess?
Stand your ground or acquiesce?
Will you go forth or regress?
Stay behind or make progress?
Turn or take you on my quest?
Leave or let you in my bed?
Use my mind or muscle test?
We will see what my heart says