Saturday, July 31, 2021

2 Elements

We are 2 different elements
And like a planet which transits
It brings our biggest challenges 
Creates unrest, then balances
I was the ground that lay in wait
And you were the tectonic plates 
The end result was an earthquake
Designed by God for Heaven's sake
I thank you for igniting this
And wish to repay in a kiss
Provide you with the circuitry 
For all your electricity
Because of what you saw in me
That I was unable to see
You have my faith and loyalty
I would receive you joyfully

Our Aristocracy

You were a traveling troubadour 
Upon my father's castle door
A princess of nobility 
I'm promised to another king
So privileged we, materially 
But such responsibility
Like Eleanor of Aquitaine
I'm showered in the finer things
And you, my favorite one of these
Compose medieval poetry
On courtly love and chivalry 
Play mandolin and sing for me
Engage in witty repartee 
And when all lords and ladies leave
You lean in close and kiss my cheek 
At night I lay and think of thee
In glee and peace and reverie 
Of how your voice especially 
Does make me feel so heavenly 
Upon the dawn I call for ye
I'm told that you are absentee
So carry on dejectedly
With hope that you I'll someday see
Among our aristocracy 

Friday, July 30, 2021

A Perfect Storm

Hey chico, the world is mine
Fire is a masculine sign
Fact I have each element
I know what is relevant
I am animal as well
Raging Bull to give them hell
Fighting what is Capricorn
Infiltrating since I'm born
Placate me with medicine
Place me in the government
Dim my eyes and fatten me
Poison and bureaucracy
I will turn it inside out
Tell you what they're all about
Got this tension in my jaw
Crunching data that was raw
Writing my report, you see
Good at communicating
I am strength and siren too
Doing what I came to do
Breaking free from all that binds
I have found my way this time
3D do I now adorn
Here I am, a perfect storm

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Blue Alien

With fellow blue alien beings
I have been negotiating
To astral travel in my dreams
And end all of this bullying
They know me on Earth as Colleen
At night I'm eradicating 
I work with quartz and celestine
By fairy dust and pixie wings
On indigo and purple beams
In mermaid scales and shiny things 
Should they reject my remedies
I wear the tears of enemies
They're glamorous and glittery
And make me all the more pretty
No matter what I'm faced with here
I will convert to love all fear

Monday, July 26, 2021

State Fair Balloon

The State Fair balloon
I kept in my room
Clear plastic with pink
A long silver string
Was two hearts combined
Knew not at the time
They were yours and mine
They fit and they rhymed
You were the outside
The half that would shine
And I was the core
Your soul's cellar door
Don't look anymore 
What in the hell for?
I'm still there inside
I am ride or die
I'm part of your life
Just look in my eyes
Abandonment wounds
And mother issues
Love we did not get
Needs that were not met
I promise it's there
I'm here and I care

Friday, July 23, 2021


This full moon is Aquarian
He is humanitarian 
An air sign who is fixed in thought
He won't do what he doesn't want
At least he doesn't think it so
In truth it is his karma though
To stay until the others grow
A water bearer bringing flow
This unbeknownst Uranian
A sacrificial alien
He's good with electricity 
And what he speaks is prophecy 
A stubborn, loving, weirdo that
Will get you where you need to get

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Libra Tree

A Libra tree, she's much like me
She asks that I please keep her green
That way the forest clearly sees
The way in which she's meant to be
She wishes not to do you harm
To disrupt, argue, or alarm
Her job is purely to reflect
Identify and to reject
All that which is not harmonic
In disarray or chaotic
She teaches herself balance when
She sees the world through such a lens
And once she's grown, all in good time
The scales of justice do align

Sunday, July 18, 2021


Falling through an inky sky
Landing in the desert night
Looking back up to the stars
Wondering why I've come so far
Instantly forgetting that
It's to balance karmic debt
16/7, 13/4
This is what we've come here for
Yes there is another half
He might not have it as bad
Least his public doesn't think
Hidden darkness, secret kinks
Watch him rise up in the east 
Possible we never meet
I will still have work to do
Things to feel and journey through
Now a maiden on the ground
Navigate with word and sound
Live my life and speak it loud
I'll make my creator proud

