Monday, February 28, 2022

Your Verse

A day that you seize 
It goes endlessly 
The show does not cease
It's on constantly
Long after you leave
Things grow from your seed
In life's poetry
What will your verse be?

By Heart

Got my Gwen Stefani bindi 
Walking in the sun like Cyndi
Out in space with Mork & Mindy
Inbetween like darling Wendy
In my garden, eat me/drink me
Lost at sea, in stars, completely 
Call on me by heart if need be
I'll be in my lamp with Genie

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Make Up

Against my self and soul - a crime
Of wasting talents of my mind
Avoiding truth, denying sign
Restricting signals from divine
My health in shambles and decline
From years in fear and on sidelines
For this I pay a fee and fine
I think exclusively in rhyme
Compelled to spell where I'm behind
To make up for this missing time 
My wish, just this: through it to find
My counterpart and kindred kind

Collective Conscious

This art that you appreciate
These artists you so celebrate
You sing along, pontificate
Lay back and watch what others make
Get drunk, and high, and medicate
Quote Kerouac and Willy Shakes
Write papers on how they're so great
Then mock me, send me side-eye hate
For veering off your boilerplate
Hello McFly, I can't relate
And I will give it to you straight
You ever stop to think - hey wait
Perhaps I can participate 
How do they come up with, create?
These gifts and talents you equate
With high IQ's and genius traits
The point where they originate
It's a collective conscious state
Expression is unique, innate
But we all have this access, mate
Turn on, tune in, for goodness sake


Unlock my heart-shaped garden gate
Collapse in coral bells and wait 
Into my tuberose escape
To heaven-scented sugarscapes
In this my mystic meadow place
I've made no messes nor mistakes
I've caused no harm or hearts to break
I'm given penance, pardon, grace
A smile is spreading 'cross my face
For when the winds stir me awake
I'm free as flowers as I caretake

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Matching Moons

My grandma Peggy
Born 1920
A Virgo like me
And matching moonsies
A Scot overseas
With hair like Lucy
To Texas, to see
What else there might be
Back in the forties
(I mean the nineteens)
A cowgirl from green
John Wayne with Maureen 
You find what you need?
I'll keep on looking 

Friday, February 25, 2022


Bobby the Iranian
Thought I was a lesbian
'Cause I wouldn't sleep with him
Stayed at home with pad & pen
Engineer and atheist 
Said I was the craziest
American that he'd witnessed
Analyst and anarchist 
True, I wasn't made for it
Up and left that damn office
Sealed with my ass to kiss
Like him, I go where I wish

Mr. Lotta

Chris's Father - Charles Lotta
Taught of Dot and bush koalas
Kangaroo and duckbill plata
Fairy bread and egg pavlova
Played us didge and said we gotta
Be authentic, always oughta
Spoke of music's healing powers
Poems and prose and pretty flowers
Asked of us we honor ours
And I do all day, each hour


Oh yes, you do!
A raincheck too
And I cash you


Neptunian, Shakespearean 
We've met inside our skies again
Musician and an alien
Astrologess and magician
Through sign and rhyme and time we bend
By birds and butterflies we send
On dragonflies and hyacinths
Near friends who feel we play pretend 
That we belong in looney bins
No matter, pay no mind to them
This is the way we find our kin

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Money Tree

Currency is energy
Value I do or don't see
Based on how abundantly 
I do view myself to be 
Blue as bells and Baltic Sea
Rich with gold intrinsically 
With or independently 
Treasure Island instantly 
I am my own money tree
Rainbow's end is inside me

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Tornado Jo

Tornado Jo
An Aries, so
Upright, on fire, and onward ho
A yogi though
She'll Bend Down Low
At ease, with peace, in grace she goes
A chick in know
A witch with flow
Her moon of mist and melting snow
A burlesque show
She'll fight you, bro
Like me, she's free and with crossbow 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

My Back

It's funny you should mention that
That all we have is now, in fact
'Cause I just chose to interact
To switch trajectories and tracks
To edit defecits and lack
Call all my light and power back
Respond from love and not react
To fear and fragmenting and crap
Remember all I am and act
Accordingly and pronto, stat!
The universe does have my back

Her Bath

Do we think that Kristen Pfaff
That she just died in her bath
Do we really think that that's 
Not insulting, weird, or wack?
What if Whitney was on crack?
Mushrooms, catnip, caffeine, smack
No one drowns like that, asshat
Not her daughter either, ack

Monday, February 21, 2022

In Space

You'd like to put me in my place
To segregate by class and race
To chaos cause with horror and hate
To shoot me up and mask my face
Do you know who I am in space?
I'd lay your lizard ass to waste
Care neither for your church nor state
Your taxes, banks, and mortgage rates
Come at me with your tanks, your mace
I straight up shall evaporate 

That's Sweet

The same frequency 
Like two pretty leaves
From two different trees
I can't make you me
But why would you be?
Exist separately 
Yet similarly 
I think that that's sweet

Sunday, February 20, 2022


Unbothered by your Earth 3D
Despair and negativity
Nor shadows in my mirror I see
I'm warrior, empress, child: all three
You don't believe it? Come for me
Fantasia has no boundaries

Angel's Apprentice

Blue eyed and blonde fish
Angel's apprentice
Betrayed by a kin snitch
Geffen and grunge shit
Candle and cake wish
Burn out and blow this 
Left us a space witch
She's got your heart, kid

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Intuitive Astrology

Intuitive astrology
Your soul inside the stars I see 
Allow an alien like me... 
To read you via poetry 
The planets transit beautifully 
Around you in your galaxy 
Lets do a dance of energy  -
Fill out my form posthastily

Friday, February 18, 2022

Alphabet Eve

Spaghettio sea
Like Chef Boyardee
Been you before she
But not after C
This alphabet eve
I swim and I see
ABC through Z
I move them and wee!
It spells U + me

