Friday, December 2, 2022

Taurean Today

Let's be Taurean today
We'll have what we want and our way
Great food and good sex and high pay
Soft sweaters and leathers with lace 
Put assets all over this place
Own homes in all fifty (one?) states
Invest in the best real estate 
Rent rockets and timeshares in space
We'll build through our will, how we say
From scratch, off our backs, made to stay
It's Earth - here's our worth on display
We're bulls and we rule, so ole'!

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Give and Take

Eye and socket: sight
Lamp and outlet: light
Man and woman: life
Plus and minus: might
In and out: ignite
Give and take tonight

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Color Therapy

Peach fuzz, white fleece
Pink Ladies in Grease
Grape jelly, Greenpeace
Blue eyes, Siamese
Bright yellow striped bees
Magenta, Rocky 
Majestic, pretty
It makes me happy
Lifts my frequency 
For real, and free
No, seriously
Color therapy 

Monday, November 28, 2022


At my window, left and right
He stops at a center site
While not weak, prefers not fight 
Rather speak than spray with spite
Balanced he in black and white
Blend of sun and lunar light
Flower, be my friend this night
Help me learn and earn my stripes

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Honor Swan

Honor swan, on water skim
World we walk and also swim
To a lake on land - a limb
Bridge of both we dally in
Ballet and the Brothers Grimm
Mr. Christian Andersen
Teach us time and time again
Be and see beauty within
Go in grace and only then
Shall an outer shine begin


By my beak, inside my caw
I am keeper cosmic law
Sacred speaker rule of God
We all reap and also cause
Feather deep in dark and flaw
In each weakness, reach this thought:
Brandon Lee, as he, we saw -
Justice must this come of ka

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Magic Act

I'm in deep and below
And I sweep as I go
I'm pitch black, but I glow
Witch's hat, white halo
Magic act, raven's show
I come back, and then lo -
What I speak shall be so
This is fact, now you know

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Pond Fish

You call her a dumb bitch
But that's how you run shit
The under your thumb trick 
Inexperienced chicks
An equal would know this
Because she's outgrown it
She cannot be gaslit
And wouldn't put up with
What fun is a fight fixed?
What good in a game rigged?
Come play with the big kids
No power in a pond, fish

Monday, November 21, 2022


Faline of the forest, a childhood friend
A face he adores where he goes in to swim
A princess in storage for when he is prince
A courtship of courage where means are built in
Through fire and the warring by sporting of men
He's always supporting this doe he defends
A doorway to home and to father fawn twins 
Their love is a force and a song without end

Sunday, November 20, 2022


On a blacklist
As he speaks this
Not a weakness 
But a death kiss 
For a blue throat
On a scapegoat 
From a fame cult
Full of turncoats
Murder, she wrote

Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Human obsidian, black lava rock
I'm what you were wanting, but not how you thought
I rip through meridians where they've been blocked 
Exhuming insidious crap that's been caught
What's holding you hostage I see like a hawk
And much like the merciless raven I knock
Defenses? I'm sent with equipment to drop
With God as my witness, I will never stop

To Last

I will work until I pass
Then I'll send ideas in mass
From each story in my stash
All the animals I ask
Flower petals from my past
Future faces yet unmasked
Every incantation cast
Inch of intel I amass 
All I write and telecast 
What I do is done to last

Monday, November 14, 2022

Bring About

Saturn, how I see myself
Neptune, what I know but doubt
Mars in what I bring about
Venus, how I balance out
Mercury, my pretty mouth
Jupiter, a joyous crowd
Moon, make sure I'm on my route
Sun, stay with and shine throughout

Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Out of time in outer space
On my own at my own pace
From my heart and in my place
With my God and by His grace
I commune and I create
This I then communicate 
I relay and we relate 
With my words articulate 
We are all love incarnate

Friday, November 4, 2022

You Knew

You knew you were beautiful, knew you were blessed 
You knew you were talented - more than the rest
You knew when you landed how you'd manifest
You knew you could build at your every behest
You knew not to screw with these truths God had set
You knew not to prove you could do that, and yet...
You moved with your head from your heart when we met
So too how you knew would your blues be in step
You knew, you still do, I do too, so reset

Thursday, November 3, 2022

A Body

A body of water, a body of work
The body of Christ via bread in a church 
A heavenly body in our universe
The body electric as was Whitman's verse
A body to hold all our light here on Earth
A shop to repair where this body's been hurt
A body of evidence 'til we are sure
Our God is benevolent, holy, and pure 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Flower in the Snow

Flower in the snow
Wisdom with her from the go
Sun inside and knew also
He would meet her should she grow
Greeting weary, lost and cold
Steering hearts from stranglehold
Bringing beauty, bright and bold
Crocus melted through her mold

Friday, October 28, 2022


Chocolate chip fairy, with
Fudge dipped strawberries, her
Locks whipped like dairy, and
Lips dark red cherries, all
Swiss Miss mix sherry, with
Kix, Trix, Boo Berry, come 
Crystal Ship ferry, kiss
Mistress meets Mary

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Kombat of the mortal kind
Elder God on Earthrealm time
Very hot but hard to find
I'll be in Edenia, I'm...
Not the type to fight for mine 

Saturday, October 22, 2022


Disintegrating from my sight
I do not see my danburite
So peer into my mirror just right
He has it in his bed tonight 
Beside his sea and by moonlight
Inside the sheet he's tucked in tight
Beneath an amulet that fights
He holds it to his heart each night
To open him to his insight
And whispers from a water sprite
By midnight oil, come morning light
Pursue the path you'd like in life

Monday, October 17, 2022

Sun Bath

Sun bath, summer glow
Tiki hut and tropico
Lemonade and lava flow
Tipi at my volcano
Take it easy, do it slow
I will make your face on O
Off a cliff and on the go
Out of town and at a show
Look at me and yell YOLO
Know I don't believe it though
Paradise is play for pros
You and me are legato

