Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Beautiful Gift

Beautiful gift
Emotional bliss
I recognize this
And rise like phoenix 
Authentic to self
Respect for my health 
Express what I know
Continuous growth
Cut out all BS
No buddha, no sess
Clear chakras, clean brain
I'm sober, I'm sane
Show up and do work
Experience hurt
Transform it, transmute
Reset and reboot
My journey, no choice
Accept it, rejoice

Monday, January 25, 2021

Delicate Dance

You came to take me off my path
I see it Through the Looking Glass
I realized when I woke up
Your mission is to shut me up
You can't or won't come at it right
So vampire and extinguish light
Despite your Satanic investment 
I'm with God and I'm protected
I came here to complete my chart
To channel truth and light through art
To lead and heal with my own heart
To balance is the difficult part
I've learned from all these quandaries
Be vulnerable with boundaries 
Princess of Swords with light and love
Delicate dance to rise above

Friday, January 22, 2021

All Our Friends

Look at all our friends
So many of them
Each and every limb
Sparrows, swallows, wrens
How lucky are we?
That from my loveseat
Our eyes get to see
Feathers, wings, and beaks
That with our own ears
Sonation do we hear
Chirping, calling, song
All afternoon long
When moon relieves the sun
The owls and nightjars come
Eyes for us in the eve
En garde while we're asleep
Return us in the morn
Renewed, refreshed, reborn
To start another day
With blackbirds, robins, jays

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Who wants puking migraines?
Not this girl right here
I do not need head pains
Fuck worrying and fear
Spend half your allowance 
Alkalines vs. Ethers
Ponyboy and Valance
The Socs vs. Greasers
All work and no playing
We know where that goes
So combine your business 
With Money, Cash, Hoes
Play OK Computer
Then Pablo Honey
One is kind of hipster
The other grungey
I know all about this
I'm Libra heavy
A Question of Balance
Seems to be the key

The Sun

Angels axed out all the strife
So that I could see the light
Their opinions fell away
I know who I am today
All the bad, it disappeared 
Now I'm in the free and clear 
Constellations clicked in place
For my destiny, I'm braced 
Planets transit beautifully
I am ready to receive 
Put a fork in me, I'm done
Long Long Long, Here Comes the Sun

Intelligent Design

I require fire to melt
Burn it down to what's heartfelt 
I depend on wind to bend
Reinvent, repair, and mend
I would like water to flow
Shift and change and learn and grow
I engage the earth to ground
Tune to its specific sound
Use each element to feel
Layers like an onion peel
What is under, what's beneath
What's to come and what will be
Distance equals speed times time
3 dimensions, you will find
Play, fast forward, pause, rewind 
In Intelligent Design

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Something New

I'm grateful for everyone 
Everyone that I learn from
Teachers, speakers, professors
Manicurists, hairdressers 
Music, art, and literature 
Athletes, waiters, ministers
Acquaintances and YouTubers
Strangers, friends, and coworkers 
Everything that's ever said
It's there somewhere in my head
Different styles, points of view
Unique things we've all been through
What works for me might not for you
As long as I learn something new

Divine Feminine

Was listening to a tarot reading 
Don't mix romancing with healing
You hate Divine Feminine 
So you make me pay for it
Your mom ridiculed and hit
Now I put up with your shit
Look for Red Flags and Long Nights
I no longer accept this plight 
Do the work and heal yourself 
Focus on your spirit's health
Fill your own cup, first of all
I do so and I stand tall
Don't take out your pain on others
Forgive and forget your mother
It's what you came here to accomplish 
All will benefit, I promise 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Sleeping with Serpentine

Moon geisha and Crying Game
Kama Sutra, Lion King
I'm sleeping with Serpentine 
Hoping for awakening 
Kundalini unfolding
Uncoiling and uprising
Hippocratic Oath I take
Do no harm and don't be fake
Energetic surgery
Darkness do get behind me
Arms open, Wide to Receive
My sweet land of liberty

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Apache Tear

I lay outside holding an Apache Tear
The message it speaks to me is loud and clear
As long as you're breathing your God wants you here
So don't wish yourself off the planet, my dear
Sometimes there are misleading voices you hear
Just promise you will not give into the fear
Even when gov puts you in purple tiers 
Keep seeking the truth and providing good cheer

Saturday, January 16, 2021


Frankie tells us to Relax
George informs All Things Must Pass
Why am I always a spaz?
The Wheel of Fortune card says so
It clearly spells let God, let go
We should all go with the flow
It's not good when you resist
Ends with suffering and shit
I just wish for clarity
A little help to know and see
But it is not coming to me
It must be controlled up above
Push will someday come to shove
Surrender now to light and love