Northern Nest

Misused, abused, confused, repressed
Turned over-sexed and under-dressed
Corrupted and it's been complex
Obscured in swords and cryptic text
Methodically is moving west
Across the sky as sun that sets
A lifelong lasting lunar trek
Into her moon and northern nest
And only then begins to rest

The Electricity

Pardon, All Apologies
Mars is making war with me
And he is Uranusy
Never one for nuance-y
What with all this Pluto, we
Blew the electricity
Siento mucho and scusi
I work in the dark, you see

Venus Neptune

Eyes wide, bright like skies blue on Neptune 
Tears glint, crystal tint, diamond rain
Cry wild with the waves on a monsoon 
Bring wind wet with whim to our plain
Lips bled, rose hip red, petals pleasing
Hum tunes, ancient runes, Venus hymn
Speak pink, drunk with drink, love is easy
Shipside, swallow pride, let me in

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Called to Act

Was I the perp, was I the ass?
The one who hurt you in the past 
Why do I feel so called to act?
What can I do to please this pact?
I only want my own Moroder
My own Vangelis or Schroeder 
Got my triangle, recorder
Backup dancer, your supporter
Why can't I knock this off, it's torture
Iron maiden, draw and quarter
Abort, abort, abort, aborter!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sister's Saturn

Sister's Saturn's my sun sign
Same as Libra fell in mine
Mercury in mirrored signs
Criticize v. speak in rhyme
What's it we were trying to find?
To be balanced and be kind?
Pick apart my Virgo mind
Peel away her Libra rind
Mars in Leo, we're bigtime 
Libra Venus, get in line

Monday, February 14, 2022

Of the Dust

Of the dust, by the wind, through his wings
To the tops of the trees where he's king
From the night, through the sun, to healing
He will make love of most anything 
From the nest, through the storm, past the sting
To our hearts, through our ears does he bring 
All the light, through his lungs, from his dreams
Here's a gift from the gods, he who sings

Sunday, February 13, 2022


What can I control today?
Who I serve per how I pray
What I think and therefore say
Where I go and how I play
Who I work with in what way
What I balance and repay
How I love and where I lay
I woke up and I'm okay

Monday, February 7, 2022


There's my dead boyfriend again
Here to see his human friend
Somewhere in his sunshine grin
His blue eyes and sky begin
Brings me birds by winter wind
Sends me psychic sex DMs
Someday when this lifetime ends
I will be your ghost girlfriend 
Meantime we do make amends
I love you so much, Ruxpin

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Hades' Hearse

Kissed by the universe 
Dropped off in Hades' hearse
Came here to kill a curse
Break Stuff like I'm Fred Durst
So Satan saw me first
Had me by heart and purse
You wonder why I'm terse
Back off, I've been through worse
Lived through Verse Chorus Verse
Beware, I bring rebirth

Sin Eater

A sin eater
Will not be her
It will not absolve your debt
I must leave here
Priest nor preacher
Matters not if you confess
Status seeker 
A good deeder
It will not outweigh the rest 
Trapper Keeper
The Grim Reaper
Time will take you regardless 

Your Yin

Hello humans, all you men
Do not disrespect your yin
What you call your Earth women
Lucky are you to have them
Supporting of all you do
Nurturing and kind to you
Beautiful to look at too
Portals who bring babies through 
Creative forces carry life
Birth it from the other sides
Be she stripper, stranger, wife
Treat her well if you are wise

Sacred Space

Good morning to Father Sun
Mother Earth and everyone 
Thank you for your foundation 
Energy and all you've done
Serpent spirit of the south
Shed what's dead and bring about
Changes from the inside out
Walk a newer nicer route
Panther, puma, western cat
Help me to remember that
I am where my power's at
Know this clearly, quickly act
Spirit of the hummingbird 
Flower-facing northerner
Help me always look upward 
Drink of beauty and nectar
Eagle spirit of the east 
Osprey, owl, and falcon beast
Show me all I cannot see
Point of view, perspective please
Create sacred space with me
I call and you're answering
Scale and fur and feathered wing
Let us do our best living

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Sea Scrolls

I put down my dreams on scrolls
From my heart and of my soul
Wax of scented sweet candles
Pretty script and witty poems
Tie them up in tiny rolls
Push them into pink bottles
Throw them to the sea and hope
To my sailor they will float 
Wash ashore beside his boat
End up in his captain coat
He will read all that I wrote
Magic and calligraphy 
This is how I speak my piece 
Love and oceanography 
All my dreams come back to me

Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo
On fire, of you
I kissed it and blew
You grew and you grew
You're not to be tamed
Restricted, restrained 
My wind fanned your flames 
I know, I'm the same
Can Venus meet Mars?
A warrior and heart
Two distinctive parts
Make beautiful art
Reciprocal stare
I'll meet you up there
On top, in the air
One powerful pair

Friday, February 4, 2022

Pluto's Request

At Pluto's request 
Your Saturn's in sex
In discord and death 
Upheaval, unrest
A serious test
Formidable quest
Control and obsess 
It's rebirth or wreck
May you wear it best

Thursday, February 3, 2022

A Nod

A nod to favorite artists
Of aughts and the eighties
To goddesses and godses
Across mythologies 
A call to where my heart is
In space and Pleiades 
A sign to sail a starship
On Neptune nights at sea
Do you know what your part is?
To feel your way to free
For me it'd be cathartic
If this could be achieved 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Color Cats

Can cats see in color?
Do they know what hue -
That my aura turns when I'm looking at you?
Can we see each other?
What color are you -
A radiant red or a beautiful blue?
I don't want another
Will you decide to -
Seek out Cinderella with her missing shoe?