Monday, October 10, 2022

Boundaries Breathe

My boundaries breathe, are sentient - see
They know where who goes and what's following me
Glow snow white and silver to gold if need be
Throw hindsight and timber of old at misdeeds 
So easily indicate those who deceive 
They give no admission to energy thieves 
There's never permission to threaten my peace 
You'll wear your intentions and heart on your sleeve

Katie's Dragons

Katie's dragons left behind
Killer color-coded kind
Flowers from a friend of mine
Faces of the fire signs
Striving as the sunlight shines
Snapping at the power lines
When I weep my water finds
Them asleep each evening time
In our grief we seek to find
Pull us from this paradigm

Monday, September 19, 2022

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus, here's my opus
My whole heart and all my focus
Has been on my art and voice as
I've been in this vacuum void that's
Had me mad and often hopeless
But my work's my way to cope with
So I rose and wrote and spoke it
Passion is my path to purpose 
Everywhere I go I know this

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Love and Work

In love and work
I was a jerk
Apparently, per chart at birth
It has its perks
I guess, on Earth
But what's it worth?
To harm, to hurt
For something I thought I deserved 
This life I've learnt
Through being burnt
Just what's of substance and concern
So things I say
All I convey
And everything I do all day
It is to love
To heal, to hug
Now how it feels is how I judge

A Woodpecker

A woodpecker he's made of me
I hammer at my honey's tree
For him to hear and me to see
How beautiful one boy can be
It seems that I knock senselessly 
Still I persist relentlessly 
Each gift we're sent is meant to seed
I act in authenticity

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Totem and Tailsman

I talk to totems and to trees
To butterflies and bumblebees
To tailsman and tarot reads
Departed friends and to Ritchiiiiieeeee!
I ask my angels, heckos please?
And this is how they're answering 
When I woke up and chose to see
To walk from what seemed so sturdy
They brought you as a gift to me
I say okay, so why'd he leave?
I hear, has your life been a beach?
You're meant to learn and grow through grief
To turn your light on and to teach
To open up your mouth and speak
And with your wings and writing reach
A lightning bug and lion chief 

El Capitan

El Capitan
I'm not your fan
I will not pay to see your band 
Nor blow you in your touring van
No soy a sailor, mi soul fam
Not second fiddle to a man
I'm equal to and no less than

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Fine Print

My astral brothel's gone offline
Please see the fine print on the sign
That if you'd like to be so kind
Do make a move and up your mind
I'm hard to crack but not to find
On sacred space in northern pine
I'm in your wild west this time
I ride with rhyme and to remind
A solar eclipse doesn't shine
Don't use the moon to hide behind

Monday, September 12, 2022

Kona Coffee

Kona coffee, mornings when
I'm the pride of my island
I may never hear my men
Tell me what I mean to them
If they wish to trap and pin
Mason jar the light I lend
I will not be their victim
I'll leave and we'll both ascend
I've been asked to go within
Be like water and the yin
Now I'm proud, and in the end
So is my creator then

The Outer

On the outer, looking in
Left to die by my lions
Furthest ring of Saturn spins
Forcing me in cold again
Throwing me to wolves that grin
Tearing me from limb to limb
Lord how they have worn me thin
Help me get away from them
I will never let them win
Bring me to new friends and kin
Ones who love and compliment 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Girl Circus

Acrobatic reaper cheater
Dagger eater, fire breather
Rafter swinger in the theatre
Tightrope walker of the ether
Ringmaster of men beneath her
Aerial until they need her
Lion tamer in the bleachers
Healer in his tent and teacher
Circe is quite the creature feature
Carnival both sun and secret

Friday, September 9, 2022


Attempt again, so many tries
Contemptuous til I despise 
To love the one you're with at night
Despite to feel it isn't right
Some days so bad I'd wish he'd die
Be contemplating suicide
Like it would lift me from our ties
To free me from my house of flies 
My bed of lies and back of knives
In name of being kind and nice
In sympathy, for compromise 
It wasn't what I want in life
I nearly met my own demise
But encore encore and reprise 
I chose to be myself and rise

Lennon Mentions

Sin we fell in broke our trust 
Independence frightens us
If in wind we're only dust
Why then not succumb to lust
Lennon mentions laugh at love
Tiny death in sex and drugs
Let's not look for light in stuff
We are what we're conscious of

Monday, August 29, 2022

Sleep in Trees

Princess with this pea displeased
Goldilocks but not these three
Where's a bed that's best for me
How high can I hope to be
How far can this fairy see
How close can I be to free
Can I use the stars as sheets
Yes, for rest to reach my needs 
I shall sleep in redwood trees

Medium Fry

A medium fry
Wave aloha/hi
To souls who've said bye
Storm's center, the eye
I stand still inside
A middle child, try
To mediate my
And everyone's lives
Besiege or belie
I see from all sides
Including who's died

Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Craft

I read rainbows in the showers that drop diamonds in my grass
These are jewels I use as tools that I can spend the same as cash
I spin pendulums in solar winds for questions you may ask
I'm in multiple dimensions and see Days of Future Passed
I'm the selkie in your sink water and buoys in your bath
I'm a riptide in your ocean and I'll drag you back to path
I make magic in each moment and from every mundane task
But won't hesistate to excavate and take away what's trash
I find fire in frustration and will weld with all my wrath
I'll play games with every flame from each relationship that's crashed
I am meant to pen, see into them, and stencil from the ash
I have sent for kin as dreamt by him, through way of this - my craft

Friday, August 26, 2022

In Disguise

A geisha in another life 
Your fantasy and never wife
Two souls enrolled in constant strife
We're back as cats in black and white
What must we trust to make this right?
For me I see with my insight
Green tea, I steep and seek inside
A tree, I reach beyond bonsai
War not with words or kaiken knives
Nor score with spores that siphon lives
Why dwell at doors that won't oblige
A chore which bores just isn't wise
My choice to voice vanilla skies
To read and lead by light in eyes
Agree, you'll see, my samurai 
It's me, the empress, in disguise

