Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Craft

I read rainbows in the showers that drop diamonds in my grass
These are jewels I use as tools that I can spend the same as cash
I spin pendulums in solar winds for questions you may ask
I'm in multiple dimensions and see Days of Future Passed
I'm the selkie in your sink water and buoys in your bath
I'm a riptide in your ocean and I'll drag you back to path
I make magic in each moment and from every mundane task
But won't hesistate to excavate and take away what's trash
I find fire in frustration and will weld with all my wrath
I'll play games with every flame from each relationship that's crashed
I am meant to pen, see into them, and stencil from the ash
I have sent for kin as dreamt by him, through way of this - my craft