Continue On

I saw us on the other side
And then in our most recent lives
We were blood brothers and best friends
Inside the temple of Shaolin
I did feel so much relief then
As I was made privy to when
Just like portrayed by Carradine
We were Kwai Chang and Danny Caine
Devoted solely to our God
And dedicated to this cause
Expressed love transcendentally 
Within a monk monastery 
And then when we had passed away
We knew that we would laugh one day 
To look back on this - our next life
This one so fraught with pain and strife
Where I'd attempt to be your wife
But end up searching far and wide
You don't tie down Aquarius
Nor moon in Sagittarius 
And I don't want that anyway
Neither of us were meant to stay
And so like fire we move along
This time with poetry and song
No matter form or where we're from
Our legend does continue on

Friday, July 16, 2021

Venusian Ways

I'm making myself sick
Always rehashing shit
Perhaps I'll wear garlic
And rid myself of this
I dress in pink all day
I hold rose quartz and pray
That I'll lead from my chest 
And give my brain a rest
I'll float and fly and flow 
I'll shift and change and grow
Be Cancer moon emo 
And slightly less Virgo
I'll feel instead of think
Spill sentiments by ink
Embrace Venusian ways
Wear feathers, flowers, lace
Bathe in her pastel rays
And beautify this place
Move in love and with grace
In these my Dancing Days

Brittany Murphy Beautiful

Brittany Murphy beautiful 
Laughing lilting uptown girl
Sneaky double Scorpio
Never tell you what she knows
Lest of course it's to imply
You're a virgin who can't drive
Anybody with a heart
Will vote love if they are smart
Or she'll cut your pecker off
Shut up and keep your hands off
Interrupted daisy girl
Too pure for a wicked world
Back in Heaven where she's versed
She lent us her magic first

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sins of the Father

Sins of the father
Passed down through his daughters
A Red Right Hand man
And wounded woman
They do what they can
Some took it and ran
For this I don't stand
I have other plans
My soul has new wishes
I shall not revisit
At request of Saturn
I'm changing this pattern 
Degree 22
I'm starting anew
I'll write it, I'll speak it
I will not repeat this
It's karmic, it's destined
I have learned this lesson 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Neptunian Superstar

Neptunian superstar
Pink like Angelyne's car
Earth Girls are Easy, true
But I'm not one of you
I am a space princess 
Nothing like all the rest
Alien DNA
Forging a whole new way
Down from my UFO
Identifying though
I'll pretend I'm like you
Whatever gets me through
My astro man's out there
With his guitar and hair
Hit him with my Sag bow
He'll never even know
It's in our natal yods
And our two shared north nodes
Jupiter's on my side
Venus is riding high
I'm gonna rule the sky
With my galactic guy

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Vesta's Flame

What's out there, I will access it
I'll make this in my fire pit
A barbecue to sear tri-tip?
No sir, that is irrelevant 
Imagine all that must exist 
Beyond our silly laundry lists
As Vesta's flame did impregnate
No limit to what I'll create
I'll write it down and burn it up
Magma to lava, I erupt
I am a rising fire sign
I have no time for simple minds
My fifth house is in Aries, yes
My Mars in Leo's in duress
Of hydrogen and helium gas
A phoenix from the fire at last
Come with me, we will shake this ash
If not, feel free to kiss my ass

Saturday, July 10, 2021

From Maui with Love

From Maui with love
In pink skies above
By black sand at night
The next day on white
Of orange flames that dance
In bright red romance
On green mountainsides
In blue ocean tides
Gold at rainbow's end
Meet me there, my friend

Taurus Tree

I'm at East Portal Park on P
Communing with my Taurus tree
It's over 100 degrees
And so it is just him and me
I ask him what he's seen this day
And all his thousand yesterdays
He says that I've seen the same things
To search the knowledge in my rings
That we are brother sister beings
Through the seasons cycling
We're both of the same family
Like synonym and simile
We're speaking in soliloquy
Attracting to us those in need
We give to them and then receive
And love is our biology

