Friday, October 30, 2020


In that moment
The wind was a friend
It said start again
And to take action
A place to begin
Went to DMV
For flying I.D.
It won't come to me
I must do and be
Unchained melody
Free, free, free

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

My Pleiadian

At night I swim to lure you in
Calling to my Pleiadian
My earthbound ocean alien
Cancer, Pisces, Scorpion
You leave your bed at 2:00 AM
'Cause you dreamt of my mermaid fin
I sent for you, I'm a siren
I wait for you beneath the depths
And come ashore to catch my breath
I watch you stand there in the tides
So haunted, spellbound, mesmerized 
The key is just to come to me
And consummate our love at sea

Sunday, October 25, 2020


I think you're so cute
Insufferably mute
You look good with kids
And probably in knits
I love your long hair
And pieces of flair
I don't like shoes either
Not sandals, nor sneakers
Take these clothes off too
Let's us rendezvous
Your hands on my hips
Come on let's do this
Make out by your car
Bang under the stars

Saturday, October 24, 2020


When you look at me
What does your soul see?
What does your mind think?
And do you then drink?
You'd teach me to build
And I, you to heal
Show me all your ways
I promise I'll stay
I'll harness my force
You'll honor your source
I'll help you write lyrics
You'll take me to Egypt
We'll sprawl in the sands
And join our hands
Our bodies, our work
We transcend this curse
Collab and combine
Enmeshed and entwined
To give, to receive
To empower, achieve
A new legacy
Just have faith, believe

Thursday, October 22, 2020


I cannot see
What's wrong with me
Have Neptune in my First
I feel through you
And what you do
My sense of self's reversed
I open crown 
And write it down
But don't know where it's from
I cannot ground
Spin round and round
And struggle with my Sun
Mars in my 8th
This hidden pain 
Colors my every move
I try to change
To rearrange 
To transform and transmute
Look up and see
What I could be
But it's out of my reach
I want it bad
This life I have
Is not enough for me

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cosmic College

Creating from heartspace
Move at divine pace
Acting in God's grace
Repping human race
Unique as I can be
You've never seen me
In 2020
Channeling knowledge
From cosmic college
Relaying it to you
In some way brand new
Learning from you too
It's just how we do

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Star-Crossed but Land-Locked

Star-crossed but land-locked
In love but cock-blocked
Grounded but out there
Business with blue hair
Conflict and chaos
Blindfolded, so lost
Trust falls from spaceships
Unite us like magnets
Strength with compassion
Reflection, reaction
Our eyes are mirroring
Ascension and healing
Hephaestus from embers
Silvanus from timber
Persistence and patience
Build strength and foundation
Construction and detours
When I'm done, I'll be yours

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Go Fish

I want what's right for you
For girl and baby too
As long as you don't drink
So not to feel and think
We're here to feed our souls
To learn and change and grow
Fulfill our highest good
For God and peoplehood 
To share our given gifts
Stop wishing and go fish
Express our divine truths
From crown down through our roots
I'll always have your back
Rise up and walk your path

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Hear but don't see
Look but don't lead
Feel but deny
Know but still lie
Solar says this
Heart confirms it
Throat does not say
What won't go away
Imagining things
That are real in dreams
Not here in 3D
But limitless, free
Love uncontained
No illusory pain
Connected, unsevered
Despite our best efforts

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Things with Wings

Butterflies and nightingales
Dragonflies and archangels
Kookaburras, mockingbirds
Messengers of all God's words
The Crow, The Phoenix, Pegasus
What wisdom they impart to us
Snowy owls and mourning doves
Bumblebees and lightning bugs
Of the heavens, in the skies
Descending down to you and I
Fae and pixies, sylphs of air
Give us wonder, have us dare
Things with wings that rise above
Teach us freedom, courage, love

Monday, October 5, 2020

Teacher and a Student Of

Grandma is a butterfly
Counterpart a dragonfly
Cats, angels, and aliens
Birds are my departed friends
Signs and symbols do I see
Down here in 'reality'
How do I turn dreams to things?
10th House Saturnistic rings
Translate them on planet Earth
To Capricornic themes of worth
Will God grant me the patience...
To build up wealth and affluence?
I see it in my natal chart
Feel it in my heart of hearts
Watch a ballerina dance
Then know through claircognizance
I'm to heal with palm chakras
Both teacher and a student of
The ground, the stars, the air, the sea
Of you, of us, of them, of we