Friday, October 22, 2021

Left on Earth

Left on Earth, oh please come back
I have only my backpack
Lit up with my lunar nodes
Days gone by and distant roads
What am I to do down here?
It's so cold and filled with fear
Seems they only see with eyes
Senses limited to 5
With the closet toys I hide
In distress and in disguise
Hunted by their government guys
To disect and scrutinize
I am lost and all alone
Nothing here I have or own
May I borrow your red phone?
I would like to call my home
Empathetic soul I seek
For my mission to complete
Does as I see on TV
Human boy that's just like me
I can write and he can sing
We are feeling the same thing
And we both wish for healing
Using music as a means
Animals and human beings
Aliens and stranger things
Reminding them to stay on course
In their power, with their Source
To stand up and stay in light
To be good and live life right
But I'm looking pale now
Can he hear me saying ouch?
Flowers wilting down and die
Drain of color and of life
It's okay, I'm still alive
I remember love's inside
Though I'd like him by my side
I belong in stars and sky
He can always fly his bike
Or go on an astral hike
No matter the realm or form
Land or bodies we are born
I will always be right here
On his heart and in his ear