Sunday, July 18, 2021

Continue On

I saw us on the other side
And then in our most recent lives
We were blood brothers and best friends
Inside the temple of Shaolin
I did feel so much relief then
As I was made privy to when
Just like portrayed by Carradine
We were Kwai Chang and Danny Caine
Devoted solely to our God
And dedicated to this cause
Expressed love transcendentally 
Within a monk monastery 
And then when we had passed away
We knew that we would laugh one day 
To look back on this - our next life
This one so fraught with pain and strife
Where I'd attempt to be your wife
But end up searching far and wide
You don't tie down Aquarius
Nor moon in Sagittarius 
And I don't want that anyway
Neither of us were meant to stay
And so like fire we move along
This time with poetry and song
No matter form or where we're from
Our legend does continue on