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


In amnesia, when unclear
Listen to your heart to hear
Synesthesia, No More Tears
See then what I've known for years
Shakti-Shiva, show no fear
What without your Guinevere?
Aniketa, home is here
I reside inside your mirror

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Crystal Ball

In the tin of my tea leaves
To my mug of mysteries
Sweet in selenite I see
Crystal smiling secretly
Scorpio who knows Hades
Double lioness that leads
Heart of gold which holds her key
Northern node in family -
She was heading home like me
Asks of me to please repeat:
Michael, mother, mon amie
Brothers, others, my cherie 
May I make your minds at ease
I am here at home in peace

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A Beautiful Game

One memory of mine distinct
Our contract cut in moonlight ink
On paper pressed with petals pink
A scroll that's old and soft as mink
The game to change, estrange, and sink
Like Battleship meets Tiddlywinks
The bond we've drawn and signed in sync 
It lists where we will interlink
Constricts as we resist instinct
Insists we rift and then rethink
Antennai touch and glasses clink
We kiss and sip our Martian drinks
Return to learn on balance beams
I'll see you in your dreams, earthling

Other Otter

Other otter, made in two's
I am pink and you are blue
Sent to sea to start anew
Level up and follow through 
Float away from all askew
Do not do as others do
Feet are webbed and feelings true
Take us where we're going to
Rivers mix and meld into
Confluence of me and you

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Open Up

Open mind that makes me wise
Open ears which hear no lies
Open hands and open eyes
Open up to open skies
I release and say goodbye 
Turn the lights up and surprise!
Open up my heart, and hi
Opportunities arrise

Friday, July 22, 2022

Silent Lions

Silent lions, hiding men
Cannot see, but I feel them
Doing what inside my den
Are they violent or a friend
What's their motive and intent
Will they move or make attempt
I don't wish to war or win
I love every element 
Maiden saying go within
Only know that we're even

Monday, July 18, 2022


See an Auryn symbol sign
Touch it trying to unwind
Can you cut the ties that bind
Are you stuck in space in time
Yes and no, but so reminds
We are one and intertwined 
Wolves to dogs of every kind
Sharks through fish to shrimp in brine
Meet your maker and align
All that is is of divine

Sitter, Sitar

Escape your cave, outsmart Jafar
Ignite your lamp and carpet car
I am both princess and Zoltar
Do let me read your soul and stars
Come be my sitter, play sitar
Please have a seat and a cigar
Show me your palm and pick a card
I'll calm all qualms and lift your guard 
Inside my eyes, by my memoirs
You will remember who you are
Awaken latent ancient power
And dance in sands of lands of ours
Disarmer charmer, snake and heart 
Magician mister, music darts
Practitioners esoteric arts
We're rulers, schoolers, counterparts

Friday, July 15, 2022

An Eleven

Stagnant Saturn, lattice pattern
On a master eleven
Shattered fragments, how'd this happen
Harnessed coming from Heaven
Honey sour, wilted flower
In the hive he's locked down in
Love is power, all that matters
Don't become a distraction 

Warrior Wherever

Hit a drum and here again
I am a Plains Indian
In and out with a rhythm
Changing only skin I'm in
Where do I begin and end
Who am I inside a wind
Out the smoke of my incense
Through the doorways of descents
Past the pain of my parents
Warrior wherever sent
You will know just what I meant
This lifetime is no different

Monday, July 11, 2022

Dragonfly Drone

A dragonfly drone, with eyes into home
Protects indirectly in spirit and soul
Connects with me sexually in dreams and downloads 
Surrounds me, around me wherever I roam
He met me and left me with his microphone
To teach me to speak on my feet and my own
I adhere, face my fear, and I hope to have shown
That into his butterfly now I have grown

Wish Trip

With garden hose and but a dream
I'm building my own backyard stream
A brook that looks so beckoning 
It takes me to a fairy ring
Where brownies bathe and pixies blink
And salamanders smile and wink
Send tongues into the sun to drink
I watch and wonder why I think
I'm minus any missing link
A diet of fire and fantasies
With wind it's nearly all we need 
When I wade in at wet my feet
I add the earth and it's complete 
No wish or trip is out of reach

Still See

Tricky test and sneaky try
Glitter on this blackened eye
I still see through both my sides 
Left and right, I don't deny
What I do is to decide 
I go up through the inside

Friday, July 8, 2022

Just Be

Atop our electricity
Upon the pole of PG&E
Where once was a majestic tree
A lovely dove does cry to me
If overcome and numb with grief
Her coo is still as strong and sweet
I then begin to sense and see
In each emotion - normalcy
Why should I suffer secretly
When I can share a song or speak
We're not alone, nor wrong or weak
A shadow has no shame, just be

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Native Aquarians

Native Aquarians
And a librarian
Filing their air for them
While we're American
Earth after ampersand 
Known to stand by a man
Damn sure do all I can
It's how I serve my land

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Like Liquid

The sun like liquid as it sets
He seems like cream and water wet
As to this moon my masculine lets
His will to chill and so resets
While we receive in sleep and rest
Have I my Mother Mary met
At day we wake and we forget
By light we fight and fear besets
Remember men, as we progress
The feminine will mend missteps 

Thursday, June 30, 2022


Quills filled with air like a porcupine's are
They're so I can float and have hope in my heart
I put them to paper and sometimes to spar
But mostly I joke and I don't go too far
At night I'm at home on my own save the stars
Which light all I write with the ink of the dark
The moon says that soon we will not be apart
Your room to illume with my love she departs