Thursday, January 14, 2021

High Priest

Why are you so mean to me?
All up in my energy
Always pulling my heartstrings 
I pray to receive healing
To relinquish and release 
I do deserve a High Priest
Abundance, love, and spirit feast
Why do I accept the least?
Only ever wanted peace
Desist, disconnect, and cease
Erase my Hancock from this lease

Love Song

On the grass looking at birds
In the sun holding Squeakers
This it is my happy place
It is where I receive grace
Or in my room with sherpa throw 
Listen to The Power of Love
I think musicians have it right
I've realized this, do you know why?
Because they're channeling the divine
Do it myself from time to time
Steve Winwood and Huey Lewis
They are hip to how to do this
Higher Love, they're right, it's true
Matters not what else we do

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


My mother is Mary
My parents divine
My siblings are angels
And all in good time
My friends are celestial 
My coworkers trees
My lover's a dragonfly 
Butterfly, bee
When I feel so lonely 
I remember this
My world is the ocean
I am its starfish

Monday, January 11, 2021

Wake From This

Watch an eagle cam at night
From a cliff against the sky
Rhythmic waves crash underneath
Rocking me into my sleep
There I infiltrate a dream
Magna Mater's serene scene
Stolen lock of purple hair
Now this bluff is Nisos' lair
I stand on the precipice
Coalescing all I wish
Water, land, and spirit gish
Real when I wake from this

The Way

See from bird's eye point of view
Is that the spiritual thing to do?
Elevation, sang U2
'Cause Nothing Compares 2 U
Don't get bogged down in the fray
Trust not in logic but in faith
Kind of like Fastball's The Way
Should I go or should I stay?
Concentrate on joy and play
Bigger pictures, not just battles
Currents care not for our paddles
Wyld Stallyns here, not cattle
Bareback riding without saddles 
We all have things to contend with
Broken hearts can still be mended
We will get where we've intended
Worry less, I recommend it

Sunday, January 10, 2021

In a Desert, On the Ground

In a desert
On the ground
Looking up while laying down
Open starscape 
Chilly air
Into Heaven do I stare
Sacred wisdom
Holy dove
As below so up above
Turkey vulture
Take what was
From now on it's only love
Two together
Joshua Tree
Just the same as you and me
Vast and endless
Merge unto the Great Spirit

Vacation Relation

Vacation relation
Just lay in white sands
Do virgin 'coladas
Cartwheels and handstands
I'm tired of giving 
To psychic vampires
To douches and jerk offs
And takers and liars 
I want to be happy
I'd like to feel free
With trade winds in my hair
By seafoam green seas
Rainbow Eucalyptus 
Mahi Mahi fishes 
I rock-a-hula
Love would be so easy
And life would be fun
So peaceful and breezy
And always the sun

Saturday, January 9, 2021


Arugula, I like that word
It isn't one I've previously heard
I'm putting vegetables together
For me, a most noble endeavor
I know I don't like lettuce much
Often times it just looks sus
I'll stick with spinach like Popeye
Perhaps then visit Cobra Kai
Karate dojo, oh heck yes
Kicking ass in a pink dress
Be like water, empty mind
I'll be alright, I'll be fine
Eat green stuff and bend a little
Meet my angels in the middle


Doubt a false reality
Cling to things we've made believe 
Guardian of 14th Gate
Dumah asks us to drop hate 
Lay down swords and soften tongues
Illuminate the Moon with Sun
Trust in imagery of dreams
They're exactly what they seem
Death and silence are the same
Why then do we play this game? 

Honey and Fire

Honey and fire
Are both colored gold
Sugar and ire
In body and soul
Virgo maiden
She is stationary
Samurai when
It is necessary
Shelved China doll
Is painted so pretty
Bull in a shop
When is tested, really
A city of jewels
Is calm and is cool
Alaskan flambe
That can't be extinguished
A lover and fighter
A warrior princess

Soul Song

I can't hear ego
Silly things
And backstabbing 
Gossip, slander 
Low vibing
I hear soul
Its frequency
As if music
I'm listening 
It's beautiful 
It speaks of love
And its feelings
It's higher truth
Of self and world
Of animals
Of boy and girl
Of every plant
And grain of sand
Of every mountain 
Woman, man
Divine in detail
It's all a song 
I hear it sing