Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Grand Trine

Gorgeous soul in your expression
From inception through the womb 
Always honoring your fire sun 
Swimming with your water moon
What you speak is what you're thinking
What you do is what you want 
No perversion, no diversion 
Nothing underneath to haunt
Conceive and then construct things
Erect each vision one by one 
Music, lovers, Saturn's rings
Your work here is never done 
Ascend and heal and radiate 
From a spark, a thousand songs 
Smile and shift and cocreate 
You will right a million wrongs 
Your lasso circles all around 
It has caught me in your spell 
I know I'm not the only one 
And so it's just as well 
I watch you from the sidelines
In the thicket and the thorns
As you effortlessly easily 
Take this life by storm 
It's okay, I'm catching up 
I have a lot to learn
but I've left a light on for us 
Here within my heart, it burns