Thursday, April 14, 2022

Think of Me

Island on the east
Virgo by the sea 
Very lovely lead
Guitarist, technically 
Against authority
Yet went military
I did similarly
A Pluto problem we've 
In common obviously 
From planet Mercury
We came here karmically 
Equipped with OCD
And shared mentalities 
This leads me to believe 
He may still think of me
Perhaps I'll someday see

Pets in Step

Christ light inside fur, key codes within purrs
My friends I depend on are nice when some weren't
It's love without limits from them I have learnt
A balm on the blisters from others that burnt
A pet is in step with its purpose on Earth
To service its person and tend to his turf
From children to women and men who mature
They heal us and steer from what's wrong or reverse
Away from vibrations that harm us and hurt
Respect to protectors selected to serve

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Some Squirrels

A rodent untied
Some squirrels can fly
Unburdened and learning to look to the sky
Stay down in a sty
My darling dear, why?
I'll use all I know so I'll grow and take flight
This isn't goodbye 
It's letting in light
Expand and command all we can from this life

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Earth

Can't feel me in her
In chocolate liqueur 
Through wine at dessert
Nor rooms full of skirts
Where family may fail
And lovers can bail
As friendships set sail
Should your sunlight pale
Beneath you from birth
Find me in the earth

Monday, April 11, 2022

Course Correct

Two eyes to inspect
A third for in depth
One moon to detect
Burn down, resurrect
Stand still to reflect
Apply intellect
Resume, redirect
Face north and turn left
Walk west, course correct

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Married to the Sea

Once upon an ocean floor
Ship slips off its standing moor
Sonar ghosts and sirens score
Underwater lovers lore
Sailor succumbs into storm
Sucked in, stuck with marlin's sword
Spirals miles downward shore
Drinks in, sinks when can't endure
Oh no, Brizo feels him go
Swiftly swims to him below
Lips to his and breath she blows
Life despite his death bestowed
Terms, in turn, forever keep 
Loyal deity and deep
Stay at bay and always be
Married to the sea and she

Saturday, April 9, 2022


Shaman songmen, wizard words
Lizard king of lesser serfs
Author doctor, where it hurts
Crystal being of higher hertz
Lover leather, LA girls
Whiskey mystic, cryptic pearls
Wisdom in him, astral earl
Scryer fire, smoke in curls
Rider storms and secret worlds
Druid, screw it, shuffled coil
End no, friends know, other door

Friday, April 8, 2022


From this tiny grain of sand
All that's left here of our land
By my heart and in my hand
You will shapeshift to my man
A key player in your band 
Singer, slinger arrows, and
Tracker bison, stallion, can
You call out my name and stand
At our throne per destined plan
You will dream and we shall dance

Drawing Salve

Drawing salve, calming mouth
Can I coax you from your shelf
May I kiss your chiron spell
Balm what burns and melt your hell
I am honest, I mean well
Nothing which to switch or sell
I may move through many routes
Pirouette away and pout
But it's love I'm all about
Have no fear and do not doubt
Cross my heart I'm holding out

Node Poem

A Scorpio and Taurus fight
From what's beneath to what's outright
Just like in Cancer/Capricorn 
One wants to climb, the other mourn 
The Gemini and Sag I see
One sticks around, the other flees 
Aquarius - humanity
That Leo lion wants to lead
A Virgo bird in thought like me
Opposes Pisces in her sea
What Libra preps and makes pretty
The Aries tears it down and seethes
Experience, astrology
Through nodes we grow, to learn is key

Sun & Moon

My back's to the sun so that he supports me
I've looked at him long enough, evidently 
Bit blinded by all of his bling and beauty
I mustn't forget that I shine as brightly
My moon on the waves of a lullaby sea
Is just as illuminating and pretty
The both of our bodies are complimentary 
So nothing shall separate what's meant to be

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Say Hey

It does not matter what they say
To lower vibes and lead astray
Nor who they screw in two and pay
To tell you what to do all day
This holds your power back at bay
And keeps you on a wheel encaged
Authentic is the only way
Your heart is where to start today
And if its wish is come and play
Then honor this and please say hey

