Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Moon and Neptune

Two Scorpio moons 
And first house Neptunes
And not that I knew
I waited for you
To drive here at night
And stand by my side
To dance to this show 
My coworker throws
Coincidence, no
Two magnets that glow
Same alien race
It's always the case
So nice to meet you
A Sag rising goof
Or so you present
We know what's within

Job on Earth

All that restricts
Look closely at it
It's your job on Earth
By sky, sea, and turf
To seek to expand 
Love your fellow man
Plant's/animal's views
And mineral too
Through music and art
By brain and with heart
What can you learn here?
With eyes and by ear
What might someone say?
To show you new ways
That opens more doors
Allows to explore
There'll always be more
It's what you're here for

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


What I have learned is factual
That love is not transactional
You do not owe me anything
I don't require rescuing
I lost so many parts of me
The fragments that I now retrieve
I wish to create unity
That can't be done unconsciously
I've taken Windex to my mirror
And I will know if you appear
That I did not manipulate
Where demons in the dregs vibrate
But rather that you saw my light
I moved into your line of sight
By changing my own energy
Releasing all the wrong beliefs
I brought the best of you to me
To give love unconditionally

Gemini Johnny

An earth moon in Taurus was new
A Gemini sun who is kind
He makes music of what he finds
You know him on Earth as Johnny
A lazer that beams cosmically
Pulls down from the stars in the sky
To share them with both you and I
In fact he's Neptunian too
His love is an ocean, it's true
With Scorpio there on the rise
Could possibly come off as shy
No matter though if he is quiet
For he plays guitar like a riot
And that's the Uranian part...
He's made electricity art

Friday, August 13, 2021


Pearl in a clam shell
Angel inside Hell
Lotus unfolding 
From shaping and molding
The invalidating 
Dismissing, degrading 
Corruption, debasement 
Distraction, replacement 
It is fragmentation 
But now integration 
I feel these sensations 
I let my soul say this
I bring them back to me
Be one in my body
No shame or controlling 
Repression, ignoring
I welcome them wholly 
Let's get this thing rolling

Monday, August 9, 2021

Here to Do

Despite all the work I've done
I am still a lonely one
Dancing with my shadow side
In my bedroom by moonlight
I'm a spy on Earth by day
Trying to assimilate 
Watching them control the souls
But that isn't how I roll
I attempt to make them see
They could never lasso me
I am coming from afar
In my little avatar
Human body candy car
Via milky way and stars
I befriend the furry beings
Colored rocks and sparkly things
Anything that's made of love
I will spot it from above
When I'm sleeping I go see
Glowing hearts and pretty chi
Then I know eventually 
I will bring them back with me
A solitary job, so true
It is what I'm here to do

Name the Empress

Tiny corner of this world
Filtered through eyes of a girl
She will show you what she sees
By poems and telepathy
Suddenly your thoughts are hers
Within seconds they occur
Voices drip into your dreams
You wake wondering what it means
Feather on your window sill
Ravens ponder when you will
Feel what you're supposed to feel
Hold up your end of the deal
Sing the words you hear inside
Paint the scenes you visualize
No use knowing how or why
Turn the key and step inside
Do as you've been asked to dare
Name the empress standing there