Sunday, August 16, 2020

Heavily Edited

Heavily edited
Withdraw, retract, reverse
Infinitely debited
Conceal, redact, submerge
I chose to shut my chakras down
When the world went on offense
My smile became a perma-frown
In efforts at defense
I'm trying to let the light in now
I've been down so Goddamn long
I wish for you to show me how
I want to sing my song
I'm filling up a holey bucket
I'm tanning in the dark
I'm sleeping 'neath a wet blanket
I'm gunning it in park
I only speak now psychically
We conversate in dreams
Connecting telepathically
If our guides do deem
A muted Sagittarius
attempting to make fire
A bound and caged Aquarius
A Scorpio in mire
Please help me untie these knots
Remove these swords from me
Convert from bad to good these thoughts
Happy ever afterly