Sunday, September 26, 2021

Every Sign

Starry Sagittarius so frequently on fire
She cannot concentrate here when she's focused in the higher 
Psycho sexy Scorpio seducing in each hour
She must remember to rise up and not abuse her power
Very busy Virgo overthinking every second
She has to learn to center and be grateful for the present
Always angry Aries waging war and fighting battles
To win is not important here, it's never what will matter
Loud and loving Leo forever telling you what's so
As long as he leads from his heart, there's no reason to row
Supernatural Pisces swimming 'round a goldfish bowl
She must put down the drink and realize she's meant for more
Soft and saddened Cancer sleeping in a crescent moon
She should turn toward the sun to shine a light upon her gloom
Stubborn stamping Taurus in a bullpen thrashing so
He best befriend the matador to graduate and grow
Floaty feather Libra changing colors in the wind
She's got to learn she isn't any more or less than him
Double dagger Gemini is slicing separate ways
He's wise to marry both the moons appearing in his phase
Alien Aquarius adrift above the fray 
He ought to come back down to show the world another way
Ever climbing Capricorn high on a mountainside
We'de all appreciate if he would pause to tell us why
Vibrate low to high and everything that's inbetween
Every sign has karma to express upon this plane