Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Hidden Markov Model

Learn about X by observing Y
What I say to you is expressed through my eyes
My aim is true and my mission is clear 
However the catalyst is you, my dear
I go back and forth, in my power and out
I can do this myself, I can bring it about
But then I think no, I need him to create 
I sit in my garden and I contemplate 
If I am the soil and you are the sun
Then we need each other to get anything done
How else grow a flower? How else open up?
Why does there in tarot exist 2 of Cups?
Again, I don't know and ask angels to see
And if it's required, that they bring you to me

Her Majesty's Ship

Her Majesty's Ship
I was born on it
It is my birthright 
To this I hold tight
Of the British Isles 
Castle of Carlisle 
I sailed high seas
Absolute bearing
Somehow wound up docked
My anchor was dropped
I have to set sail
I must now prevail 
From druids I hale
In light I regale
Epona, begin
I triumph, I win

Monday, December 28, 2020


Where's my Chinese luck dragon?
Appearing in the Swamps of Sadness 
Atreyu gives up, he falls down
He can't do it on his own
I can't fix my stupid furnace
Why is God making me do this?
Sometimes I don't want to eat
I'm too tired to even sleep
I hate my job so bad
I'm so sick of being sad
Sloan says it's a spiritual war
We've had many lives before
Fighting evil for so long
It's so hard to soldier on
My head hurts, my heart too
I wish that I knew what to do
All I know is how to feel
It's all I've ever done to deal
I once played a video game
The answer in the end was pray
It was Earthbound, it was great
I truly hope that that's the case

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Moon Signs

Incredible, the things I find
Learned we look like our moon signs
Me, I am a pincher bug
I mustn't sting the ones I love
You look like a Pisces fish
In the Koi pond where I wish
Almond eyes and pretty mouth
From the north but in the south
You lead fishies in a school
All of them think you're so cool
Fascinating dynamic
What all you could do with it
You could swim to darker waters
Pass down wounding from our fathers
Or you could swim into the light
Move our fears out of the night
By no means is this easy
I'm here with you in-between
We just take it day by day
Until our moon signs show the way

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Small World

Remember Hurricane #1?
Long have I adored that song
Ad for new Volkswagen Bug
Back in what, 2001?
Google says was '98
No matter, I feel the same
He said step into his world
He said she could be his girl
It did resonate with me
Always thought it so lovely
Maybe it will come to be

Spirit Song

If I keep listening to this song
I can figure out what's wrong
I can lose myself in dance
Put myself into a trance
Speaks what spirit tells her, yes?
She makes sense of all this mess
She hears truth and makes it art
She does not betray her heart
She's creating utter bliss
I envy and admire this
It's all I ever wished to do
To thine own self, be true

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

This Dichotomy

Who did what to me?
Created this dichotomy 
What is up whose sleeve?
Goddamn it, I can't see
Neverending misery 
Unending anxiety
Where is my relief?
Help me Mother Mary, please
What was this abuse?
By who?

Achtung Baby

Achtung baby, I learned this 
Your opinion means jack shit
I don't want the life you live
And I reject advice you give
Nor did I solicit it
You're not in my skin, this soul
Clearly we have different goals
You're just some complete asshole
And you, you're not a magic witch
Truly you're a stupid bitch
Can't undo the fact that I
Sabotaged one half my life
But I can now make moves to change
From the curb to the fast lane
Speeding like that girl Lights sang
I think she's Canadian
At any rate, I'm leaving, bye
To my purpose, Semper Fi

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Majestic Chick

I am one majestic chick
Virgo Scorpio Sag witch
Although of course fun to play with
I do not require dick
I see now it's only fair
That I should rise to meet him there
I bought an Earth Magic book
On page one and I am shook
With my rhymes, I'll combine flowers
Of course these things have super powers!
With love from God and intuition 
I'll bring my dreams into fruition
Like Claire is Miss Anthropocene
I shall be Princess Colleen

My Psychology

Psychics and astrology
These are my psychology 
I use them as therapy
Sometimes listen as I sleep
It's how I learned all I know
It is how I shift and grow 
Now I see he left me there
Gazing with my heartsick stare
I used all my energy
Sitting, waiting, and wishing
He didn't come back, you see
He did not return for me
I died there in that field
Old and gray and unfulfilled 
Brought him back here with Colleen
In my 12th house of unseen
He is but a lesson plan
I cannot control a man
I'm to make it on my own
I'm to be my only home
I'm complete all by myself
I create my life and wealth
Painful yes, okay, oh well
It's how I ascend from Hell


Can you come here and rescue me?
Or we can meet halfway with ease
It is obscene what I'm doing
My work's enforcing a vaccine 
Let us fly to Waikiki
Saint Lucia, Tahiti
Catio for Yo and Squeaks
I went and I got my I.D.!
We can go by land or sea
I know that you see what can be
I just need you to speak to me
I'm running out of time, I think
It's coming down to swim or sink
I'm Navi, you're my missing link
Cinderella, Prince Charming
Maid Marian and Prince of Thieves 
Miss Beyonce and Jay-Z
Loner Dottie and Pee-wee
Mario and Princess Peach
Cleopatra, Antony 
Blue Tara and green Gumby
Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece
John and Yoko, world peace
Fuckin Adam! Freaking Eve

Monday, December 21, 2020

Natal Chart

I wish I had your natal chart
Confirm what I feel in my heart
I wonder your ascending sign
And if it's complimenting mine
Which sign is your Venus in?
Do you have yods that are destined?
What planets in your 7th house?
Of business partnerships and spouse
Mine is just in Gemini
Perhaps it's me, myself, and I
But then I am Venusian 
With all that Libra stellium
And what is in your 8th house next?
Of hidden things and death and sex
Left sensing with my Scorpio
Pisces drowning what is so