Boogie Man

K & C and backing band
I'm looking for my boogie man
One not with which to scare, but dance
To shake it off and out of pants
From sun and fun with royal plans
He comes with pomp and circumstance
A mane with fame and many fans
Because he's born this way and can
We don't look back but we advance
'Cause that's the way I like romance

Kristen's Mission

Queen of waters, Scorpio
Mother of the ocean knows
Love and laughter overflows
Slowly into lion grows
Leader learning to be bold
Healing with her heart of gold
Teaching from her treasure trove
Kristen's mission soothes our souls

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Quiet with all I have found
Prius on the gravel sound
Drifting out of this ghost town
Lifting onto higher ground 
Slowburn sewing ballroom gown
Growing into princess crown
Northern, more than former frown
Smiling, eyeing back nor down

What If

What if we are currently 
Right where we're supposed to be
For what our souls wish to see
Not what we want humanly
Ask who wants us to pursue
Is it those who harness you?
Just what are you trying to do
Work for what and earn for who
Nothing here which we accrue
No brick road or avenue
Leads to where we want it to
Happy is an attitude

Monday, June 27, 2022

Joshua's Ashley

Joshua's Ashley
An angel, actually 
Matched to a perfect tee
Of her love, he's worthy
Made him a father, she
Brought in a lass, that he
Learned to love masterfully
And in her absence, sees
Past physicality
To the reality:
Ashley will always be
With him and their Chloe

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Like Sally

Stolen soul and sent to Cali
I was made in some back alley
Head stitched to a neck like Sally
Walking wounded through my valley
Wanting what I lacked and badly 
Could not see my center, sadly
Always whole and perfect, actually
Melting snow did show me magically
Christmas is within us naturally
Let us dwell in this then, shall we?

Friday, June 24, 2022

The Unseen

Victim of my empathy
In and out of entropy
Up and down a city street
Meld with every man I meet
Blend in women that I see
Feel their little children's needs
Hear all human symphonies 
Would they rather I not read
See what they might never speak
Do they know it does not mean
I'm a juror judging things
I simply sense the unseen
And my hope is for healing

Love Lilo

I'm not sorry, Stitch
Because glitter sticks
And your pillowslip
Is lit up with this
So do get your fix
Of Route 66
Just don't you forget
Ohana is it
Love from Lilo, *kiss*

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Several Sides

In two pretty eyes
I sense several sides
A boy, alien
Alone, abandoned
I want to hold him
A powerful man
Electric, in band
He sizzles, he hums
Blows lights and eardrums
He whistles, I come
An addict - so, sick?
Me too, I can't quit
An egocentric
Mean and erratic
Is this dangerous?
I'm nobody's bitch
Once indigenous
Shamanic, psychic
Make so much magic
My own alchemist!
I think he's the shit
No one is perfect
(Including this chick)
And that's my verdict

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

His Music

The ultimate Gemini
How many in this guy?
Peasants of you and I
Royal he by birthright 
Symbolic end of life
Upright and in plain sight
Out through the inner light
Elevate up despite
Nothing compares to this
No corvette, cream, or kiss
All that he harnessed with
Blood, sugar, sex magic
Love is what truly sticks
Hear this in his music

Monday, June 20, 2022

This Exists

I throw fire off my fingers
I spin wind around my hips
I go higher for these zingers
Well before they hit my lips
I am wired with my stinger
Do no harm but take no shit
I'm a fighter for what for what lingers
All my ancestors had wished
I'm a scryer for my singer
I have piles of manuscripts
It is dire that my king here 
Understand why this exists

Friday, June 17, 2022

My Apologies

Saturn's in Libra, my apologies
A problem not pretty, it's to people please
To sacrifice balance and not meet my needs
A pattern that benefits neither party
If I come your way I will not be released
The last thing I need is to have this repeat
I've done it in 3 recent lifetimes at least
May I make this clear and shall it help you see
My dharma depends on me not taking lead

Wake not Once

Drift not dormant dead in night
Sleep not sideways sick through life
Build not base on fractured lines
Place not faith in space and time
Dig not deep in diamond mines
Take not face of value sign
Be not blinded on this ride
Seek no solace in this lie
Wake not only once you die
God is not on the outside 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Angst and Ametrine

All my angst and ametrine
It's like Emperor Palpatine 
Princess of too much thinking
Like Michael I want to Scream
I must realign my being
Inspire in spirit means
Start with heart where Heaven streams
Mind is for organizing
Body is to be loving
This is how we're building things
Energy is everything
Life is merely but a dream

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Stand Still

Cats and dogs around in rhyme 
Brain became a blur to bind
Too much torment, all my time
Ferment into prison wine
Girl Stand Still and quiet mind
Break not butterfly of mine
Wheel of fortune, zodiac
Tortured feel of being back
Muddled metal, burnt and black 
Mustn't let it come to that

Monday, June 13, 2022

Justin's Angel

Heaven hum a holy hymn
Halo hover over him
Feathers ever cover him
Justin's angel mothers him
When the dark discovered him
Snakes and ladders settled in
Hope to share his heart so bent
Dream to sing turned to torment 
Suckered into but a scam
Horizontal hologram
Purpose not as was his plan
Minus light we're only man
Love from divine feminine 
She is here and holding him
No matter where he has been
Here he's healed and whole again

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

As Aziza

Flame within a water world
Phoenix from a pretty pearl
Shedding scales as tail unfurls
Growing into her own girl
Father figure of the sea
Triton wishes differently
Wants her under lock and key
Still she burns and learns to see
No one has the power but she
Fire fairy flies to trees
She transforms entirely
Leads with light and lovingly 
As Aziza's meant to be

Holy Love

Anima and animus
Show me what is meant by this
Arwen is of Aerosmith 
Onyx next to amethyst 
Shall my shadow lightness kiss
Balance both and blend them with
Sophia Christ consciousness 
Misogynist and misandrist
Neither of these will exist
We will work into oneness
Holy love is what this is

