Monday, April 26, 2021

Another Lesson

A friend if not a daughter
A tenant or a cottar
The moon in my 11th
A past life in the present 
I can't expect affection 
Nor guidance or protection 
No use seeking redemption 
There's solace in prevention 
True north is my direction
It's just another lesson

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio
Consider all you 'know'
If it's obstructing flow
This year you'll let it go
Still waters they run deep
It's all that's underneath 
Subconsciously you keep
Cycling through repeat
No more, there is no need
Recognize and release
Bring forth your own beliefs
And live authentically 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Picket Fence

A white picket fence
It is my defense 
Not unsightly, but
Achieves what it must
Encloses my castle
From darkness, from hassle 
My forest, my flowers
My self-healing powers
My snowslips, my snail shells
My fireflies, my fairytale 
My Scots pine and thistle 
My chimes, bells, and whistles 
The wood I have whittled 
My harp, cello, fiddle
The music I'm making 
My layer cake baking
My horses, my mares
My staircase of hair
My unicorn legend
3 lifetimes of lessons
My palace, my fortress 
Do you dare disturb this?
Come at me correctly 
Requited, respectfully 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Veil of Forgetfulness

Veil of forgetfulness 
Please help him remember this
Wake Aurora with a kiss
Activate a paradigm shift
To the north our eyes do lift
We begin to move towards it
From a void to utter bliss
Could this be my fulfillment?
Other half to explore with
Queen of Cups with the Hermit
This is my heart's deepest wish

Linden Tree

Linden Tree
You left me
Your offspring 
I must be
One half beast
Still your seed
I don't see
Can't believe
Wounded me
I'm reeling
But proceed
By learning 
And teaching
My baby
We're healing

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Speaking Spells

I stand at a wishing well
Dreaming up and speaking spells
Sacred pool of water flows
Heart-shaped Persian ivy grows 
Cosmic egg is cracking now
Showing me just where and how
Light and stardust spilling down
Creeping fig upon the ground 
Magic music notes float up
Fill the air with love and luck 
Wind carries my symphony
Signals my soul family
Lover, lion, dragonfly
I become a butterfly

Aaliyah, Selena

Aaliyah, Selena
Beyonce, Aretha
Goddesses, visionaries
Musicians, luminaries 
Mariah, Fiona
Fortuna and Florence
Eternal, prolific
Mysterious, cryptic
Prithivi, Ashanti
Isolde, Stefani
Romantic, expressive
Compelling, progressive
Madonna, Natasha
Inanna and Gaga
Empowered, volcanic
Like Britney, like Janet
Alecia, Xtina
Sade and Shakira
Songstresses, dancers
Lionesses, panthers 
Creative, receptive 
Uplift the collective 
These women, these healers
Such beautiful creatures 
We love you, we thank you
And can do the same too

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Mutual Magic

Beautiful days
Infinite ways
To be inspired and appreciate 
Then I create
Later relay
Share with the world what I've learned this day
Lay on the earth
Thank it, converse
Ask for the blessings of ocean and turf
Butterfly wings
Caterpillar kings
My heart is happy and my mind serene
Close my eyes, breathe 
Fall asleep, dream
Mutual magic of Earth and her being

12 Signs

Watch a Leo lion glow
Allow a Sag archer to roam
Gemini twins look apart
Two Pisces fish create art
Cancer crab will find it hard
Cap does finish what he starts
Scorpio sees in the dark
Libra balances your heart
Aries ram will make his way 
Virgo's always there to stay
Taurus bull builds slow and fair
Aquarius was never there

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Avenue of Baobabs

Avenue of Baobabs
Dream that they could never have
Dear departed amoureux 
Juliet and Romeo 
Separated physically 
Faced impossibility 
Praying to the Heavens though
That it would combine them both
Witch doctors assisted with
Joining them in nature's kiss 
Malagasy poetry
Reunited in a tree
Ylang ylang and vanilla bean
Love across the centuries

Inside of Me

Rather than ask the outside
I will open my third eye
Wonder powers activate
Elevate the human race
Intensive super Care Bear stares
Color, light, and rainbow sails
Do better than what was done
Unto me and everyone 
Transmute trauma, don't pass down
Do a 180 around
Reclaim power, legacy
Grow a brand new Giving Tree
Healthy fruit and shiny leaves
All from what's inside of me

Friday, April 9, 2021

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily tropical
On the Gulf of Mexico
Isla Desterrada girl
Dressed in sea whip and black pearl
Picaninny high daughter
Royalty of clear water 
Friend of shark and albacore
Guardian of man o' war 
Lighthouse of the Yucatan
Clearing paths for mortal man
Caretaker of shipwrecked souls
Amorous but somehow cold
Princess of the Scorpion Reef
Catch her but you cannot keep
Offer her your heart you can
She belongs to Peter Pan

