Friday, October 29, 2021


Arcturian Love
From six skies above
What is and what was
What for and because 
Orion, oppressed
On Earth and depressed 
It's okay, express
Feel more and do less
Be present, receive
Smile wide and with ease
What makes you happy?
Do that 'cause it's key

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Guide to Give

I saw you when I was but 3
A panther inside our beech tree
So honored that you walk with me
From then to now and inbetween
Absorb the moon, come night reflect 
The light upon dark you detect
You stand in power and protect
Guide me to give myself respect
So I can share it with the rest
And know that we are truly blessed
I follow your green piercing eyes
And thank you totem spirit guide
Onto your wisdom I've relied 
To make my way through every night

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ballroom Dress

Her wishes and her dreams
Her life lessons and themes
Her stitches and her seams
A pin cushion supreme
She's been needled to holes
And molded into roles
This has taken its toll
She lost much of her soul
But she sheds this corset
And aces this last test
She unfolds with the best
Into a ballroom dress

Place of Landing

In great sweeping circles
Elliptical hurdles
In vortexes, swirls
In helixes, curls
Up rises caduceus 
Continue if you miss
You know you can do this
It is your sole business
Relentless, demanding 
Keep spinning, expanding 
For your understanding 
Dictates place of landing 

Crystal Candy Scrub

Sugar crystal candy scrub
Laced with lavender and hugs
Rhythmic running river rub
To the ocean that is love
Onto skin, into your soul
Made to mend and make you whole
Blending back the bits you've sold
In with new and out with old
Spread on surface topically 
Apply a lot and generously 
Smile and say goodbye to grief
You are changing your beliefs

Friday, October 22, 2021

Left on Earth

Left on Earth, oh please come back
I have only my backpack
Lit up with my lunar nodes
Days gone by and distant roads
What am I to do down here?
It's so cold and filled with fear
Seems they only see with eyes
Senses limited to 5
With the closet toys I hide
In distress and in disguise
Hunted by their government guys
To disect and scrutinize
I am lost and all alone
Nothing here I have or own
May I borrow your red phone?
I would like to call my home
Empathetic soul I seek
For my mission to complete
Does as I see on TV
Human boy that's just like me
I can write and he can sing
We are feeling the same thing
And we both wish for healing
Using music as a means
Animals and human beings
Aliens and stranger things
Reminding them to stay on course
In their power, with their Source
To stand up and stay in light
To be good and live life right
But I'm looking pale now
Can he hear me saying ouch?
Flowers wilting down and die
Drain of color and of life
It's okay, I'm still alive
I remember love's inside
Though I'd like him by my side
I belong in stars and sky
He can always fly his bike
Or go on an astral hike
No matter the realm or form
Land or bodies we are born
I will always be right here
On his heart and in his ear

6 Horses

6 horses for riding my wishes 
A koi pond for housing my fishes
October for welcoming witches 
His lips for receiving my kisses
The dirt for the grass in my front lawn
A night for the stars I rely on
It is said that it's darkest before dawn
I am gifted a guide in a good faun
A journal recording my musings
A scapegoat for all their excusing
How Neptune has made this confusing 
But these are the methods I'm using

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Sleep Walk

We Sleep Walk beside the sea
Waves play Santo & Johnny
Underneath the night with me
In Hawaii on a beach
Moonlight dripping down on us
We approach a Magic Bus
Pearl and seashell on the clutch
Lay down on a rainbow rug
Angel with an astronaut 
Remember to forget me not
Like Kathleen and King Ad-Rock
Heart-shaped key and love padlock 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Full Moon on Fire

A full moon on fire
In Aries, in ire
Senorita, sire...
Will you take it higher?
The fine art of warring 
Of raging and roaring 
Of searing and scorching 
His spear shakes in warning 
Our legend, our leader 
The ultimate heater
On Venus to see her
Does that make Mars meeker?
And which god will you choose?
Do you think you have to?
Harmonia's resulting
Consider this offering 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Second Side

Lazy Leo, Lion's Gate
Lays upon the plains in wait
For a lover to walk up
Shower him with praise and such
Look with her adoring eyes
Tell him he's her only guy
Every sign, a second side
He's alone and this is why
Just as Virgo is a witch
One half service, one half bitch
We must learn to balance this
Use the Libra we came with
Look at life from every side
Like a Sag, philosophize 
Meld it like a Pisces does
Everything that ever was
Back it up and level up
Then we have the gift of us

This I Then

Thank you for your love today
The compassion you display
Kindness in the words you say
Wisdom in what you convey
Keeps me from going astray
Helps me out along my way
This I then in turn relay
In this game of life we play