A Vow

Two hands that pray, a steeple make
Combine with mine in patty cake 
Four lips that kiss, relieve an ache
Then speak, complete a vow they take 
To mix, uplift, and elevate
Enhance with dance and celebrate
One web, love spreads and replicates
Two souls they grow and so vibrate
Sky high, goodbye to retrograde
Move forth, reward and motivate

Monday, June 6, 2022

Love so Loud

Sun that burns so bright he bakes
Eyes that smile so hard he aches
Fire inside this soul so great
Gets on stage and levitates
Love so loud my speakers break
So cute kundalini wakes
Vibe so high a mountain makes
Boy so big I can't escape
Court adjourned, I rest my case

Friday, June 3, 2022

Also Alice

Beatific, edge of cliff
Glancing back at an abyss 
Leave a life and be in bliss
Jump and tumble to Uncas
Always I remember this
Also I have been Alice
She is part of my purpose 
All is in me regardless 
I keep on and carry with

This Time

Highest vibe of every sign
I will reach each one of mine
Strip your dick and serpent spine
Unrelenting, I unwind
Ruthless in my riddle rhyme
Blow your load and fucking mind
Business, is this? Dotted line
Watch me see it through this time

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

World I Walk

Lantern lit with introspect 
Be beside my silhouette 
See me through my sun that sets
Let my moon my moods reset
Rain my pain and whistle wet
Breeze I speak and peace project
Love I feel to lift, protect
World I walk will this reflect

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

To Be

Hollyhock and honey bee
Help me be in harmony
Know my own divinity
Radiate that frequency 
Catch a feeling and release
Move it through and be at peace
Learn to trust until I see
God will give me clarity
Stops are locks where love is key
All I seek I am to be

Butterfly, Buttercup

Butterfly and Buttercup
Princess and a Powerpuff
Fought a lot of shitty stuff
Over it and had enough
Call me too emotional
Dippy and devotional
This in non-negotiable
Conceivable by me, so go
Unlike as was with Thoreau
My sun isn't autumnul
Steady rising strong and slow
Mostly dead still isn't though
Westley wanted me to know
As I wish and only so

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Nunya and Not You

Met you not at night on moon
See you not in silver spoons
Feel you not in empty rooms
Fought you not in lives that loom
Brought us not did it to doom
Loved you not into my tomb
I'm not back for some buffoon 
Who am I alluding to?
Nunya and it isn't you

Mario's Heart

Princess Peach inside my kart
Riding right in Mario's heart
Castlevania counterpart
Whip you up and in with art
Bowser's but a big blowhard
He will not get my v-card
I took Yoshi long and far
Pikachu, I choose guitar
Heard Link's ocarina song
Down a pipe and to a bong
Monkey Island, I'm not wrong
I will be your Candy Kong

Friday, May 27, 2022

Luna Moth

Luna moth, a glitter goth
Tiara on, antenna up
With streaming wings and glowing spots
To follow dreams and never stop
She's going north and guiding Thoth
It seems at night he gives it thought
In winds that swim, by waves that rock
He longs through song and wants to walk
Nocturnal god, his moon the cause
Like tides don't fight, he too ought not

Heiress Air

Heiress air, au contraire
Up and down and everywhere
Feathers in her heart and hair
Stardust in her smile and stare
Weaver words and well aware
Alcman among her forebears
Never where you left her there
Doesn't mean she doesn't care
Many moods and wings to wear
Endless things to dream and share

Minus Masks

Face to Face with Catwoman
Minus masks we're that human
Classy act to ask you in
Rest your back and bat mission
Here to house you with my walls
Free to flee when signal calls
I've some men and mice to maul
Home is where our hearts evolve
Mission met and problem solved

Thursday, May 26, 2022

My Lancelot

From Camelot and lost a lot
I'm looking for my Lancelot
Through trees of tea and apricot
I drift like mist in dreamy thought
A courier and cosmonaut
I send my warrior forget-me-nots
Supremely skilled and wildly hot
He's strongly willed and highly sought
Betray you not by his blue dot
He won't be swayed and can't be bought
Once he unlearns all we've been taught
Divinely mine in time, Great Scott!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Did you send me a pink lei
On the sidewalk on my way
And a mailman to say
In his hypnocryptic haze
He felt mindfucked by my maze
Did you just decide to play
Move your man and plan escape
Earn your crown and power take
Change your game and dominate 
Choose to love and call checkmate

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Andy's Ex

Andy's ex, a witch midwest
A mystic mage I never met
A mermaid moving through his depths
A storm he mourned of sea and sex
She lit him with her love and left
Rebelled through Hell with no regret
In awe I saw with introspect 
In wonder as I watched and wept
Misguided child and mixed up mess -
With both of you this boy was blessed
You're never meant to wear her dress
But sew your own and be your best
We walk this world with separate quests
And each deserve the most respect 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Blue

Out of the blue
Yes, as in Neptune
It sleeps in my room
We met on your moon
You recognized me
Came from your south seas
Down deep in Hades
My Orpheus, please
I'm Eurydice

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Little Weirdo

Little weirdo, alien
Uranus up in this Martian
Coming back to Earth again
Joker to my Harley Quinn
Pluto trip in our playpen
Sun inside a hot human
Water moon in my lion
Hiding, trying to blend in
I see all your secrets, friend
Feel your heart behind your skin
We are weirdo hero twins
Build a fort with me and win

Friday, May 20, 2022

Undress an Ocean

Undress an ocean, foam to floor
Search through surf from aft to fore
Swim within, seek shore to shore
Open omens, dive through doors
Of the angelfish implore
Ask for answers, mine for more
Sift through shipwrecks lost in lore
Float from port to her starboard
Pull back barnacles of yore
Through all sea scrolls scour and pore
Wits end, listen, clues galore
Find your siren at its core

