Saturday, July 23, 2022

Open Up

Open mind that makes me wise
Open ears which hear no lies
Open hands and open eyes
Open up to open skies
I release and say goodbye 
Turn the lights up and surprise!
Open up my heart, and hi
Opportunities arrise

Friday, July 22, 2022

Silent Lions

Silent lions, hiding men
Cannot see, but I feel them
Doing what inside my den
Are they violent or a friend
What's their motive and intent
Will they move or make attempt
I don't wish to war or win
I love every element 
Maiden saying go within
Only know that we're even

Monday, July 18, 2022


See an Auryn symbol sign
Touch it trying to unwind
Can you cut the ties that bind
Are you stuck in space in time
Yes and no, but so reminds
We are one and intertwined 
Wolves to dogs of every kind
Sharks through fish to shrimp in brine
Meet your maker and align
All that is is of divine

Sitter, Sitar

Escape your cave, outsmart Jafar
Ignite your lamp and carpet car
I am both princess and Zoltar
Do let me read your soul and stars
Come be my sitter, play sitar
Please have a seat and a cigar
Show me your palm and pick a card
I'll calm all qualms and lift your guard 
Inside my eyes, by my memoirs
You will remember who you are
Awaken latent ancient power
And dance in sands of lands of ours
Disarmer charmer, snake and heart 
Magician mister, music darts
Practitioners esoteric arts
We're rulers, schoolers, counterparts

Friday, July 15, 2022

An Eleven

Stagnant Saturn, lattice pattern
On a master eleven
Shattered fragments, how'd this happen
Harnessed coming from Heaven
Honey sour, wilted flower
In the hive he's locked down in
Love is power, all that matters
Don't become a distraction 

Warrior Wherever

Hit a drum and here again
I am a Plains Indian
In and out with a rhythm
Changing only skin I'm in
Where do I begin and end
Who am I inside a wind
Out the smoke of my incense
Through the doorways of descents
Past the pain of my parents
Warrior wherever sent
You will know just what I meant
This lifetime is no different

Monday, July 11, 2022

Dragonfly Drone

A dragonfly drone, with eyes into home
Protects indirectly in spirit and soul
Connects with me sexually in dreams and downloads 
Surrounds me, around me wherever I roam
He met me and left me with his microphone
To teach me to speak on my feet and my own
I adhere, face my fear, and I hope to have shown
That into his butterfly now I have grown

Wish Trip

With garden hose and but a dream
I'm building my own backyard stream
A brook that looks so beckoning 
It takes me to a fairy ring
Where brownies bathe and pixies blink
And salamanders smile and wink
Send tongues into the sun to drink
I watch and wonder why I think
I'm minus any missing link
A diet of fire and fantasies
With wind it's nearly all we need 
When I wade in at wet my feet
I add the earth and it's complete 
No wish or trip is out of reach

Still See

Tricky test and sneaky try
Glitter on this blackened eye
I still see through both my sides 
Left and right, I don't deny
What I do is to decide 
I go up through the inside

Friday, July 8, 2022

Just Be

Atop our electricity
Upon the pole of PG&E
Where once was a majestic tree
A lovely dove does cry to me
If overcome and numb with grief
Her coo is still as strong and sweet
I then begin to sense and see
In each emotion - normalcy
Why should I suffer secretly
When I can share a song or speak
We're not alone, nor wrong or weak
A shadow has no shame, just be

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Native Aquarians

Native Aquarians
And a librarian
Filing their air for them
While we're American
Earth after ampersand 
Known to stand by a man
Damn sure do all I can
It's how I serve my land

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Like Liquid

The sun like liquid as it sets
He seems like cream and water wet
As to this moon my masculine lets
His will to chill and so resets
While we receive in sleep and rest
Have I my Mother Mary met
At day we wake and we forget
By light we fight and fear besets
Remember men, as we progress
The feminine will mend missteps