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Music Box

Life is but a music box
What is it that will unlock?
Keep on looking for the key
It's so dark I cannot see
Searching for the light and air
Certainly don't have it there 
Bloom where you are planted, sure
What of soil that can't nurture?
They blocked rays with parasols
No not me, I want it all
El condor pasa, wave to it
To the sky these eyes do lift
Fledgling flying toward the sun
Baby I was Born to Run

Friday, December 18, 2020

Last Life Here

I am so concerned 'cause I
Will not redo junior high
Can't convey how bad it sucked
There's no way in fucking fuck
I will not be squashed again
Spend a life away hidden
Sun square my ascendant, eh?
Still recovering to this day
Praying that it turns around
Trying to reach higher ground
Dancing in my living room 
To empowering Zeppelin tunes
Should I seek community?
I am a loner, Dottie
I have got to do what's right
Wake each day and fight the fight
Uncover and confront each fear
'Cause this is def my last life here

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Two of Hearts

Disney princess energy
Music dancer synergy 
Some enchanted fairytale 
Maui with Moana sails
They cut off Rapunzel's hair
Still it didn't keep her there
Eventually Aurora woke 
To her prince Ariel spoke 
Poison didn't stop Snow White
Her partner came and made it right
Spinning arrow led to John
Pocahontas can't go wrong
Nino followed Amelie 
Ohana it means family 
These girls have power within
But there's a yang to every yin

Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Angels and obsidian 
Divinity and protection 
Life path four with your seven
Virgo on my midheaven
Can I offer you a deal?
This is something that will heal
I can play the roll of doll
Mannequin alive in mall
Muse to your Pygmalion
Camouflaged chameleon 
Beautiful but wielding power
Sugar can be sweet or sour
Both stoic and temperamental 
Symbiotic, beneficial 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Fire Butterfly

Butterfly with fire wings
Warrior that's nurturing 
Gentle like a woodland deer
Venus is exalted here
Lovely like a painted fern
Lucky but it's all been earned
Plucking beauty from the clouds
Sharing with adoring crowds
Offering Earth medicine
But with heart is reticent 
Material concerns are real
They will follow what we feel

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Fire Water Burn

The Moon and Planet Venus
These asteroids between us
The Sun and Planet Mars
The changing of the guards 
If Jupiter expands
And Gods of War demand
I call on Mercury
Where we can both receive 
Communicate with words
Through poems, and songs, and birds
Blown closer by monsoon
Swim towards you on Neptune 
Accept a ride from Saturn
And kiss goodbye old patterns 
Let Pluto reinvent us
And meet up on Uranus

Saturday, December 12, 2020

With You

Water moves rock slowly
Needn't always break it boldly 
Kali works in deconstruction 
Volcanoes speak through their eruptions
Ocean tides move by our moon
End the end, Sam is with Joon
Te of Piglet, Tao of Pooh
I know I will be with you
(Because we have things to do)

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Parts of a Whole

Sky full of birds
Millions of words
Infinite methods with which to be heard
Pen to a paper
Water to vapor
Creative Director of Sterling Don Draper
Leis made of flowers
Minutes in hours
Major League Baseball and Kenny Powers
Ballet and tulle
Rockets and fuel
Snoopy's the Masked Marvel and he's Joe Cool
Bridges with tolls
Rhythms that lull
These are the parts of the things that are whole

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Acoustic and Electrical

Acoustic and electrical 
Romantic and sexual
Spelunker and skydiver
Kylo Ren and Skywalker
If we combine all shades of light
A rainbow is created, right?
Nothing here to dodge or fear
Just a seeker and his seer

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Six of Cups

My Six of Cups
I miss you much
My childhood friend
My past life twin
My fellow crystal alien
Our treehouse dreams
On playground swings
And dangling from the monkey rings
The ferris wheel
I'll meet you there
I'll find you always anywhere
Amusement park
Kiss in the dark
Inspired to
Required to do
Whatever that will lead to you

Monday, December 7, 2020

A Thousand Leaves

They only took from me
I never did receive 
All I have done is grieve 
And now I overreach 
For wanting to believe 
That they'll see what I see
I watch a thousand leaves
Detach and drift from trees
If they can turn and fall
Then grow back after all
I'll too change and stand tall

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Navigate the Stars

A difficult relationship 
A brutal planetary transit
Pluto conjunt Capricorn
To strip us down unto the bone
There is just no going back
I will not rescind things said
If I am mutable and you are fixed
I will not continue this
I am flexible and choose to grow
You are concerned only with old
You will navigate the stars with me
Or from my chart you are released 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords
Of this you are warned
I came to discern 
To apply what I've learned
What no longer serves
What is not deserved
Doubt me, I wouldn't 
Don't do it, you shouldn't 
You match me or go
You impede or you grow
It is or it isn't 
Try me, good riddance

So Uranian

Warning warning, don't unlock
Danger of electric shock
Woops there go the lights again
We are so Uranian
Rearranging energy
Getting freaky in 5D 
Harness electricity 
Channeled in a dance with me
So high voltage, I don't care
Our hair standing up in air
My jellyfish, electric eel
This is how it's supposed to feel

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I Have

I have Earth and animals
They are here and tangible 
Although human beings are liars 
I have wind and I have fire
I have water, I have ocean
I am fluid in emotion
I have trees against my back
I have stars in my knapsack 
I have angels on my side
I have ancestors as guides
I must not forget this feeling
I have value, I have meaning