Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Turn or Take

Is it live or Memorex?
Crystal clear or more complex?
Are you happy or depressed?
Are you calm or are you stressed?
Will you flourish or infest?
Are you good or gag reflex?
Heaven-sent or hellish hex?
Curse my name or call me blessed?
Knife in back or to protect?
Are you bad or at your best?
Right for me or wrong like rest?
Friend or an antagonist?
On my side or just contest?
Will you clean or make a mess?
Help me out or be a pest?
Tear it down or build a nest?
Do you hide it or express?
In denial or address?
Steal from me or treasure chest?
Give or constantly request?
Are you low or high interest?
Are you wealth or credit debt?
Do you suck or manifest?
Are you open or repressed?
You encourage or oppress?
Show regard or disrespect?
Dare to dream or in regret?
Aloof or affectionate?
Speak your mind or make me guess?
Stand your ground or acquiesce?
Will you go forth or regress?
Stay behind or make progress?
Turn or take you on my quest?
Leave or let you in my bed?
Use my mind or muscle test?
We will see what my heart says

Monday, November 29, 2021

Gold and Free

Whatever's written in my book
I'm giving it a second look
Remove all ruin of Captain Hook
Replace with recipes I cook
I call upon a destiny
A highest holy piece of me
The best one that could ever be
The one in which I'm most happy
In my most purest energy
My luminesce anatomy
I super sense and clearly see
I'm glowing gold and flying free

Pretty Like

Crystal cluster grows in ground
On the path I'm walking down
Issues an etheric sound
Like my heart its rhythm pounds
In this geode I have found
Brilliant light is weaved and wound
Neatly tied and tightly bound
Pretty like my princess crown
Oval, arrow, rhombus, round
Rural, urban, city, town
Basil green or mustard brown
Different but we turn your frown

His Dynasty

Wooden dragon of the east
Beautiful benefic beast
7 mansions overseas
Winding his way westernly
I can feel him in my tree
In the knothole opening
He's intently watching me
And does not know that I see
At this highest deity 
I look back so curiously 
Touch his bark and blessed be
Suddenly he is set free
Light from stars above release
Coat our souls in calm and peace
We walk new territory
He brought me his dynasty

Sunday, November 28, 2021


Pisces fish between 2 horses
Water moon with fire forces
River winding through a fortress
Out the ocean that is Marcos
No restrictions or embargos
Aiming arrows at the cosmos
Dos Equis and Desperados
Writing rhymes and speaking sorrows
Medic/martial artist combo
Making magic as he mambos
Always Enamorandonos
Plays your heartstrings and the bongos
Puerto Rican poet's party
Left his mark out in Hawaii
Double Sag with much malarkey 
A good friend and guy entirely 

Friday, November 26, 2021

Demeter's Daughter

Poseidon and Demeter's daughter
Atlantis is my alma mater
Sleeping soundly in sea water
'Til I wake up pissed at father
Swim ashore and make an offer
'Cause I find land-walkers hotter
Although often not much smarter
Here I'm working ten times harder
Lure him off the yacht he charters
Bumps his noggin something awful
Swim him to my secret harbor
Hold his hand just like we're otters
Make him think he's off his rocker
Sure he'd finally gone and caught her
Mermaid princess woman proper
But by morning I'm a goner
Hears my humming and my laughter
Smells me in the seashore aster
Sees me in his dreams like Casper
Haunted by me here on after
I say hi in siren sonar
But I mustn't wander too far
Ever an aquatic loner
It's the ocean that I honor

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Music Maker

From my position on a swing
I count up all the things with wings
And all the medicines they bring
Will they work on behalf of me?
Upon a butterfly I ping
I send her south by whistling 
To follow notes and guitar string
Until the sound becomes a scene
She brings a wind shaman who sings
The music maker of my dreams
A yellow sun canary king
The dragonfly to join my team

Monday, November 22, 2021

Action Art

Fire is a vehicle
Action art in ritual
One part war with whimsical 
All-important, integral
Light a match and let it go
Oxygen unto it blow
Fan the flame and watch her grow
Phoenix from once crawling low
Final stage of Scorpio
Breaking through a given mold
Soaring over status-quo
So Much for the Afterglow

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Flower Water

Flower water, blow it through
Crossing California soon
Off my lips into the blue
From my heart and onto you
Which one is your favorite scent?
What would cause you to relent?
Jasmine, lilac, hyacinth?
Can I catch you with fragrance?
Honeysuckle, says the bee
He thinks it would help you see
When it wafts to you by breeze
You'll know you belong with me

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Many Moods

Apologies if I am flawed
Ever always asking God
Please let me see what you saw
When I came here in this pod
Lend me an archangel's help
Ancestors and ancient Celts
Roman, Grecian, Bible Belt
Any one or thing heartfelt 
Purify the thoughts I choose
Balance out my many moods
Bad karma and attitudes
Without caffeine and/or 'ludes
Steer me from what does disrupt
Give me grace and lots of luck
Send a boy to say what's up
Make it so life doesn't suck

Friday, November 19, 2021

29th Degree

These forces at work
How badly they hurt
The A on my shirt
This poisoned dessert
The pulleys, the strings
Past lives behind scenes
They haunt me in dreams
Sleepwalk me to things
Attempt to rewrite
To run from my plight
Control and I fight
You sentence, indict
29th degree
Can't Shake The Disease
Die on my trapeze
Because you drop me

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Serpent Skirt

Four deaths that stalk mankind
Crawl down a family line
It's time I change my mind
And create by design
Erase these olden tales
Of mangled masts and sails
Of dead-end roads and trails
Of fallen dreams and fails
I am only my breath
Not anything that's said
No need to shave my head
I shed my skin instead
This is my serpent skirt
I give her back to earth
Burn bridges at the hearth
And step into my work
I rewrite life with light
Delete the pain and blight
Forgive all foes and fright
I came to make this right

