Friday, September 17, 2021

Way This Eve

My elemental elfin friends
In Scotland I am one of them
We dance beneath a glowing Oak
Us Celtic flower tree fey folk
With wind and ocean in our hair
And luminescent skin so fair
We dare the men to meet us there
Our magic with a mortal share
He sees us through a portal door
Whilst wandering the forest floor
Into the woods he's come to clear
His mind of women, work, and fear
And lo, he hears a fairy here
She's giggling into his ear
He follows her transfixing light
Into the dark and winding night
At once he can't accept the sight
Three ladies levitating high
We circle him and spin him round
Intoxicating with our sound
Of ancient trees and sacred ground
From angel's wings to Satan's hounds
He understands not what he's found
We close his eyes and lay him down
Into us we will take his seed
And onto humankind release
A mythic mix of man and beast
Our daughters of the Inner Seas
They walk your world; Do you believe?
Look closer on your way this eve