Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Satan and Bad Aliens

Satan and bad aliens
Ruling Earth with iron fists
So annoying, life destroying
Why did I sign up for this?
Spiritual warfare, maybe
How it makes me miss the 80's 
What I wouldn't give
to be 0 through 9 again
Cabbage Patch Kids, Teddy Ruxpins
Popples, GloWorms and Van Halen
Mr. Rogers, Cyndi Lauper
This is Thriller, Get to the choppa!
Suppose evil was there too
in George Bush Sr. and crew
We live in a world we did not make
Nothing new under the sun
Until they take away our guns
Sew our mouths shut, Handmaid's Tale
Six feet under, see through the veil?
It's thinning out, you only have to look
Raise up your head, open your eyes
Tune your antennae to the skies
Ask for courage, ask for strength
Pray for knowledge, then give thanks
Take off your pants and jacket
Take your protein pills and helmet
Get up, stand up, for your rights
We can do this, we can take 'em
We're God's children, not forsaken