Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wish and Worth

Where is the moon today
How can I get away
Unhook things from my being
That are not what they seem
Distract, deplete, and drain
Cause me to look away
And in this bondage stay
What if I visualize
Paint pictures in the sky
And make Simha his eyes
Bring down what Zeus put there
Undo his Touji hair
I'll walk him back to Earth
Into his wish and worth
Rise from my catacomb
I will be coming home

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sarah's Song

Temporary distraction
Lead singer shenanigans
Egocentric musician
Latent alcoholism
Before you come at my friend
Deal with all your addictions
Speaking empty sentiments
Fearing all things intimate
Promises you did not keep
Back to shallow from the deep
You were not remotely hot
Now you are an afterthought
As you drink yourself to death
Know that Sarah did her best

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Light Up

God told me not to
Said he'd align you
I'm just to be cute
And do what I do
Empress, she attracts 
Emperor, he acts
Uranus, it reacts
Mars/Venus inact
Heart chakras light up
I am Queen of Cups
Step into North Node
Damn, what a long road

This War

Upper chakras
Reggae, rasta
Dance in rhythm 
Down, Beast System
Do me dirty
It won't hurt me
My soul is free 
I know, I see
Of God I'm from
With truth I come
In love I deal
With light I heal
My heart it feels 
This you can't steal
Red pill I took
Back I don't look
I strive, I reach
I learn, I teach
To sky, to sun
This war is won

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Love to Be

Pineapple and sugarcane
Technicolor summer rain
Tidal pools and lava caves
Steel guitar on breaking waves
Dragon fruit and lychee trees
Coconuts and coffee beans
Macadamia honey
Sober but I feel rummy
Tropic island healing me
This is where I love to be

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Celtic Tree Astrology

In ancient Celt astrology
I am a weeping willow tree
Like Brigid and Persephone 
From winter I am emerging 
My flowers they are remedies 
For bitterness and jealousy 
My wood into this world is weaved
In housing humans, fairies, bees
I'm beautiful, melancholy 
With bending limbs and lilting leaves
Well known for my intuity
I help you remember your dreams
Divining rods are made from me
My bark is used medicinally 
If removed from my roots I can
Regenerate and thrive on land
I'm flexible, resilient 
A lunar love for mortal men

Friday, June 4, 2021

Heartbroken Mermaid

Heartbroken mermaid
Greaser sans pomade  
Wandering Rite Aid
Oh well, it's okay
If I just believe that
Be good where I am at
Stop judging so harshly
'Cause my job's not artsy
He's not better than me
I'm wise to Let it Be
My essence is perfect
My time here is worth it
I'm where I can service
No big or small purpose 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Void of Course Moon

Void of course moon
I have lost my muse
Feel nothing, no more
And severed from Source 
What was all this for?
Why then was I born?
Does He hear me call?
No wonder we fall
This dense pea soup fog
This distance from God
It's not real, I know
An illusion, faux
But suffer so well
Exist in my hell
Still right where I fell
Will I Live to Tell?
Suspended in time
Between these two signs
I quiet my mind
And ask the divine

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Pink Wings

Spiritual purpose
How do I do this?
Why am I down here?
Here's what I hold dear:
Animals, outdoors
Stargazing, seashores
Lyrics and music
Subtext and Kubrick
Invisible mistress
No one to witness
Alone in a vacuum 
Away in a dark room
Is this what I've come for?
Is there anything more?
Can anyone hear me?
Does anyone read these?
Gravity's tiring
I miss my pink wings
Resonating beings
Love and supporting
Inhabiting Colleen...
It's harder than it seems

Friday, May 28, 2021

Gifted You

Mystery, strategy
Scorpio, Amelie
Tapestry, trilogy
Basketweave, puzzle piece
Stills from a movie scene
Parts of much bigger things
Some to fall down perhaps
Crumble from God's bomb blast
How else dislodge the past?
Nothing is meant to last
Keys will materialize
Open your ears and eyes
New doorways form for us
In this debris and dust
Let go and Break on Through
Embrace what's gifted you

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Snapshot of the Heavens

Where Aries is a backdraft
And Sag a firework
A Leo is a sacred heart flame burning in a hearth
Aquarius is Roswell
A Libra Northern Lights
A Gemina the Rio de Janeiro Jesus Christ
A Cap is Machu Picchu
A Taurus Taj Mahal
A Virgo is the one in China they call The Great Wall
A Pisces is The Nile
Cancer Niagra Falls
A Scorpio The Odyssey's bewitching siren calls
The wonders of the ancients
The chakras of the earth
A snapshot of the heavens at the moment of our birth

Hot Air Balloon

You admire how my mind works
And I like the way you move
How you action out the dreams and things and objectives you choose
My emotions are aquatic and receptive and they soothe
Yours all all projected outward and at home somewhat removed
You're a steady flame that's burning from the heart eternally 
I'm a mountainside, a Redwood, standing still maternally 
Just the way that fire is used to ignite a hot air balloon
We do compliment each other like our sun does with the moon