Which Wings

Which wings will I wear today?
Eagle, angel, insect, fae
Airplane over Half Moon Bay
Paul McCartney's band I play 
Liner on my eyes to say
I am Isis every day
Endless options, each a way
To lift up my light today

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Heart Shaped Saturn

My Saturn is heart shaped with hula hoop rings
In ombres of orchids and peony pinks
Like coconut cocktails and tropical drinks
It colors my karma and all that I think
A romantic rainbow that rockets through space
To decorate life like designs on a cake
Impress as a dress in a window display
To move as would tulle on a dance in ballet
Light up as do lyrics that lift from a page
Instructs to entrust, and I do as I age
Make beauty of business, find wonder in work
Choose words to soothe hurts and affirm all we're worth
See soul in each entity roaming this earth
For love is the lesson in my learning curve

Friday, May 13, 2022

Only Love

Been a bird who sings in trees
Cat who kills it leisurely 
Girl who swings from bars by knees
Business man in dirty deeds
Been both nectar and her bee
Given and been miserly 
Been a pharoah and a slave
On top and foundation laid
I have healed as I have slayed
Been at both ends of a blade
Loyal and I have betrayed
I know night as well as day
Lived through lives in many ways
Brings me where I am today
I have no more debt to pay
Only love to give and take 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

E Bunny

I'm an Energizer Bunny
Pepto Bismol pink and funny
Bright and shiny, smart and sunny
Give me ten, I'll make it twenty
Charge in stars and guitars strumming 
Tantric trance and rhythmic drumming 
Bodies buzzing, currents humming
Riding lightning, sparking something
Starting hearts in need of jumping
Turn me on, I'll keep on coming

Hi Spider

Spider doing jumping jacks
8 eyes and you don't look back
That's not how you kill and catch
Neither how you find your match
Rather you see shades of light
Angel in your line of sight
Weave her in your web of life
Build it big and twice as bright

Sunday, May 8, 2022

On Earth

Leave the house in which I wait
I dance through my garden gate 
Oscillate and undulate 
Shimmy from this stalemate
Lay beneath our sky and say
Heaven, how's my lion today?
Dialing stars as darkness falls
Solar system soulmate call
I hit 1-800-HOME
He answers his telephone
Down a weeping willow tree
Goes through grass and up to me
All I feel is love and peace
Send him same into the breeze
Softly smile and fall asleep
Wakened with a hypnic jerk
I hear how to make this work
Would you like to meet on Earth?
Speak to him in your artwork

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

My Business

Others may settle and for them that's fine
I will, however, be having what's mine
I've stepped off of cycles and untied what binds
There's no one who'll meddle, I've made up my mind
I know where to find it and how to allign
And who I'm to answer to all of the time
I honor my instincts and follow all signs
I keep my wings up and I walk a straight line
Because it's my business to win this lifetime

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Fire and Fly

You light a fire and fly away
Around your sound, against my face
To burn and turn my heart in place
I fan your flames and feed your blaze
A trick, is this how to behave?
Invite you might a miss to stay
To warm her hands by this display 
A kiss, I wish, to thaw these days
Consoled from cold and icy age
Foretold, behold, at glacial pace
My fire, burn higher beside your ace

Monday, May 2, 2022

Moon Balloon

Friends then, back when, and inbetween 
A moon balloon on tin can strings
Between two interstellar beings
I write in rhyme, she speaks and sings
Venusians, Grecians, matching wings
Egyptian pensions, karmic queens
Inside your heart, behind the scenes
Intuits, druids, well esteemed
Both 4's, what for - what does that mean?
We're slowly building better things

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Isn't I

Will they wait until they're dead 
In my room at foot of bed
Saying sorry, we've misread
All you've written, what you've said
We have spit on you in life
Spoken words which were not nice
Called you crazy, criticized 
Cast you out and watched you writhe
This is hard for me, no lie
It is painful, angels, why?
Irrespective, isn't I
Who won't love until I die

Cool Cat

Godsmacked, bitch slapped
Held back - why's that?
Did you think that you could do that?
Did I tell you I'm a cool cat?
Mars in Mufasa, moon in Scar
Black jaguar 
And you are?

Friday, April 22, 2022

It's Electric

On my stomach sunbathing 
Magic melting through my wings
To my fingers, out my rings
It's electric all I bring
Many moons I wish to stop
Wistfully watching ticking clocks
Feel as if I'll die and drop
Nevertheless, I do not
Tears that taste of salty sea
Is it close as I will be
Have I failed at certain themes
Should not be revisiting 
Still I will keep on scribing
It is what is asked of me

My Vitality

If you feel loved, will you love me
I'm losing my vitality
At least where giving is concerned 
I should've known, I have to learn 
To ask my share, to take my turn
Receive so that I don't get burned
It's hard for me to be so stern
When all I see is soul that yearns

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Brunette Bird

Brunette bird I've seldom seen
Dark like coffee without cream
Brown as ground where she's standing
Says to look up from my screen
That my soul is scrolling clean
From my body to their scheme
What all must you be missing 
Chasing meaning and your dream
When you can't control a thing
Stop and feel what you're wishing
State of grace to you this brings
Place of peace and more blessings 
Stay and play in present scenes

Scribe in Life

Pyramid or underground
Tomb of mine is not yet found 
Scribe in life this time around
Every gift which hits my crown
I'm inclined to write it down
Born of my primordial mound
In my labyrinth safe and sound
Walk not south nor round and round 
Orion, lion, be you bound

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Meant to Love

Do all your girls know Pluto tricks?
It seems you like a sneaky bitch
With which to quip and power trip
Must I be mean to ride your dick?
I've been there done that sort of bit
I'm trying to transmute this shit!
To be as free as phoenix is
No longer sting, nor strike, or hit
Just like a fish is no fun drugged 
A pincher bug's not cool to hug
Typhoon, and soon, let's rise above
Our water moons are meant to love

