Sunday, April 3, 2022


Calls for me from down the block
Stops me on the street to talk
Can't because he's been cock-blocked
Divinely, or on second thought
Spellwork from the side that's not
Blah blah blah & round and round
You're so pretty, glad I've found
A good girl to paint this town
I'm like okay, guess I'm down
Ask his name and stomping grounds
Something steps in, shuts him down
Enters through his open crown
Slack-jawed staring, not a sound
Finally he moves his mouth
That's a secret, says this clown
Sir, I like a good striptease
Power plays and mystery
Not with you though guy, puh-leaze
So I say goodbye and leave
I'll be here all night and week!
Are the final words he speaks
Mischief magic from a chief?
Gets to them but not to me
I'm above this malarkey 
Nor is it necessary 
I would give my love for free
(If it's to the dude I think)