Thursday, August 6, 2020


You nasty fucking scorpion
You wicked fucking witch
Why the hell did you get married?
Why the fuck did you have kids?
You're mean, you sting, you've hidden things
You chose not to protect
To this day, you deny everything
to every single life you've wrecked
I wake up nights and hate you
because I cannot take control
You have burrowed in my psyche
You have warped my fucking soul
No prayer, nor pill, nor therapy
has done me any good 
I've accepted responsibility 
as best I fucking could
And yet here I am at 38 
awake at 2:00 AM
by a nightmare situation
playing out without an end
Fuck you and your abandonment 
Fuck you and your judgement
Fuck me and my decision
to perpetuate this long descent 
Worthless, wasted, languishing 
On autopilot at this point
Only counting down the hours
til I get to blow this joint
By this joint, I mean this planet 
on which I've failed to ascend
I never want to come back down here
Least of all with you again