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sacred Scarab

Sacred scarab much like Ra
Roll the sun the sky across 
Thought to be just like Atum
Not so, needs another one
Blister in the heat of day
Til he sees a different way
Sunrise, midday, sunset all
When he heeds his inner call
Incorporate his shadow side
To his soul he then abides

Monday, July 5, 2021

Water Moons

Our water moons are rippling
Onto us they're slowly dripping 
Show in tears upon my cheek
In kombucha that you drink
In fantastic thoughts I think
In the fluid scenes you dream 
The desert mirage I see
Mermaid of your bedroom sea
With everything that's watery 
We're reminded constantly 
Suspect guides and ancestors
Use Chinese Water Torture
I'm a towel to dry you with
You must first acknowledge this


We can't have nice things?
You are gaslighting
I will tune you out
You can scream and shout
I contribute not
I shan't be distraught
I don't feed trolls here
Nor succumb to fear
Your vampire spores
I give them no more
My full battery
You will not relieve 
My power, my sun
Not how you shall run
Turn on your own switch
For you I do ditch
Be your own light source
I have no remorse 
Ask God to assist
To you luck I wish

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Root Chakra Therapy

Root chakra therapy
She's taking care of me
Beneath a canopy
Of all these pretty leaves
Balancing energy
Aiding me as I breath
Trunk of this old Oak tree
Thank you for healing me

Beast System

You'll teach me to write an essay?
I don't give a shit what you say
You're imparting dumbass things
Indoctrinating tiny beings
Telling lies and spreading lame
Roping children in a game
All your history is bullshit
Omit anything that's worth it
I'm not listening, I don't care
You that medicate who dares
What of God and metaphysics
You withold that we're all psychic
What of evil and of demons
Oh right, this is the Beast System
And for this, we pay tuition
I am using intuition
Will no longer be conditioned
I reject this whole rendition
I am dropping out, goodbye
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Michael and Metatron

Michael and Metatron
Divine and alien
Upgrades and protection
Healing and deflection
Silver sword, starseed codes
Shielding and light downloads
These are my favorite two
Angels I'm closest to
I don't know Raphael
Uriel, Gabriel
I'm sure I've dealt with them
In past incarnations
Coming from Capricorn
Saturnine things I mourn
Moving toward Cancer now
Using the Moon, is how
Rely on these two dudes
They are my angel food
As above, so below
I am in real good co.

Remember That

Remember that I wanted this
A Virgo Scorpio Sag chick
Be born and then forget all it
Sift through silt and wade through shit
Come out Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
Except I'm clean in my spirit
A diamond in the really rough
Investigating like McGruff
Start from scratch and put together
Find the others of my feather
Rainbow follows stormy weather
You tripped my Rube Goldberg lever
There's nothing else I'd really rather
We flesh out now what we endeavored

Friday, July 2, 2021

Life Raft

The House That Bradley Built
This lake dwelling on stilts
What's underneath, you ask
Still water clear like glass
Subliminal, Sublime
Like Violence by Grimes
You think that I don't know
You don't believe it shows
You hope that I can't see
It makes you uncomfy
'Cause you're ruled by the Sun
All daisies, beeswax, fun
But I am Scorpio
Influenced by Pluto
A private dicking ho
And I seek to expose 
Your secret's safe with me
I also aim to please
Calm nerves and cure disease 
Present you with the key
Not all a selfless act
'Cause you are like my crack
I'd like to bring you back
Please get on my life raft

Worth the Wait

I ask God to work through me
Place me where I best can be
Show me what I need to see
Tell me things that I should speak
In somebody's time of need
Grant me this ability
I will use this energy
To uplift humanity
Have me serve my purpose here
Give me grace and dispel fear
Let me love and beautify
Always keep me asking why
I will comfort and create
Move with free will in my fate
For this I am somewhat late
Oh but it was worth the wait