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Reptilian Guy

I see this lizard every day
Calculating, still and gray
Vibrating like Scorpio
Waits until he's safe to show
Striking when the time is right
Bypass drama, fight, and flight
Intake, analyze, size-up
Dare not move and spill his cup
Cool and calm and watching there 
Penetrate with his hard stare
Self-contained reptilian guy
This too is how I get by

Land and Sky

Many birds we love do fly
Suggesting so can you and I
Or in marshes on the ground
Sediment on Puget Sound
Anywhere they are, they thrive
Make the most of land and sky
Fill the air with singing calls
Bathe and play in waterfalls
Penguins mate for life on ice
Happy Feet in black and white
Pigeons carry love letters
Pillows soft with down feathers
Desert racing road runners
Turkey Thanksgiving dinner
Doves accompany man and wife
Storks deliver newborn life
Migrate back when springtime starts
Nature's perfect works of art

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Spiderweb of Women

A spiderweb of women and all their assorted men
They are peering at each other to see how he treated them
Where is it that she comes from and what was experienced?
Was she trauma bonding with him - was she able to transcend?
Did she lead him onto higher ground and will he love again?
Or is he dark and bitter with his very heart hardened?
Should she open up her own heart and begin to move toward him?
Or will he draw his sword and stab her at his every whim?
She is wise enough to notice and to their words she will listen
But is guided by emotion and will therfore let him in

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Stop Squaring

Neptune, please stop squaring things
My Midheaven and Saturn's rings
It's way more than just annoying 
What am I meant to be doing?!
How can I do things differently?
To open up my energy
'Cause I will do it willingly
To avoid governmenting
Listen to music I love, while
I look up at the sky and smile
Appreciate the ground below
And everything from which has grown
I know that I am one of those
A goddess reaping what she sows
I come from stars and glitter, true
But I'm of Mother Gaia too
So if I hold my vision, soon
I'll be aligned, refined, and tuned

I'ao Valley

Studying the stars to see
Who and what I'm meant to be
Is it enough to just be me?
Here at night in Hawaii
Up high in I'ao Valley
Seeing things I've never seen
Being told to just believe 
Tune into God's frequency
Of love, hope, and faith, and peace
Teaching me ukulele...
(Yes, I say that like a dweeb)
Appreciate you, Wayne Perry
Thank you for this memory

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Jeramie P

He lives in a pineapple under the sea
And on this day we went to Hoapili
With lava as far as the eyeball can see
By shoreline as beautiful as it can be
I'm speaking of Jeramie P from Maui
An islander met spinning fire on the beach
Beneath all the stars that are not out of reach
If we just tune into our own frequencies
Although of the ocean, each wave is unique 
It moves on its own and it breaks separately 
With different things, people, and places to see
Bays, harbors, coves, gulfs, lagoons, coral reef
Turacos, Parulas, Blue Lorikeets
Fishermen, mariners, scuba diving
Surfers and pirates and all things marine
We can do anything of which we dream 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Banyan Tree

Sitting here beside the sea
Beneath a giant Banyan tree
In beatific Hawaii
I'm listening so quietly 
And I heard God say in the breeze
You put a man ahead of me
And if you ever wish to be
Peaceful, calm, content, and free
You must be willing to receive
And to follow where I lead
From where you are through to point B
If it's causing you stress, leave
Have always in your heart this creed
I will forever remove weeds
Remember this when you're lonely
For you are always here with me

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Clever Librarian

Like a good orphan, I dreamt of him
Of family, of roots, of kin
I'm one clever librarian
And he, my undead vampire friend
But he sleeps inside his own coffin
Beside the very queen of them
Will he someday awaken?
To see the sun and live again
On this, I do not depend
I rest in peace and I'm content
And no, I will not join them

Saturday, February 27, 2021

La Luna in Virgo

La Luna in Virgo
The most psychic moon around
Where your mind wanders, mine follows
Now we're at the Lost and Found 
Standing, waiting, longing, staring
We have been here times before
In the evenings when we're drifting 
Through all realms and portal doors
You have fire at your fingers
I have ivy on my arms
We have water in between us
Angels keeping us from harm
Moving, rising from our south nodes
Spreading wings and taking flight
Speaking frequencies and light codes
I will meet you there tonight

Energy to Assholes

Energy to assholes and
Attention to abuse
I am oh so slowly learning
That there isn't any use
They're unwilling or unable
It is all the same to me
I just make myself unstable
And I sacrifice my peace
Many times do I regress on
My attempts to walk my talk
To give up and to abandon
All these energetic blocks
I wish that I wouldn't bother
Ruminating on it still
That from all these things I'd detox
Like with alcohol or pills
Up and out and over
I will do the best I can
Be my own lucky green clover
Heal from these wounds by man