Friday, February 12, 2021

Chaos and Cosmos

Your life and your art
Don't keep them apart
It's chaos and cosmos
Like Sharon with Osbourne 
The vast void and chasm 
Hide behind sarcasm
It's mai ka po mai
Moved into the light
Star apples, hibiscus 
And dandelion wishes
Feel fenced in, feel caged
Like fire contained
I want to release this
Move forward, complete it
Go out there, explore
Achievement, reward
Hawaiian, Egyptian 
Calypso and Grecian 
Employed by myself 
Or with someone else
We travel, we sing
Experience things
We write and we dance
See London, see France 
We save little children
Help animals, women
Do good stuff, be better
Make music together 
I see this, I dream it
I just have to be it