Thursday, February 4, 2021


Flamingo in a toxic lake
Buffy with her vampire stake
Lotus flower in the mud
Majestic chicky with some pud
We learn from environment 
It is a requirement 
Bloom despite the circumstance
If you are given the chance
Know you have a fire inside
There to fuel you on this ride
Of and with and do for Source
For better and for worse, of course
In sickness and also health
When poorer and when in wealth
If you're free, you're lucky, son
Not the case with everyone
Duality exists on Earth
Pick a side and do your work
Stand for those who cannot speak
Children, animals, and weak
Kidnapped, trafficked, ravaged, raped
Ritualized for money's sake
Use your voice, your time, your life
For what matters and what's right