Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hiding Tiger

Hiding tiger in my tree
Watching stallions wild and free
Wishing I was one of these
I make them an enemy
Villianizing fantasy
I owe an apology
What I wanted was to be
Seen and loved for being me
Stay inside the sky and seethe -
Writhe and cry and beg and bleed
Maybe, but eventually...
I'll come down and crown myself

Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Walk on water, weave through air
Human here I guess - who cares?
I'll stand by my sea and stare
Someday I'll be back in there


White like the lies in the words we don't speak
Clear as the tears from the sky while I weep
Dim like the light of your ship lost at sea
Why would you steer from our island I keep?
Cost is your soul when you sold it to be...
Seen by the eye that can not actually see
What could I write that would let me feel free?
Why? Must I die? Please deliver me peace