Friday, June 25, 2021

Venus Trine Trent Reznor

Venus trine Trent Reznor
Gothic birth chart indicator
Buying Black Heart Retrospective
Hoping Yang would get elected
Rocking boots in hot conditions
Inverting your crucifixes
Hanging out in mall Hot Topics
Bumping Bauhaus, Love and Rockets
Velvet dresses, too tight corsets
Candles, potions, hexes, curses
Shaven eyebrows, Coty powder
Rocky Horror in midnight hour
Rent The Craft, Return to Oz
Cry to Robert Smith and Moz
Go to goth club, flail wildly
Lay in cemeteries idly 
Read Anne Rice and Mary Shelley
Wear more black than necessary
Piss off teachers, worry parents
Think you're Siouxsie's heir apparent 
No one loves you, life is cruel
You're strange and unusual