Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Can you come here and rescue me?
Or we can meet halfway with ease
It is obscene what I'm doing
My work's enforcing a vaccine 
Let us fly to Waikiki
Saint Lucia, Tahiti
Catio for Yo and Squeaks
I went and I got my I.D.!
We can go by land or sea
I know that you see what can be
I just need you to speak to me
I'm running out of time, I think
It's coming down to swim or sink
I'm Navi, you're my missing link
Cinderella, Prince Charming
Maid Marian and Prince of Thieves 
Miss Beyonce and Jay-Z
Loner Dottie and Pee-wee
Mario and Princess Peach
Cleopatra, Antony 
Blue Tara and green Gumby
Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece
John and Yoko, world peace
Fuckin Adam! Freaking Eve