Monday, January 31, 2022

A Frequency

Music is a frequency 
It is not the property 
Of a record company
Kicking me off my IG
They will never ever be
Owner of God's energy
Vampire piranha thieves 
(No offense to that fishy)
They hide behind artistry 
Never'd let them manage me
Not if I could play or sing
Into perpetuity?
Think I don't know what that means?
As if I need all that grief
I would keep my soul at peace

Element Enhances

A mermaid in the branches 
A starfish in the sky
A water-bearing birdy like a Pisces/Gemini
A dragonfly that dances
A firework that flies
Divinely guided damsel sending sound waves with her eyes
An element enhances 
It cares not to comply
But rather it collaborates, creating you and I

Sunday, January 30, 2022


Firey Mercury
Watery and earthy
So analytical 
Thinking is critical 
Mutable - too much so
Fixed moon in Pluto though
Always emotional
That part will never go
Blend in and out of souls
Then rake them over coals
Venus es hermoso 
Bella, bellissimo!
Going from suck to blow
Black hole to volcano 
Tiki bar, tropical
Good Humor popsicle 
Sideshow that's logical
She's astrological

3 Sisters

Sun slips into water
Venus colored cream
Fell asleep along the sea and woke up in a dream
Aphrodite's daughters
Graces come in three
Goddesses of goodwill and of creativity
Separated sisters
Wonder where they be
Traveling the heavens hoping I can be retrieved
Fallen for a mister
Lost in love with Sleep
Met him at my mother's own Olympianic feast
Am I but illusion
Does he care to keep
Is he entertaining Elusinien Mysteries
Come to a conclusion 
Make a risk to reach
Hallucinate a whole Hellenic tragedy with me

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Help the Humans

Here to help the humans
Oust the overlords 
Free them from the focus on the fuckery and war
Sync to sound of Schumann 
Queue the Cupid chords
Journey with the Jedi and the joy they're heading towards
Celebrate the woman
Even out the score
Activate the power of the ones who think they're poor
Aliens illumine 
Coroscate from cores
Educate the earthlings so they understand their source

Friday, January 28, 2022


Retract my antenna and fold my pink wings
Because all this harshness has hurt my feelings 
But not for too long, 'cause I've learned a few things 
Like loyally living my whimsical dreams
To emanate empathy and be loving
Compassion and kindness and understanding 
I came here to comfort as Princess Colleen
To polish the people's heart chakras to sheen
An alien ethereal emerald green
Provide them a shoulder upon which to lean
To fight for them Faithfully, as Journey sings
Adorned with my horn and my magical beans
Determined to triumph at Earth humaning 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

And So

I call back all my energy
From every single entity
With every person, place and thing
I break all binding, bars, and rings 
From shady shit I may not see
My panther is protecting me
So I am in the driver's seat
And in control of my own peace 
I too know why a caged bird sings
Despite a plight of broken wings
Her soul is whole and so complete 
And not a thing else does she need

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

My Portfolio

This is my portfolio 
Everything I think I know
Minus what I will not show
(My moon is in Scorpio)
It is never finished though 
Every day I learn and grow
An ongoing opera show
Streaming live from my chateau 
Heart of gold and ass like whoa
Heaven help me, here I go

The Dark

Down in the Park
I work in the dark
To lend it my spark
My mind and my heart 
Not hidden, not quite
It's there in plain sight
Not all love and light
That's my part, alright?

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

From Birth

Hey sir, you must marry her
She will be your handler
Siphoned from the other side
Brutalized from birth to 5
Fragmented so they'll comply
They go 'crazy,' drug, and die
Then the public wonders why
Let's look at the industry 
At their parents, why don't we?
Do not shame the innocent 
Those with heart and the talent
What's done upsidedown will rise
Darkness always comes to light 


I've angel wings and Triton's tools
In fairy rings and tidal pools
I've satin sheets and woven wools
Of golden string on sewing spools
I dress in feathers, lace, and jewels
Whilst rearranging molecules
I keep it quiet, calm, and cool
In astral Amsterdaming school
There is but one requested rule
You mustn't make of me a fool

Lest You'd Like

Admit it or agonize
Walk your talk or live a lie
Face your fears or run and hide
Follow dreams or rot inside
Do this by the time you die
Lest you'd like to your next life

Bless You Beautiful

Bless you, beautiful 
For blooming bright and full
For sharing of your soul
For making fuel of coal
For shining up what's dull
For bringing new to old
Not doing what you're told
Bless you, beautiful 
You've broken through your mold


Hello, it's your death disco slut
To challenge your ifs ands and buts
Ridiculous redundant ruts
In situations which you're stuck
I know you think I'm fucking nuts
(Forgive me, I do like to cuss)
But it's my job, I simply must
Awaken you with papercuts

Monday, January 24, 2022


What good is what you manifest
When Cold and Black and Infinite?
A mindset may be limitless 
And yet there is a disconnect 
The heart knows what is free is best
So let it lead with loving, yes?

