Monday, December 28, 2020


Where's my Chinese luck dragon?
Appearing in the Swamps of Sadness 
Atreyu gives up, he falls down
He can't do it on his own
I can't fix my stupid furnace
Why is God making me do this?
Sometimes I don't want to eat
I'm too tired to even sleep
I hate my job so bad
I'm so sick of being sad
Sloan says it's a spiritual war
We've had many lives before
Fighting evil for so long
It's so hard to soldier on
My head hurts, my heart too
I wish that I knew what to do
All I know is how to feel
It's all I've ever done to deal
I once played a video game
The answer in the end was pray
It was Earthbound, it was great
I truly hope that that's the case