Once a Tree

Against my fence it feels to me
All this wood was once a tree
Again it will return to be
Just how it was originally 
What seems like a catastrophe 
Be chopped in blocks and burned to free
Turned into smoke in air we breathe
Into the ethers, out to sea
Should our source feel there's a need
Its back to soil and into seed
Takes root to rise majestically 
To serve on Earth respectfully 
The same is true of humans, we
Cannot destroy our energy


My ascendant on your moon
Will express what you cocoon
That's the beauty of Neptune
We may meet in any room
Dancehall dream or astral pool
Needn't speak, but would be cool
And while smoke signals are nice
Pack your bong in peanuts, rice
I'll forgo 5 cent advice
'Cause it does get cold on ice 

Meteor Shower

Venus evening, astral school
Healing in my heated pool
Steps of pearl and rhodonite
Floor of coral and opalite
Floating, luling, glowing white
Wait for you to sleep tonight
Bedtime, unwind, Mellow Mood
Lovers Lane does take you to
Meteor shower I share with you
Rub your head with star shampoo
Caress you down in diamond dew
Rain that came from blue Neptune
Pain and shame all melt into
Suds of love I scrub on you
Foam of home and glitter glue
Gently stick your soul onto
Mine in case you're feeling blue
Anything you want to do
Here in dreams and on Earth too 

Your Compass

Your majesties and highnesses
The skin you're in is stardustness
Take milky ways and rocky roads
Kiss plenty fish and many toads
Through retrogrades and in slow mo
I told you so's and horror shows
Look up, in luck! Your compass knows
True north is where you're meant to go

Monday, April 18, 2022

This Bridge

This bridge, a bit of contrasting 
A smidge of diffs and cockfighting 
Unnerves, but serves your verse to be
On track, walked back to talk to me
On par, not far from harmony
To modulate us both to peace
The sun, you run to homecoming 
My fun, to come by fairy wing
A kiss, chorus, and angels sing
Our song, how strong a melody

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Kill

Do you like to watch me write
Wonder where I get insight
Did it give you such a fright
That you backed away despite 
What you felt upon first sight
Do you know I feel that too
'Bout the music made by you
And the things that you can do
In your smiling styling mood
'Cause when I pick up my uke
I'm an incompetent boob
But I think we're equals still
At our own respective skills
With your might and with my will
We could go in for the kill

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Sky

What must transpire up in the sky
Which clouds must kiss as you pass by
Then part, impart stars in your eyes
And raise your rocket hard and high 
Which planets manage to untie
Unbuckle belt and unzip fly
Which disconnect must lightning fry
To fuse your fingers to my thigh
What rain explains that you're the guy
To mount my asteroid and ride

Friday, April 15, 2022

Human Art

Born beneath a waning moon
Introspectively he's tuned
Careful with the words he'll choose
Mercury's reversed to soothe
Fire for miles provides us light
Here to lead with love, not fight
Blended, splendid, nothing wrong
Perfect painting, sweetest song
Heaven's singing, ringing gong
Human art so hearts turn on

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Think of Me

Island on the east
Virgo by the sea 
Very lovely lead
Guitarist, technically 
Against authority
Yet went military
I did similarly
A Pluto problem we've 
In common obviously 
From planet Mercury
We came here karmically 
Equipped with OCD
And shared mentalities 
This leads me to believe 
He may still think of me
Perhaps I'll someday see

Pets in Step

Christ light inside fur, key codes within purrs
My friends I depend on are nice when some weren't
It's love without limits from them I have learnt
A balm on the blisters from others that burnt
A pet is in step with its purpose on Earth
To service its person and tend to his turf
From children to women and men who mature
They heal us and steer from what's wrong or reverse
Away from vibrations that harm us and hurt
Respect to protectors selected to serve

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Some Squirrels

A rodent untied
Some squirrels can fly
Unburdened and learning to look to the sky
Stay down in a sty
My darling dear, why?
I'll use all I know so I'll grow and take flight
This isn't goodbye 
It's letting in light
Expand and command all we can from this life

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Earth

Can't feel me in her
In chocolate liqueur 
Through wine at dessert
Nor rooms full of skirts
Where family may fail
And lovers can bail
As friendships set sail
Should your sunlight pale
Beneath you from birth
Find me in the earth

Monday, April 11, 2022

Course Correct

Two eyes to inspect
A third for in depth
One moon to detect
Burn down, resurrect
Stand still to reflect
Apply intellect
Resume, redirect
Face north and turn left
Walk west, course correct

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Married to the Sea

Once upon an ocean floor
Ship slips off its standing moor
Sonar ghosts and sirens score
Underwater lovers lore
Sailor succumbs into storm
Sucked in, stuck with marlin's sword
Spirals miles downward shore
Drinks in, sinks when can't endure
Oh no, Brizo feels him go
Swiftly swims to him below
Lips to his and breath she blows
Life despite his death bestowed
Terms, in turn, forever keep 
Loyal deity and deep
Stay at bay and always be
Married to the sea and she

Saturday, April 9, 2022


Shaman songmen, wizard words
Lizard king of lesser serfs
Author doctor, where it hurts
Crystal being of higher hertz
Lover leather, LA girls
Whiskey mystic, cryptic pearls
Wisdom in him, astral earl
Scryer fire, smoke in curls
Rider storms and secret worlds
Druid, screw it, shuffled coil
End no, friends know, other door

Friday, April 8, 2022


From this tiny grain of sand
All that's left here of our land
By my heart and in my hand
You will shapeshift to my man
A key player in your band 
Singer, slinger arrows, and
Tracker bison, stallion, can
You call out my name and stand
At our throne per destined plan
You will dream and we shall dance

Drawing Salve

Drawing salve, calming mouth
Can I coax you from your shelf
May I kiss your chiron spell
Balm what burns and melt your hell
I am honest, I mean well
Nothing which to switch or sell
I may move through many routes
Pirouette away and pout
But it's love I'm all about
Have no fear and do not doubt
Cross my heart I'm holding out