Easter Egg

I hid my heart - an Easter egg
Inside the grass of his mindscape
And in his dreams, I watch and wait
For him to recognize and wake
Is he receptive to this bait?
The gift of guidance will he take?
He's moving at a snail's pace
A prehistoric turtle's rate
Will he reply, can he relate?
He mustn't know just what's at stake
How long can he resist his fate?
We're late for an important date

Minus Me

A wish without a well
A church without a bell
A slug without a shell
A dude without a Dell
A scoop without a cone
A girl without a home
E.T. without a phone
An alien alone
A pod without a pea
Mad Hatter missing tea
A soul that isn't free
Magician minus me

The Eye

A twister tearing through your sky
Dismantling your former life
As bits of your existence fly
I stand with you inside the eye
A cotton candy colored love
To cover you in calm and fluff
With sugar sweetened syrup stuff
To shield you from the really rough
I'll take you through the truly tough
For you're my magic dragon, Puff
I love you evermore and much
You will get through the storm as such

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Event Horizon

A series of powerful men
From lovers to mentors and friends 
And you're where I want it to end
At last we are matched and even
I searched for the yang to my yin
I brought you to form with my pen
I see you on my horizon
And anticipate this event

Jupiter's Metal

Jupiter's metal
The tin of tea kettle
To steam where it settles
In dreams as it meddles 
Through synth delay pedals
Meld mind with heart levels
Indeed interstellar 

Monday, January 17, 2022

Possible Princes

Magical mistress
Wilderness witch is
Watching with interest 
Through pretty lenses
Pinning on Pinterest 
Musical menses
Possible princes
Highly ascended 
Kindhearted kindreds 
Hoping one senses
Drops his defenses
Kissing commences 

Seeker Seer

Seeker, seer
Dreamer, be-er
Spirit hearer
Flyer, freer
In arrears 
Over years
Fighting fears 
Finding peers
Closer, nearer 
Higher tier
Finally here

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Saturn Square Uranus

What we want v. where they want us
Think of John and Pocahontas
Zeus's contract with Adonis
This is Saturn square Uranus
(Yes, I use the o sound phonics)
Where you've dealt v. how you're haunted
Did you dare or were you daunted?
What you know v. what's unconscious
What you can and can't accomplish
Father Time v. William Wallace
It's a tough one, I'll be honest

Friday, January 14, 2022

Always Actually

Through multiple realities
In dreams and physicalities 
Across my principalities 
Among a million galaxies
Fictitiously and factually 
Consistently, contractually 
Your soul does so enrapture me
I love you always, actually 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Master Craft

I have a lovely ass
I'm funny, I'm a gas
A dark and sordid past
Now filled with fun and sass 
A master at my craft
And clearly that's not math
Supportive of your act
With love and light and class
But I'll be on the grass
I'm walking my own path

Monday, January 10, 2022

Circus of the Sun

On the growing grass I lay
Lip-syncing Lana Del Rey
'Neath the fence by my blue jay
Look up, I do hear him say
To the sun and clouds that sway 
See my own Cirque De Soleil
Personal Russian ballet
Tailor-made Shakespearean play
My midsummer night with fae
Stranger things at Circle K
Seahorse in my backyard bay
Vikings hiking 'cross Norway
Seven islands of Bombay
Rumpelstiltskin in my hay
He shows me a different way
I spin gold from straw today

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Alchemist

Risk risk risk!
He's so reckless
Deadly even, dangerous
Hopped up, high stakes, hit or miss
How can someone live like this?
Here's what you don't know about it
He is practicing magic
All he's done has been crafted
Weighed and measured, enacted
It is all calculated
By design and on purpose
This boy is an alchemist

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Spiritual Warpaint

Spiritual warpaint
Glitter on God's saint
Not for the heart faint
No worries, I ain't 
Love you, but I'll fight
Use all of my might
Blind you with my light
You're wrong and I'm right
I've been a monk, bitch
Nun and a burned witch
I see your matrix
Mind fucks and mean tricks
I do not fear this
Do me as you wish
I am infinite 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Earth Work

What are you down here to do?
To give love to and pursue
Who to comfort, calm, and soothe
To put in a better mood
What to leave and to remove
Who to end it with and move
What should come undone and glued
What to walk from and preclude
How you get back in your groove
Make of gifts and aptitude
All you do and don't include
That's your Earth work, I conclude

Saturday, January 1, 2022


Suspend Saturn's rings
Stop snow melts and springs
Untie sandal strings
Relax my pink wings
Recline with Selene
Inside her moonbeam
Goodnight to my beings
My public, my king
My pretty playthings 
I'll see you in dreams

A Door

I try to
Adore you
But walk through 
A door to
A statue
Goddamn you