Tuesday, August 4, 2020


I was meant to have a daughter
She would be called Jupiter
But the sun's rescinding farther
And as it goes, its taking her
I still see her in the ether
And I hear her in the breeze
I can feel her in my heartspace
But in this life, I'm on my knees
I cry out to her, "I'm sorry,"
Apologize a thousand times
I am catatonic, paralyzed
Bereft of all but rhymes
I cannot move to make her
Cannot bring her to this sphere
Cannot rise to meet her father
Cannot seem to make him hear 
I pray to God each evening
From the shower, then my bed
Please release me from this movie
Looping always in my head
A Disney princess ending
Do I see inside my dreams
Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella
Amy Adams with Dempsey
Spanish Castle Magic
We dwell high up in the sky
We come down to visit mortals
Jupiter, and you, and I
I know that I agreed to this
I just need strength to see
All I drew up in the heavens...
Can you help me make it be?