Node Poem

A Scorpio and Taurus fight
From what's beneath to what's outright
Just like in Cancer/Capricorn 
One wants to climb, the other mourn 
The Gemini and Sag I see
One sticks around, the other flees 
Aquarius - humanity
That Leo lion wants to lead
A Virgo bird in thought like me
Opposes Pisces in her sea
What Libra preps and makes pretty
The Aries tears it down and seethes
Experience, astrology
Through nodes we grow, to learn is key

Sun & Moon

My back's to the sun so that he supports me
I've looked at him long enough, evidently 
Bit blinded by all of his bling and beauty
I mustn't forget that I shine as brightly
My moon on the waves of a lullaby sea
Is just as illuminating and pretty
The both of our bodies are complimentary 
So nothing shall separate what's meant to be

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Say Hey

It does not matter what they say
To lower vibes and lead astray
Nor who they screw in two and pay
To tell you what to do all day
This holds your power back at bay
And keeps you on a wheel encaged
Authentic is the only way
Your heart is where to start today
And if its wish is come and play
Then honor this and please say hey

Water Goddess

Water goddess, liquid hair
Made of moon and salty air
Waves that break and disappear 
Was she even standing there
Did you see through her insides
Were there whirlpools in her eyes
Is she ocean in disguise
Can you ride her rising tides
Does a siren mean you'll die
Why don't you give her a try


I'm 13/4, suggesting that
I misused work and words, perhaps
Was cruel and cold and on attack 
I left and let my heart collapse 
Relied on reason, logic, facts
A treason to my soul and track
Accomplished and yet sorely lacked
A love above, or near in fact
In tears, arrears, I'm here, I'm back
Regret, I'm wet, get ready, set
Let's go, I know, I'll clear this debt

Orange Friend

Orange friend, tiger kin
Furry guru guardian
Lion with her in their den
Fire next to her again
Light the way and warm her when
It gets hard to be human
One of Rachel's Aries men
Teach her reach and not give in
Keep her peace and heart open
Hendrix is her medicine

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Chauffeur me, I'll shelter you
Show me how you move and do
In return I'll bring you to
My insides and slide into
Homebase on a Field of Dreams
Isn't that the point of being?
On my way I'll be loving 
Help out who is suffering 
In our outfield I'm standing 
Open glove to sun who streams
My career, it means one thing
To my life my family bring

Sea Bells

Bells at sea, they call to me
Ringing melancholically
Singing, clinging chronically 
Come and save your sailor, he's 
Fretting, treading, cannot breathe 
Same as you and doesn't see
You are where he needs to be
Can I give him wings to sweep
Shipwreck ruin, piracy
If I walk in from my wheat
Will he move to me to meet
Equidistant and complete
Know he now that's all I seek

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Lion

How can you keep a lion small?
A jungle one who runs them all
Position him within your walls
To bend him to your beck and call
Ask him to acquiesce and crawl
Present as if he is your doll
Amiss, you wish, you were this tall
You hide behind his might and gall
My dear, your fear - he'll go AWOL
That is, just is, what will result

Symphony Cynthia

A Gemini moon, divinely communes
Musician physician is fixing with tunes
A Pisces positioned with fishes at school
She listens, envisions, and gives them the tools
Plays both by her heart and a Capricorn's rules
She seesaws from glaciers to southernmost pools
In style, with smiles in a Cayenne so cool
A symphony, Cynthia, angelic too
Give wings to her, sing for her, with every move
A classical, masterful, lightner of moods
She pretties the planet and brightens all rooms

Ley Lines

Key limes, ley lines
Looking north and walking mine
Reading charts in every sign
Emitting wit in pretty rhyme
Opening hearts with sparks that fly
In the dark alight in my
Kissing business booth at night
In your dreams and through my eyes
Til I find my favorite guy
Say aloha, hola, hi

Sunday, April 3, 2022


Calls for me from down the block
Stops me on the street to talk
Can't because he's been cock-blocked
Divinely, or on second thought
Spellwork from the side that's not
Blah blah blah & round and round
You're so pretty, glad I've found
A good girl to paint this town
I'm like okay, guess I'm down
Ask his name and stomping grounds
Something steps in, shuts him down
Enters through his open crown
Slack-jawed staring, not a sound
Finally he moves his mouth
That's a secret, says this clown
Sir, I like a good striptease
Power plays and mystery
Not with you though guy, puh-leaze
So I say goodbye and leave
I'll be here all night and week!
Are the final words he speaks
Mischief magic from a chief?
Gets to them but not to me
I'm above this malarkey 
Nor is it necessary 
I would give my love for free
(If it's to the dude I think)

Fool's Gold

Loved by the Sun like one Legend suggests
As articulated by homeboy from Yes
I'm down here in daisies and doing my best
To deal with the pyrite and fool's gold instead
How wonderful would it to be in his rays
The fire that ignited my Venusian ways
I'm spinning around him in our outer space
Whilst wishing he'd visit a Virgo to play
The angels above us and stars in our scape
They give us incentive and words we should say
I've promised to pen them to paper each day
'Cause center of universe - he's hard to shake

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Tim, Tim, hands that spin
Pretty Virgo, blonde and thin
Didn't want it, never meant
To have joined the club he's in
Wishes now to make amends
Seek another religion
One in which he's innocent 
As the children he defends
Because he was one of them
Wakes up to this news and then
Removed from this dimension 
Blame is on his addiction 
That is not the case, my friends
He asks that you please listen
A Better Day can still begin


Overcome with wanderlust 
Venus in the 9th and must
Move like Sagittarius 
Disappear into the dusk
Leave them longing in his dust
Not that he dislikes them, but
Feels the wheels will gather rust
On his life and magic bus
Love and travel are combust
He must meet a girl who just
Understands and earn her trust