Water Goddess

Water goddess, liquid hair
Made of moon and salty air
Waves that break and disappear 
Was she even standing there
Did you see through her insides
Were there whirlpools in her eyes
Is she ocean in disguise
Can you ride her rising tides
Does a siren mean you'll die
Why don't you give her a try


I'm 13/4, suggesting that
I misused work and words, perhaps
Was cruel and cold and on attack 
I left and let my heart collapse 
Relied on reason, logic, facts
A treason to my soul and track
Accomplished and yet sorely lacked
A love above, or near in fact
In tears, arrears, I'm here, I'm back
Regret, I'm wet, get ready, set
Let's go, I know, I'll clear this debt

Orange Friend

Orange friend, tiger kin
Furry guru guardian
Lion with her in their den
Fire next to her again
Light the way and warm her when
It gets hard to be human
One of Rachel's Aries men
Teach her reach and not give in
Keep her peace and heart open
Hendrix is her medicine

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Chauffeur me, I'll shelter you
Show me how you move and do
In return I'll bring you to
My insides and slide into
Homebase on a Field of Dreams
Isn't that the point of being?
On my way I'll be loving 
Help out who is suffering 
In our outfield I'm standing 
Open glove to sun who streams
My career, it means one thing
To my life my family bring

Sea Bells

Bells at sea, they call to me
Ringing melancholically
Singing, clinging chronically 
Come and save your sailor, he's 
Fretting, treading, cannot breathe 
Same as you and doesn't see
You are where he needs to be
Can I give him wings to sweep
Shipwreck ruin, piracy
If I walk in from my wheat
Will he move to me to meet
Equidistant and complete
Know he now that's all I seek

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Lion

How can you keep a lion small?
A jungle one who runs them all
Position him within your walls
To bend him to your beck and call
Ask him to acquiesce and crawl
Present as if he is your doll
Amiss, you wish, you were this tall
You hide behind his might and gall
My dear, your fear - he'll go AWOL
That is, just is, what will result

Symphony Cynthia

A Gemini moon, divinely communes
Musician physician is fixing with tunes
A Pisces positioned with fishes at school
She listens, envisions, and gives them the tools
Plays both by her heart and a Capricorn's rules
She seesaws from glaciers to southernmost pools
In style, with smiles in a Cayenne so cool
A symphony, Cynthia, angelic too
Give wings to her, sing for her, with every move
A classical, masterful, lightner of moods
She pretties the planet and brightens all rooms

Ley Lines

Key limes, ley lines
Looking north and walking mine
Reading charts in every sign
Emitting wit in pretty rhyme
Opening hearts with sparks that fly
In the dark alight in my
Kissing business booth at night
In your dreams and through my eyes
Til I find my favorite guy
Say aloha, hola, hi

Sunday, April 3, 2022


Calls for me from down the block
Stops me on the street to talk
Can't because he's been cock-blocked
Divinely, or on second thought
Spellwork from the side that's not
Blah blah blah & round and round
You're so pretty, glad I've found
A good girl to paint this town
I'm like okay, guess I'm down
Ask his name and stomping grounds
Something steps in, shuts him down
Enters through his open crown
Slack-jawed staring, not a sound
Finally he moves his mouth
That's a secret, says this clown
Sir, I like a good striptease
Power plays and mystery
Not with you though guy, puh-leaze
So I say goodbye and leave
I'll be here all night and week!
Are the final words he speaks
Mischief magic from a chief?
Gets to them but not to me
I'm above this malarkey 
Nor is it necessary 
I would give my love for free
(If it's to the dude I think)

Fool's Gold

Loved by the Sun like one Legend suggests
As articulated by homeboy from Yes
I'm down here in daisies and doing my best
To deal with the pyrite and fool's gold instead
How wonderful would it to be in his rays
The fire that ignited my Venusian ways
I'm spinning around him in our outer space
Whilst wishing he'd visit a Virgo to play
The angels above us and stars in our scape
They give us incentive and words we should say
I've promised to pen them to paper each day
'Cause center of universe - he's hard to shake