Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Blue Jay

Blue Jay in the sky, on a wire, standing by
Were you sent here by a guy - 
remotely viewing through your eyes?
What is it that he has to say?
What is this missive you convey?
Were you sent from outer space?
Represent a martian race?
From the shores of Waikiki?
Do you have a lei for me?
Paris, France, bonjour, oui oui
Kawaii, Japan, Hello Kitty
Now we meet in this backyard
Virgos sent here from the stars
Gazing up and looking down
Message greeted with a frown
Understand you, I do not
Now it's hot and I'm distraught
Close my journal, pack it up
Back to day job, back to rut
Drop a feather as you go
I put it to my lips and blow
Close my eyes and make a wish
When you return, you take me with