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Heaven Dragon

I lay in bed and close my eyes
And see you on the other side
The day transforms to dusk, then night
And you into a dragonfly
From there you continue to change
Your wings do morph and rearrange 
I do not think it odd or strange
It takes the breath right from my face
A mane of lion and four legs
With paws of tiger, neck of snake
A Yinglong Dragon you became
You bow your head and bring the rain
I'll never disbelieve again
I know now from where that you came
Inviting me to play this game
It makes me think I am the same
A Heaven Dragon pulling reins

Ever Always

Think in rhyme and symbols see
Speak and say it lyrically 
Feel in choreography 
Hear everything musically
One day you will join me
Chords in C and B and G
Our lives are a symphony
Ever always unfolding

Friday, May 21, 2021

Your Heart

I don't need spells; I am one
I don't use crystal balls
I can't be blocked or undone
I penetrate your walls
I don't make magic potions
Or wear intention oils
I evoke your emotions
I can't be stopped or foiled
I don't do drugs or drinking 
Drop acid or lick toads
I speak to you through singing
And ask you to walk this road
I read Akashic records
When my body goes to sleep
They tell me we are tethered
They say that we're in deep
Of this one thing I am guilty
I admit that from the start
When I saw you, I knew clearly 
I'm to open up your heart

Color Karma

Yellow daisies, beeswax, sun
Wind is freedom, flowing, fun
Clear like diamonds, teardrops, dew
Water's cleansing, crashing, new
Orange like sorbet, sunset, flames
Fire is rushing, passion, change
Blue like Tahoe, mood rings, moon
Earth is grounding, healing, room
Red like roses, rubies, love
Stars like angels up above
Green like clover, cacti, grass
Shooting comets, planets, crash
Purple, princess, royalty
River, rockpool, sand dune, sea
Color, karma, contracts, lives 
Ocean bottom, endless skies

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Beautiful Specimen

Beautiful specimen
Hell with the rest of them
Will life bring you this way?
I want to feel your face
Sleep on my heart you could
Stroke your long locks I would
Heal all our wounds we are
Wishing upon a star
So attracted I am
Why are you not my man?
Live on my own I do
You are the same way too
But I want to touch you
Mind, body, spirit through
Lay here and see your eyes
Dream, drift, and fantasize
Can't let bygones be by
No matter how I try

Sunday, May 16, 2021


To my angel I pray thee
Realign my energy
For us all the blackbird sings
But I am a human being
He consumes insatiably 
Everything I give freely
Not how it's supposed to be
Coequal and evenly
Like rainwater to the sea
Return all my love to me

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

This Cool

Like a ghost ship in the night
I can't prove it but I'm right
Phantom limb that used to be
Isn't there but haunting me
As Atlantis under sea
George Washington's cherry tree
Hidden Comcast cable fees
Things you really cannot see
Once were there but now they're not
Maybe are but won't get caught
I'm aware though, can't be fooled
In these ways and arts I'm schooled
These are lands and realms I've ruled
I'll teach you to be this cool

Friday, May 7, 2021

What I Start

Free will and sovereignty 
This should be all that I need
Focus not on outside things
But on what brings inner peace
Other women's boyfriends, no
That will never lead to growth
If he wanted me, he'd go
To me his love he would show
Reoccurring theme with me
Work so hard for mere pennies
Saturn will not grant reprieve 
I must do things differently 
Hard to change this energy
Of these dark things I believe
That to be is not enough
Sit down, go away, shut up
You're not worthy of my love
Chase it, buy it, push and shove
I don't want to live this way
I won't take this to my grave
Promised God I'd learn this time
Angels, soul mates, friends of mine
I'll do right by all my signs
To my soul I will be kind
I will look for my north star
Be it foggy, cold, and dark
I am guided by my heart
And will finish what I start

Monday, May 3, 2021

Meant to Be

Bubbles, box kites, pinwheel toys
Boardwalk, bikers, The Lost Boys 
Pirate booty, treasure trolls
Holy Grail and Dead Sea Scrolls
Rainbows, clover, leprechauns 
Sushi, sake, koi fish ponds
Bagpipes, Loch Ness, highland coo
Il Pleut Bergรจre, A Patch of Blue
Griffin, dragons, manticore
Warlocks, witches, sorcerers
Spirit, sparkle, vibrancy
Magic, mythic, meant to be

Saturday, May 1, 2021


Lighthouse keep
Lit for me
Swept away
Still today
You bring faith
Hit by storm
Lovers torn
So forlorn
Ocean death
Minot's Ledge 
Never wed
Back somehow
Cling to bow
Treading now
Drown again
Sink or swim
Up to him