Sunday, November 14, 2021


I believe I've been a monk
This life's like I'm being punked
Perhaps I'm in purgatory
Dead and buried, mortuaried
Standing still and staring scary
Only felt by fae and fairy
To this earth I'm bound and married
How much karma can I carry?
I hear circus music playing
Endless hall of mirrors displaying
Only me and I am praying
See myself in water laying
Like Ophelia and saying
I'm incapable of staying

Pluto's Direction

Gaining speed and getting traction
Rolling full force into action
Goes direct and takes no prisoners
Damn torpedos, runs with scissors
Cruel to dreamers and to wishers
It's for open eyes and listeners
Out of retrograde reflection
End to idle introspection
May your prayers provide protection
Pluto's changing its direction

At Last

Fairy mushroom, teeny thing
Homebase to a mighty being
Elemental elfin king
Oberon or Lord of Rings
Hiding off a beaten path
Deep in dewy dampened grass
Gathers courage up at last
To approach my moat and ask 
Come twilight, this resident's
Peering through my picket fence
Lo it has been lifetimes since
He a pirate, I his wench
Tiny tinkling ringing bells
He inquires if I'll tell
No, I'm one of you as well
Trust me most with this intel
Finally we merge our worlds
Ethereal and human girl
Oyster reunites with pearl
Into Heaven we unfurl

Friday, November 12, 2021

What it Means

Glitter in the dewdrop
On the clover in the sun
In the music, in the doo-wop
In the rainbow on the run
Sparkle on the spider
On the webbing, in your eye
In the setlist, on the rider
Of the people passing by
Air under the eagle
Of the angel, of the bee
Giving flight to all things regal
Meaning you and also me
Saturn's only silent
In the moment, in the now
When I'm present, when I'm quiet
Never when I'm asking how
Fire in the lightning
In the lava, of the core
In a Leo, Aries fighting
In the red of planet war
Earth to hold it steady
In the meantime, inbetween
Love to get us ready
To remember what it means

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Higher Hertz

I command my frequency
And I'm taking you with me
Into stars and up through trees
To beyond infinity
No more lowering my sound
Turning off or dimming down
I'm a royal ballroom gown
Taking space and painting town
Higher hertz of love and peace
On with life with grace and ease
Sign and date a brand new lease
Legally and pink like Reese

Be Good

Stay grounded, on Earth
Go barefoot, on dirt
Use water, go surf
Get lifted, watch birds
With feather, not sword
Observe, don't absorb
Stay present, inside
Be conscious, alive
Shed demons, ascend
They cannot hook in
Vibe higher, stay up
Replenish your cup
With laugher, with light
With love, and insight
Make peace, don't fight
Be good, and do right

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Psychic Sense

Carry amethyst around
'Cause it amplifies my crown
You may hear insight through sound
See a ghost on a grave mound
Psychic sense of mine's to know
Via moon in Scorpio
Analyzed by my Virgo
Gifted to you with a bow
I won't say I told you so
But it's best if you follow

In Flow

I have soil, I am seed
I have everything I need
I am healed, I am whole
I see clearly now and know
I embrace and I let go
I move on and I'm in flow
Stand in sunlight and I grow
Reap exactly what I sow
I have rain that waters me
I have faith and I believe
I accept and I receive
Do my best and Let it Be

Light Bulb Math

Light bulb math, why - what the fuck?
What jackass did dream this up?
What happened to 100 watt?
It's too dark to read, you twat
In the store and in a pinch
What's a lumen - is that French?
I don't have all day for this
Worse than metric systemness
Oh my God, it's expensive
30 dollars, holy shit!
I'm too old for this, I quit
Beam me back in my spaceship

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Help Wanted

Help is wanted, paper sign
In a bay window of mine
Softly lit by candlelight 
On the longest darkest night
This sign - is it visible?
Can he see it, does he know?
Storm above and waves below
They threaten to overthrow
Peace of mind in my lighthouse 
Flame inside my heart they douse
Rising water, raging winds
Throw me to the sharks again
I never did learn to swim
And it's why I cannot win

Monday, November 8, 2021

For Aurora

Virgo, Scorpi, Cancer chick
Mermaid, princess, fairy witch 
Unicorn confetti kid
Rolling down a hill and shit
Walking through the roses, rich
Ladybug with love wings lit
Packing glitter with no lid
Riding, parking Pegasus
Down on Earth for a visit
She will make the best of it

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Nice Things

Say nice things to me
Because I will believe 
Whatever that you think
However that you see
I know it sounds pussy
But it is crippling
My karmic crown of leaves
The thorns to people please
This Libra Mercury
She's brought me to my knees
And Saturn's with her too
They've made me so damn blue
I'm changing how I think
Without a drug or drink
So help me where you can
Give me a loving hand

Friday, November 5, 2021

Secret Services

Other people's resources 
Sex and secret services
My 8th house is so haunted
Dangerous and most wanted
You're in there, you know you are
Orbiting around as Mars
Lurking in the deep and dark
Hear you like I'm Joan of Arc
Ring around my neck, a scar
In my memory: feathers, tar
Salem witch with Pluto's moon
Touching yours there on Neptune
What you did and did not do
Things undone and deeds you rue
All of this I carry too
I am coming back for you

Love for a Living

Forget power, fame, and wealth
Put me back inside myself
Into what I was before
Counterbalance to this war
Pick me up from off the floor
We were meant for so much more
Nothing ever lost or gone
Never judged as bad or wrong
Not to suffer and feel pain
Everything to give and gain
Love for a living with me 
Be my home and family
To quote Ronnie and Eddie:
Won't you please be my baby?