Wednesday, September 29, 2021

1 Moon

Down a waterslide from Neptune
Back to Earth into your bedroom 
Zipped up in your human costume
Sleeping soundly 'neath your 1 moon
I will see you in your coffee
In your sushi and your sake
Via astral walkie-talkie 
By celestial disc-jockey 
Fight against your Jabberwockey
Be Bullwinkle to your Rocky
Your Neptunian nurse nightly
I do not take my work lightly
I've got bandaids, gauze, and glitter
Guide dogs, cats, and other critters
Heart-shaped stethoscope and scissors 
I'm the best, all things considered 
Healing worn and wounded innards
In the nighttime after dinner
Look into the stars and seek this
My antenna will receive it
The elixir's not a secret
It's called love and you can keep it