Higher Self and Soul

I feed demons on my neck
Every time I disconnect
Love turns into chaos, next:
I descend into their hex
This is my own shadow side
Thrives on misery and lies
It would have me stay and die
Rather than move toward the light
I must tell them thank you, no
I'm to stand up straight and grow
I'm to listen to who knows
To my higher self and soul
As with Edgar Allan Poe:
Raven spoke and it is so

Friday, October 15, 2021

In Dreams

Coral color, salmon pink
Mermaid at my kitchen sink
Doing dishes as I drink
Underwater roller rink
Seaweed tresses tangle men
Siren songs enrapture them
Skin swept by her shiny fin
She asks if he'll join them
He declines, suggests instead 
She come up with him to bed
Shed her scales and go on land?
Leave her grotto for a man?
Should he swim or take a stand?
Will she sink or walk on sand?
Until then, they're inbetween 
Both suspended in their dreams

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Cauldron in the Sky

I stir a cauldron in the sky
Of cumulus clouds drifting by
I give them life and change their form
Convert them to a thunderstorm
I did this with my arms through dance
I raise and turn them in a trance
It isn't luck or happenstance 
Nor serendipity or chance
For from the speaker at my feet
I pull the rhythm, rhyme, and beat 
Combine with passion and with heat
As if a 3-course meal you'd eat
Into my body, out my hands
The very point of being man
Transistor Source and energy
With love and creativity 
And though it smacks of witchery
It is my grace and gift to thee

Saturn Says

In which house is your karma placed?
What sign did it roll through that day?
Was it direct or retrograde?
Spiritual or temporal based?
What planet challenged you to play?
By whom and how are you enslaved?
What is it that you must embrace?
Which old way orbits round your face?
You writhe and scream and thrash your cage
Resist, restrict, reject new ways
You wish to feel relief today
But time again he brings the same
You must relent to graduate
Give in and do as Saturn says

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Lending Love

I insist the world take notice
I'm a flower; I'm a lotus
It was all for you I wrote it
Very center of my opus
Apex planet in my yodses
And yet she is holding roses
I'm left spinning in psychosis
Signing up for self-help courses
Dodging darts and Trojan horses
Constant stream of outside forces
Still a loner out there orphaned
But I do know what my source is
Sugar, stars, and Neptune noises
I will soldier on despite this
Lending love to what seems hopeless 

Working with the Wind

I'm working with the wind today
And acquiesce to all she'll say
That I should move with her and sway
To bend so that I do not break
Renounce but not resist the fray
To pirouette and shift away
For what is life but a ballet?
A Dance of Knights and interplay

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Candy Alien

Catch a candy alien
Send her to the sky again 
Not before she fixes you
With an aura glowing blue
Are you from Pleiades too?
Same intergalactic crew
All aboard if that's the case
Go with her to outer space
They're collecting samples there
Human dreams and eyelash hair
Ornamental clothes they wear
Element that they call air
Making martian/earthling soup
Interstellar hybrid troupe 
Dispatch them through galaxies
To love unconditionally 
But with you there is no need
Come back home with your E.T.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Autumn Ombre

Autumn ombre, shifting sail
As Astraea's ponytail
Last of the immortals here
Lingering in human tears
Leaving Earth for Libra skies
Left us wishing, wondering why
Watching woe and wartime wage
She's gone with her Golden Age
Should we choose to turn a page
She will free us from our cage

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Feather Duster

Feather duster, angel wings
Gently clearing cords and strings
No more knives and guillotines
Cinderelly style sweeping
A new way of measuring
Not by doing but in being
Here there's room for everything 
We release and then redeem 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lightning Bug

Violet flower, fuchsia flame
Would you like to play a game?
I suspect that we're the same
Indigo and Purple Rain
Many moons and every sign
Venus/Neptune in a trine
Seen you so many lifetimes
Write a rhyme and drop a line
Angel on a burlesque swing
Spinning fire on 7 rings
Speaking spells and sweet nothings
Grecian godesses and kings
Ancient aliens and beings
Magic, mystic, mythic things
Underwater, up above
Good red road and cosmic hug
Human hybrid space sparkplug 
Hello fellow lightning bug

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

1 Moon

Down a waterslide from Neptune
Back to Earth into your bedroom 
Zipped up in your human costume
Sleeping soundly 'neath your 1 moon
I will see you in your coffee
In your sushi and your sake
Via astral walkie-talkie 
By celestial disc-jockey 
Fight against your Jabberwockey
Be Bullwinkle to your Rocky
Your Neptunian nurse nightly
I do not take my work lightly
I've got bandaids, gauze, and glitter
Guide dogs, cats, and other critters
Heart-shaped stethoscope and scissors 
I'm the best, all things considered 
Healing worn and wounded innards
In the nighttime after dinner
Look into the stars and seek this
My antenna will receive it
The elixir's not a secret
It's called love and you can keep it