Monday, September 13, 2021

Chiron in Security

Chiron in security
My unrelenting Achilles
Devoted quite specifically
To arriving at my death safely
In retrograde this time, in fact
This reaches several lifetimes back
My blindspot was the suffering
The daily 6th house bludgeoning
In Taurus - the sign of building
I could not stand it crumbling
Although my foundation was flawed
So difficult to give to God
To trust my Sun in the 9th house
The path of faith and shedding doubt
So that I could then go flesh out
The stellium in my 10th house
Those Libra planets orbiting
Forever calling and pulling
Including karmic purpose there
With Saturn always in my hair
He says go play, but not for long
Sit your ass down and hear this song
For Mars is lurking in your 8th
Conjunct your north node and your fate
So dream him up and think and wait
Create from love and never hate